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« on: 01:42 PM - 05/04/23 »
IMPORTANT: Running the latest firmware
XIM MATRIX is actively updated with bug fixes and quality improvements. If you are having an issue with your XIM MATRIX, before looking for support, make sure to always be running the latest available firmware (including fixes currently in our Beta builds).


Getting Started | Instructional Videos | Game Support List | Hardware Compatibility List

First Time Users
If you are setting up a new XIM MATRIX for the first time and you are having issues getting it to work, you've come to the right place. We want to help you get to gaming as quickly as possible. If you've gone through the Getting Started guide and you are on latest firmware and things still aren't working in-game, please let us know by posting on our Technical Support Board.

Additional Troubleshooting

► Can I set up PlayStation 5 without entering my PSN password (Manual Registration)?

To game on PlayStation 5, you will need to register XIM MATRIX Manager with your console. Normally this requires you to enter your PSN credentials into the Sony website that XIM MATRIX manager presents to you. If you aren't comfortable with doing this, and you know your PSN Account Encoded ID (by looking it up through sites like this), then, you can enter it directly.

During the registration process in XIM MATRIX Manager:

  • At the PlayStation sign in screen, press and hold Cancel
  • You will then be brought to a screen to Manually enter it
  • Enter the Account Encoded ID that you have
  • Proceed with the rest of the normal registration process

► Do I need to connect my XIM MATRIX directly to my Internet router to game on PlayStation 5?

Your XIM MATRIX doesn't require a direct connection to your Internet router. There are a lot of home networking options (many low cost) in order to create a setup that will work for you. Here are some scenarios:

1) My PlayStation 5 is already connected wired to my home network but I can't run another wire for XIM MATRIX.

In this scenario, just add a network switch to your setup and plug your PS5, XIM MATRIX, and local network all into the switch. These switches require no configuration (plug and play) and are typically low cost.

2) My PlayStation 5 is wireless but want it to be wired but have no way to connect it to my local network.

Wired network gaming will generally always produce a better experience than wireless. An option for this is to use a powerline adapter which runs your local network over your electrical wiring. When considering these, look for versions that have a built in network switch so you can plug multiple devices into the single adapter (like in scenario 1).

3) My PlayStation 5 is wireless and want it to stay that way.

Even in this scenario, you can still connect your XIM MATRIX to your console by using a wireless bridge (also called a Wifi to Ethernet adapter). These are devices that give your wired network devices access to your Wifi. Plug both your console and XIM MATRIX into it and communication between them operate at wired speeds. Your console will still be connected to your Wifi (which your XIM MATRIX won't use).

► Can I plug my XIM MATRIX into my network and keep my PlayStation 5 on Wifi?

This may be possible for some networks, but can result in incompatibility issues. In addition, your gaming input performance will be suboptimal and may result in lag. For these reasons, this type of connection is not recommended.

► Can my XIM MATRIX connect to my PlayStation 5 if I use a pin?

No, your XIM MATRIX cannot connect to your PlayStation 5 if your account uses a login pin. It will need to be removed to use your XIM MATRIX.

► My XIM MATRIX connected to my PlayStation 5 before but now it's not?

If your XIM MATRIX connected normally to your PS5 without issue but now it isn't connecting at all, it's very likely that your PS5's local network address changed. This can happen if you fully power down our PS5, if you switch your PS5 from Wired to Wifi (and vice versa), if you disable and reenable Remote Play, if you made changes to your network, or, if your router simply decides to give your PS5 a new address.

In most cases your PS5 will receive the same address, but, if it doesn't then your XIM MATRIX will need to be made aware of it's new address by reperforming the registration process.

► My XIM MATRIX is connecting and disconnecting to my PlayStation 5 over and over?

There are two types of "disconnection loops" that can occur. The first type is when you see the connection dot in Manager change from yellow to red and then back to yellow over and over without a "Connected" popup showing on your TV/monitor. If this is happening, your PlayStation 5's network address most likely changed and your XIM MATRIX can no longer find it. Please reregister your XIM MATRIX with your PS5. If you have configured your PS5 to do a full shutdown on power off, consider changing that to suspend-only to reduce the chance your PS5's network address can be changed by your router.

If you are seeing a "Connected" and then 10-20 seconds later a "Disconnected" popup on your TV/monitor that repeats over and over, then, please contact our forum for additional help.

► Why won't my XIM MATRIX connect to my Xbox?

If your XIM MATRIX in unable to connect to your Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One, please check Manager at the top if you see the Xbox controller icon.

If you don't see the Xbox controller icon, please make sure your Xbox controller is up-to-date by checking for updates for it in the Xbox dashboard. Do not update your Xbox controller's firmware through your XIM MATRIX. If your controller's firmware is current, then, please try a different USB cable to connect your Xbox controller to your XIM MATRIX.

If you do see the Xbox controller icon, please hard reboot your Xbox by pressing and continuing to hold it's power button until your Xbox shuts off (could take up to 10 seconds). Then, after it's off, release the power button and press it again to turn it on.

► Why won't my XIM MATRIX connect to my PlayStation 4?

If your XIM MATRIX in unable to connect to your PlayStation 4, please ensure you have configured your controller communication method (located in your PS4's settings) to be USB wired.

If that doesn't fix it, remove any pairing to your DualShock 4 through your PS4's settings and press and hold the small button on the back of your DualShock 4 for at least 6 seconds to clear the pairing from your controller.

If it still won't initialize, then, please try a different USB cable to connect your DualShock 4 to your XIM MATRIX.

► What do I need to know about using wireless mice with my XIM MATRIX?

Wireless mice are supported by XIM MATRIX, but, it's important to know more about how wireless technology works to ensure optimal performance of your mouse, connected wireless gamepads, and also XIM MATRIX Manager. Most consumer wireless devices (like those discussed here as well as Bluetooth and Wifi) operate within the same 2.4Ghz band. For that reason, it's possible that they may interfere with each other (especially if their antennas are in close proximity).

XIM MATRIX's compact design means that wireless USB adapters plugged into Port 1 are physically close to it's onboard Bluetooth antenna. To ensure optimal wireless performance, it's recommended that your wireless USB mouse adapter be plugged into Port 2.

Some wireless mouse adapters are known to cause significant interference with other wireless devices, such as those made by Razer. If you are using a Razer wireless mouse, it is recommended that you plug your mouse adapter into a USB extension (like the one that comes with some Razer mice) to move the wireless adapter away from your XIM MATRIX and the other wireless devices you are using.

► Why does my wireless mouse drop out sometimes when connected to XIM MATRIX?

Please plug your wireless mouse adapter into Port 2 instead of Port 1. However, consider using a USB extension cable to move your wireless adapter away from your MATRIX and closer to your mouse (some Razer mice come with extensions for this purpose). Wireless gaming mice manufacturers recommend a maximum distance of no more than 30cm between the mouse and wireless adapter for optimal performance.

► Why does XIM MATRIX Manager on my phone/tablet keep disconnecting from XIM MATRIX?

If you are using wireless devices then wireless USB adapters plugged into your XIM MATRIX could be interfering with your MATRIX's Bluetooth radio. You can confirm this by unplugging your wireless adapter and see how it affects Manager connection performance. If this is happening, try plugging your wireless adapter into Port 2 on your MATRIX. Otherwise, try using a USB extension cable to move your wireless adapter away from your MATRIX. Also, try keeping your XIM MATRIX away from other wireless sources.

► Why does XIM MATRIX Manager on my PC keep disconnecting from XIM MATRIX?

If you are using a standalone PC, and you are using your PC's on-board Bluetooth radio (inside integrated into your PC's motherboard), then, ensure you have your PC's external wireless antenna connected.

► Can I use a USB Extension Cable with my XIM MATRIX?

It's not recommended you use USB extension cables with your XIM MATRIX. If you need a longer cable, it's recommend using a single high quality USB A to C cable. It's also recommended that you not exceed 6 feet (~2 meters).

► Why doesn't my Scroll Wheel binding not always run?

By default, new bindings use the Held condition which means the action sequence that runs will only run as long as the input condition is met. In the case of scroll wheels, the wheel is typically turned for a short period of time.

Change the input condition to Press to ensure your action sequence is run to completion regardless of how long you are turning the scroll wheel.

► How do I use a Sony Move Navigation Controller with my mouse?

XIM MATRIX supports many controllers including the DualShock 3. A Sony Move Navigation controller presents itself as DS3 with a subset of it's normal buttons. Because of this, how you set up your XIM MATRIX will be different. Please follow these steps:

Pair your Nav to XIM MATRIX:

  • For Wired Use: Plug into port 1 or 2 of your XIM MATRIX
  • For Wireless Use: Plug into port 1 or 2 of your XIM MATRIX, wait 2 seconds, then unplug your Nav
Configure Navigate Mode: A Nav doesn't have the DS3 Select and Start buttons so you won't be able to disable Navigate Mode with it if Navigate Mode is currently enabled. Change the Navigate Mode toggle chord within Manager:

  • Go to Globals Settings
  • Then Customize Navigate Mode
  • Change the Activation buttons by select the button then pressing it on the Nav (such as X and O)
Or, you can disable Navigation Mode as well by turning off Activate as Startup.

Create a Config: Gamepad Configs by default add bindings assuming a standard two-handed gamepad is in use. A Config must be modified to match the reduced buttons of the Nav.

  • Create a new Config and select Mouse and Gamepad
  • Edit the Config
  • Under the name and color, press the "..."
  • Copy this Config, press Paste of the Mappings Only, and modify the Mappings to your preferences:
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM MATRIX [Default Nav Config] START COPY >>>

Warranty Repairs

If you’ve followed all the suggestions in this FAQ and you still need warranty repair service. Please review the Warranty Terms to verify that it applies. Then contact our fulfillment group and request warranty service.
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