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Beloader Being Beloader...  (Read 168 times)


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Beloader Being Beloader...
« on: 07:41 PM - 06/27/22 »
***I know this is not the Xim's fault, comma I have used the Apex for 3 years and had no previous issues until I tried plugging into the PS5 with Beloader.***
 None the less, I do not have confidence in the beloader team to solve issues... There is just too large of a language and communication gap. So I'm coming to you guys for help.

 Right now I am getting really really bad lag spikes where mouse movements as well as keyboard movements board movements are held for too long. The beloader also disconnects after a short period of time, but that is a known issue.

 Previously, I never had issues with the device disconnecting, Recently it has started though. Even more recently than that, lag has become an issue. I do not know if it is my Wi-Fi or not, I have made sure to check for a Wi-Fi - 6 channel (none),  And I have made an entirely new channel for the beloader on 2.4. I think that there is just an issue with my Wi-Fi shorting out and being intermittent currently, but but I have decided to order order land cables and USB - ethernet adapter trying to solve the problem further.

*Extra note, the Beloader only disconnects about 1/5 times I load into Destiny 2 Crucible matches (pvp), which features peer to peer servers(?lol), but on 5 hour pve binges it functions without flaw.

Help is much appreciated, so thank you in advance. There is simply not a lot of available information on this topic currently. If any of you have found solutions to any of these issues lmk 🙂