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XIM NEXUS [Controller Firmware 20220328] (**LATEST**)  (Read 6460 times)

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XIM NEXUS Controller Firmware

Changes since last update:
● Wireless connection fixes and improvements
● Added Motion Pause bindable action (requires Manager 20220306)
● Fixed Native stick vertical aim unresponsive for some game translators
● Controller auto-off "in-use" detection now includes sticks and triggers

FEEDBACK: This firmware version contains important device experience fixes and features. Please upgrade and provide feedback so we can continue to make our products better!

COMPATIBILITY: This version of Controller Firmware works with:
XIM NEXUS Manager version 20211217 (or later)
XIM NEXUS Adapter Firmware version 20211203 (or later)

NOTE: If your browser is failing to download, please right-click on the link and use "Save As".

Download XIM NEXUS Controller Firmware Tool 20220328 for PC
Windows 7/8/8.1/10 x86/x64

Download XIM NEXUS Controller Firmware Tool 20220328 for Mac
macOS 10.11 or higher

Controller Flash Upgrade Instructions:
1. Unplug your Controller from USB
2. If your Controller is on, press and hold Guide until it shuts off
3. Press and hold the P button on the back
4. While continuing to hold P, press Guide to turn your Controller on
5. Wait for your Controller's light to display blue and then release P
6. Plug your Controller into your computer via USB
7. Download and run the XIMNEXUSControllerFlash tool
8. Select Update Firmware
7. Disconnect your Controller from your computer after the tool completes
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