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[RESOLVED] Xim manager not reading keybinds change but still working in-game.  (Read 70 times)

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My xim apex has worked wonderfully for the past month, but today when I tried to use it to play Apex Legends, I realized that my ping button does not work anymore (which was bound to my middle mouse button). I then went into the config page and tried to bind it to another button (tried both keyboards and mouse), then I found out that the xim apex manager no longer takes any input when I try to change keybinds.
Anything else in-game still works well, so it's unlikely hardware-related.
I'm using Logitech G502 and an X-box controller.
The xim apex manager is on an iPad, and I already tried re-installing the app, as well as starting a new loadout.
The last time I played with it was May 15th, and no config or hardware was changed.
Any help will be appreciated, thanks

PS: Problem solved, I'm dum dum..
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That's good to hear, thanks for updating your thread.
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