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XIM NEXUS BETA [Controller Firmware 20220515] SMART ACTIONS  (Read 545 times)

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XIM NEXUS BETA Controller Firmware

This is the first build of XIM NEXUS Smart Actions. Given the large changes that have been made to how XIM NEXUS works in order to enable Smart Actions, this update is a breaking change. This means that you will need to Factory Reset your Controller with this firmware.

Please note that after you Factory Reset your controller, the following needs to happen:
● You will lose all your Configs, so, please take screen shots of any important Config settings before flashing
● You will need to recalibrate your Controller
● You will need to re-pair your Controller to Adapter
● You can only use XIM NEXUS Manager 20220515 with this firmware

FEEDBACK: This firmware version contains important device experience fixes and features. Please upgrade and provide feedback so we can continue to make our products better!

COMPATIBILITY: This version of Controller Firmware works with:
XIM NEXUS Manager version 20220515 (or later)
XIM NEXUS Adapter Firmware version 20211203 (or later)

NOTE: If your browser is failing to download, please right-click on the link and use "Save As".

Download XIM NEXUS Controller Firmware Tool 20220515 for PC
Windows 7/8/8.1/10 x86/x64

Download XIM NEXUS Controller Firmware Tool 20220515 for Mac Not Yet Available
macOS 10.11 or higher[/color]

Controller Flash Upgrade Instructions:
1. Unplug your Controller from USB
2. If your Controller is on, press and hold Guide until it shuts off
3. Press and hold the P button on the back
4. While continuing to hold P, press Guide to turn your Controller on
5. Wait for your Controller's light to display blue and then release P
6. Plug your Controller into your computer via USB
7. Download and run the XIMNEXUSControllerFlash tool
8. Select Update Firmware
7. Disconnect your Controller from your computer after the tool completes
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