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Is there a way to add a rumble when I activate a Smart Action?  (Read 256 times)

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So I have Left Stick Press set to increase Sensitivity by 234% (to turn faster while Sprinting), but the problem is that I don't always know when this is active, since I have to press Left Stick a second time to disable this Action. So if I were able to trigger a little rumble, just like how turning on Motion Aiming causes a slight rumble, it would for sure help me remember to shut off the extra 234% increased Look Sensitivity when I no longer want to Sprint. I checked the Mappings, but I didn't see anything about activating rumble with a Smart Action. Maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough?

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One of the Smart Actions on the request list is a Rumble Action, which helps in situations where you want to toggle something on or off. Likewise, we've requested an LED flash.

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