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XIM NEXUS [Manager 20220306] (**LATEST**)  (Read 3558 times)

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XIM NEXUS [Manager 20220306] (**LATEST**)
« on: 02:25 PM - 03/06/22 »

Changes since last update:
● Added Motion Pause bindable action (requires Firmware 20220306)
● Improved connection fidelity to XIM NEXUS Controller
● Fix role binding to back buttons issue

COMPATIBILITY: This version of Manager works with:
XIM NEXUS Controller Firmware version 20220104 (or later)

ANDROID USERS: Android requires your Location Services be active in order to be able to search for and connect to Bluetooth LE devices (like XIM NEXUS). XIM Manager never uses your location. You can disable your Location Services after you've connected to your XIM NEXUS.

NOTE: If your browser is failing to download, please right-click on the link and use "Save As".

Download XIM NEXUS Manager 20220306 for iOS from Apple App Store
iOS 13 or higher

Download XIM NEXUS Manager 20220306 for Android from Google Play (Direct APK Download: 64-bit 32-bit)
Android 6 or higher

Download XIM NEXUS Manager 20220306 for PC from XIM.tech
Windows 10 x64
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