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[ACTIVE] Xim apex manager not working on pc  (Read 83 times)

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[ACTIVE] Xim apex manager not working on pc
« on: 10:02 PM - 05/03/22 »
Hi there apex works great on Xbox, however it doesnít seem to be recognized on my pc.  I have the latest apex manager downloaded, but it doesnít seem to recognize my Apex.. whatís unique is the nexus software recognizes my nexus when thatís plugged in.  Wondering if this has happened to anyone else?  Where apex manager isnít recognizing the adapter?

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Re: Xim apex not working on pc
« Reply #1 on: 09:06 AM - 05/04/22 »
Are you attempting to use the PC version of Manager? If so wired config mode will need to be used. To use wired config mode attach XIM to the PC without holding a button. When the startup lights begin to flash immediately press and release the XIM button, the light sequence will be interrupted and you should then be able to open and use Manager in wired mode.
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