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Question About Xim and Zen  (Read 166 times)

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Question About Xim and Zen
« on: 04:39 PM - 06/14/22 »
hey I just had a question about the xim with the Cronus zen I was maybe looking into purchasing the zen and use it with The xim but Iím not sure if itís possible or not

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Re: Question About Xim and Zen
« Reply #1 on: 05:41 PM - 06/14/22 »
Zen does not work with XIM at higher than 250Hz, which can result in USB desync and disconnects. Nor does it work with a DS4 V1 connected to XIM APEX, which will hard crash the Cronus. Zen's default processing loop is 10ms with a min of 4.5ms (slower than 250Hz) and Gamepacks are locked at 10ms, which will cause input lag. Gamepacks also can't be edited to add your own mods, and GPC scripting is cumbersome and time-consuming. All red flags.

If you want something that is compatible with a XIM, Titan Two is the better option as it supports APEX at all Response Rates and with all consoles controllers. It runs at 1000Hz by default, which means it won't induce lag on APEX. The only problem being that Titan Two is hard to find these days due to computer chip shortages.

If you're prepared to wait a little while, XIM is developing a new m/kb adapter with a built-in macro engine (refer to Smart Actions on XIM NEXUS motion controller). There are no compatibility issues, no additional lag, you can easily create your own macros using icons on a timeline, and the macros integrate right into a supported games' look mechanics via the XIM Smart Translator. That means no more fighting with recoil scripts for control over the reticle, which is a huge deal. You retain full control over your aim at all times, including while antirecoil is active.

You're far better off saving your dough for the new XIM adapter - Zen is mediocre at best and you'll replace it within a year.
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