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Off Topic: Dev team looking for talented people (art, web, music, sound, 3D)  (Read 1584 times)

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For those that don't know, I've been involved in a pretty ambitious UT3 Total Conversion for the past 3 years.  We are ramping up the staff now and we now have a small team of people working on it.

Here are some details since it kind of doesn't fit any nice niche genre:
1) Futuristic Sci-Fi
2) Player vs. Player
3) Class-based RPG elements - 9 classes in total
4) Team vs. Team (looks like 20 vs 20 max)
5) Up to 5 people can form squads
6) 3rd Person perspective
7) Mix of melee, hitscan, and projectile combat

When people ask about it - I usually sum it up as:
World of Warcraft Battlegrounds meets Tabula Rasa meets UT3.  Its essentially an action/skill-based game with a ton of the traditional MMO PvP combat but without all of the grinding and more skill/action oriented.

We are looking for:
1) Character Modelers/Animators - preferably with experience using some version of Unreal Engine
2) Level Designers - preferably with experience in UT3 - specifically with the terrain editor
3) Music and Sound FX engineers
4) Prop Modelers/Animators (guns, flags, fluff static meshes, turrets, control panels, etc)
5) Web developer - preferably with experience using Joomla, but if they can sell me on another CMS, I'm all ears

We already have concept artists, 2D artists, programmers, writers, designers, scripters, etc.

The Character Modeling/Animating work does pay a little, but the rest of the work would be a labor of love/resume/portfolio.  You own all of the work you create and if/when we are picked up by a publisher, none of your work would be included in the deal unless you negotiate compensation for your work.  The only thing we ask is that your work not show up in any other projects until the Make Something Unreal Contest is finished and over with :)

If interested, please email me:
amcculley at gmail dot com

My university funds some of this, we have also received grants from Google, but most of the work is just done for free.  My wife makes a ton of cash luckily so it allows for me to go to school full time and work on this every spare moment instead of having to work.

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  My wife makes a ton of cash luckily

Must be nice, wish mine made a ton of cash, then I could play games all the time... sigh..

Serious note: I am sure you will find some interesting candidates here, as you know their are lots of skilled people on this board... that love gaming.

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Ahh yes, the days of free time. Most of the time these conversions go nowhere, but as some have seen conversions such as CS from HL have taken the lions share of that. All that work can either pay out in gold, or leave you with ALOT of wasted time and nothing to show for it other than a project that's dead in the water. Now, with that said it stands to reason that some people do this at a cost of immense time and energy but look at it as a showcase for a future career in gaming/entertainment. Pay your dues now, get taken on by a dev house.

I was telling Obsiv about something I was working which was sound without speakers. It's a very complex subject and while I still am unable to give away anything due to the red tape that heavily surrounds it (hands in the cookie jar, $ in the future for dividing up etc) it's something that I am truly passionate about and one day I hope to share it. Unfortunately, it will not by anytime soon as I predict we will hopefully get the prototype working the way it's supposed to by the release of the next Xbox 720 (whatever the name of it is). Then of course it's a matter of legality. It's very stressful, which is why we work on it for a while, then get really stressed out and not touch it for a while, then pick it up again.

oh yes, let the good times roll. I wish you the best of luck on this, it truly is a beast of a task to do that stuff, and while I am doing something completely different, the passion is what it takes to see it through.
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