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Sorry newbie questions  (Read 74 times)

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Sorry newbie questions
« on: 02:24 PM - 05/12/22 »

So i have an xbox1. Connected controller (elite) using usb and mouse and KB to hub. Then inserted my apex, got the mobile app, did the profile and launched the game.

Now it get's confusing. My keyboard WASD keys seems to move the xbox menu but not my mouse, isn't the mouse supposed to be the stick on controller now ? IS the xbox controller still needed to launch the game ? I can't switch the elite controller to usb only like the PS5 seems to still wanna connect over Bluetooth and usb.

When in game, mouse does control movement, but despite sensitivity all the way up it still is not as fast as regular m/K in game.

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Re: Sorry newbie questions
« Reply #1 on: 04:38 PM - 05/12/22 »
Welcome to the community. Most console games use the left analog stick to navigate a menu, your keyboard is assigned to control the left analog stick by default. Yes, the Xbox controller is needed to stay authenticated with the console.

You may notice a slower turning in games that have more limits on how fast the game allows you to turn. I recommend verifying that the in-game sensitivity is maxed and other settings are correct if the game is listed on the game settings page. (http://xim.tech/settings)

Console games have a maximum speed that they allow you to turn. This will vary between games and is a limit set by the game developer. XIM quickly flashes red lights when you've reached the turn speed limit. If you continue moving faster than what the game allows then that mouse movement is ignored and you may see less onscreen movement as a result. By either lowering your XIM sensitivity or moving your mouse slower to stay within or ride the turn speed limit without exceeding it should result in more onscreen movement.
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