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>:( *$%*#$*%#$ Fedex!  (Read 722 times)

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>:( *$%*#$*%#$ Fedex!
« on: 09:16 PM - 02/18/11 »
They lost a package, once again. The first time, I was ordering a Miracle Fruit tree for the anniversary of my relationship with my GF, but I didn't realize I could actually do things like Trace the Route and whatnot. So, that was lost, and it cost somewhat over $60.

NOW, they've lost a package I ordered from Ebay with One-Day Shipping. It was an Xbox 360 Wireless N Adapter, which was going to allow us to play some Co-Op games over live this weekend (she has a 4 day weekend, so we were excited about it. Gaming marathon!) They said they delivered it to the Front Door, but checking this an hour afterwards, my GF didn't see it. Apparently, FedEx does this a lot in her area. Is it REALLY that hard to deliver a package to the right address? This @#$% cost me almost $90 this time! I am so pissed off at them right now.

----End of RAGING RANT----
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