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[Q/A] Technical assistance in Brazil  (Read 69 times)

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[Q/A] Technical assistance in Brazil
« on: 03:41 AM - 05/01/22 »
Hello. I bought a xim apex almost 2 years ago that I had a problem with it happens. Does anyone know if there is any technical assistance in São Paulo in Brazil? The xim apex USB input took off the solder points, I went to an electronics store and paid for a technician to redo the solder points, but now the Xim Apex no longer works. Thanks
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Re: Technical assistance in Brazil
« Reply #1 on: 09:05 AM - 05/02/22 »
Sorry, I'm not aware of where you could have this repaired. In the past we have offered repair services but have recently exhausted our parts supply and are no longer able to offer repair or replacement.
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