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Question to OBsIV ! About anti-cheat detection in Playstation games  (Read 276 times)

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A question about Anti Cheat Detection in Playstation Games due to certain Xim Apex settings.  Is it currently possible that game manufacturers or Sony themselves can ban people with a Xim Apex because of certain settings?  Settings like Anti Recoil via the xim apex or other settings that an anti cheat can detect?  Or is this completely without hesitation?  Maybe you can justify your explanations to understand it well.  I am interested in this topic.  I want to be sure I don't get a ban.  I only use the xim apex.  No cronus or similar.

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you should look into anti cheat on console to learn about what its for. Its purpose is not the same as on PC where its meant to detect cheaters. On consoles its about preventing pirated games, destabilizing the console, the game or its servers via exploits or just altering the game files.

So no you cannot get banned for using a XIM. Also Sony removed their scripting paragraphs from the ToS a year or two ago, so technically using scripts or macros would no longer be a bannable offense. I assume its due to some PS4 and PS5 devices (racing controllers, fighting sticks, ...) operating with inbuilt scripts to realize their controllers. Using those could otherwise get you banned.
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If you run the xim through a third party device for modifications like "anti-recoil, rapid fire, auto dropshot, sniperbreath and etc." and so happened to be unlucky enough to be banned, it wouldn't be due to the xim apex. It would be because of all of the mods you want run with your other third party device. Though you shouldn't have to worry about that unless you plan on competing in tournaments. The developers don't waste time banning anyone in pubs unless you're wall hacking or aimbotting. The Xim is undetectable and no one has ever been banned because of it. And if anyone tells you they did, they were doing something that violated the terms of service or are just lying because they don't want anyone using the device.
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It's way too resource-intensive to monitor every input from every user in every game...it's just not worth the game devs time or money to track and ban users for using mods or macros for a product that makes most of its money in the first few weeks after launch. Service-based games like Fortnite have tried, but it was quickly put to bed for detecting false positives.

As Nerd said, devs are far more interested in hacks that affect everyone in a lobby or server and the overall integrity of their game, like aimbots, wallhacks, DDoS, lag switches etc.

In any case, input can be randomised so the timing of button presses or stick movements isn't perfect every time, which is the only feasible method of monitoring input. Any degree of variance will be enough to obfuscate device usage. Even then, the vast majority of Titan & Cronus scripts don't bother with randomised input because no-one is being banned for using mods.

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As well as all the points above, you've got to consider "Does Sony have the expertise and resources to detect XIM?" If the answer is "Hell, yes!" (they employee over 100,000 people and are worth $135b, ffs!), then you have to ask yourself "why haven't they banned the XIM?" The answer is, they just don't care.
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