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« on: 09:04 PM - 02/06/23 »
Hi I’m trying this new cool game called “roboquest” (should make a config for it cuz it’s cool) but the deadzone in it isn’t the best. If you move the mouse a little it doesn’t pick it up. Is there a setting in the xim apex where I can kinda fix that with the deadzone?

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Re: Deadzone
« Reply #1 on: 10:04 AM - 02/07/23 »
Raise the first position in the ballistics curve editor until the deadzone is removed. Because each game has a unique look mechanic some game configs may work better than others in each unsupported game. You also have the option of using the generic alpha config from the game list, this uses a circular look mechanic without a deadzone. The technique mentioned earlier would still apply.
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