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[ACTIVE] XIM Apex manager application not detecting Controller, mouse and keyboard  (Read 109 times)

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My XIM Apex turns on and connects to my phone but when I open the XIM apex manager it doesnít register my controller, mouse, or keyboard in the top hotbar; but my controller turns on  and functions fine in any port, while my keyboard and mouse donít even light up. But still in the apex manager app it says not even a controller is connected  and gets no input detection at all even though the controller works while plugged into the XIM. Iíve updated my firmware, switched wires, switched mouses and keyboards and looked all throughout the support for similar problems and have still found no result. Please help.
Sincerely , p1monsterpro

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Welcome to the community. If the controller is directly attached to APEX without the hub connected before plugging APEX in does a controller icon appear in Manager?

Also, we could verify the hub is working correctly by checking if your peripherals work with the hub while it's attached to a PC instead of APEX and console.
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