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Love your forum name ;)

Hi, I can confirm that all of the settings are as above. I can also confirm that there is a noticeable change in sensitivity, when changing the DPI of the mouse, via my PC.

Even with 16k DPI, the crosshairs are more sluggish than I would like, at 30 sensitivity. Even more so at 3.2k DPI.

Although a bit slow to turn 180 degrees, Iíve found a fairly smooth experience at 16k DPI and 50 sensitivity.
XIM 4 Discussions / Destiny 2 Gear Menu Sensitivity
« Last post by Bobafett304 on Today at 10:24 AM »
Hello everybody Iím new to xim apex, just got it yesterday and got it setup. I have the setting so that I can loot and look through my gear on Destiny 2 with my mouse but the cursor speed just will not go any faster to the point where I run out of mouse pad surface area just looking through my loot drops. Any tips or advice would be immensely appreciated!

-Thanks, Josh
Game Support / Re: Cannot get battlefield 5 to feel right
« Last post by Gjin Yuko on Today at 10:06 AM »
The main concern is Axial dead zones, should they be default or 0? Also aim assist rotation, default or zero? In-game settings changed since updates and everyoneís settings are old are old and out of date on here,

does anyone still play this game?
Change nothing, set it up like it say in the Config settings and leave it like that.

Tipp: Go with 3200 DPI and 1000Hz Sync OFF and you will melt everybody ;D


Just one clip i made the other day.

Game Support / Re: Azeron COD Blackout
« Last post by Gjin Yuko on Today at 09:51 AM »
Can someone give me a recommend deadzone for call of duty blackout using a Azeron

Go with anything between 6-13
Game Support / Re: Warface? New st ?
« Last post by shthappensbro on Today at 09:10 AM »
Omg warface had a big update no aim assist anymore they change everything... now it might need an update for sure lol

Fanfreekingtastic  :-)   maybe it's worth downloading again now.

Yes it's bad @#$% new shooting range to. Man give it a try
Support / Re: [ACTIVE] new user
« Last post by greiz11 on Today at 07:49 AM »
think it is working now. I have a ps4, my keyboard, and my mouse at the top of the xim app. think i still need to fix my dpi (which i just fixed on the ghub of logitech) right now working on finding a config for division 2 so i can start practicing the mouse and keyboard. my mouse last night was moving side to side very slow. so not sure where i went wrong. so trying to dig into it more today.
Interesting, I must of come accustomed to it all ready , I notice it makes the aiming feel floaty
Touretteosaurus, thanks for your opinion! That's also a reason why i posted my settings...to see if anyone can give me some pointers and make my settings even better.

Do you, or does anyone, have some ideas to make my settings better than they already are?

My problem has always been the ADS. I like a fast but smooth HIP so i can look around quickly but being able to scope in on targets easily. But when i ADS i like a fairly low sensitivity that feels smooth so i can hold pixels and hit my targets easier, especially those head shots.
Support / [ACTIVE] XIM apex not working on PS4 slim
« Last post by Louis burlo on Today at 06:04 AM »
I have recently bought a PS4 slim and my xim apex is updated to the latest firmware but dose not work on the PS4 slim but it works on my Xbox one. On the manager app I have the ps4 controller symbol and my mouse and keyboard symbol and recognises the input on the app but on the console nothing happens
Support / [ACTIVE] Xim4 will not work for me
« Last post by Niall EU6273 on Today at 05:41 AM »
I have the xbox one s and I use the xbox one s controller and it doesn't seem to work.
I have everything set up like it should and I even brought new wires and it still doesn't work.
Do I have to have the xim apex for xbox one s or will the xim 4 work.
I have updated the framework and manager but still doesn't allow me to play mouse and keyboard.
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