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Game Support / Re: BO4 XIM APEX TITAN 2 Questions
« Last post by Gilmani on Today at 07:08 PM »
Thanks man not sure what the big deal is about talking about both titan and apex in conjuction.

We can't just go to console tuner as they work in conjuction with one another.

Anywho send me your email and I will send you the one I;m using.
XIM APEX Discussions / Re: new xim apex user
« Last post by GamingNerd on Today at 06:59 PM »
Hopefully the pad is compatible - I'm struggling with the PS nav - its so uncomfortable

What system are you going to use it on?
I love the nav. I just got another for my birthday. It's worth it to me but it did take some getting used to.
Shared Configs / Re: d1sable Fortnite Config
« Last post by d1sable on Today at 06:56 PM »
That might be your issue.

But id check with mist / odin etc bud.
Game Support / Re: Any tips on aiming better on overwatch?
« Last post by alanmcgregor on Today at 06:50 PM »
Lower your HIP sensitivity 3% and use this curve on HIP.

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>
Game Support / Any tips on aiming better on overwatch?
« Last post by NeedHelp123 on Today at 06:41 PM »
Ok so Iíve used the Xim for a while and I really like it and the only think I have a question about is why on overwatch my aim isnít that great, like I know Iím not suppose to be a lord but literally on every other game I use my Xim my aim is really good like cod,fortnite,etc but only on overwatch my aim isnít as good as the roger games, I know they have different aim mechanics and stuff but itís getting to me when I miss a little to often on overwatch, I copied someoneís settings cause I heard the boost and analog simulator was bigggg for aiming and I just copied Someoneís Configs with the boost and stuff and it was ok for the first game but now itís like Iím not even using a mouse and keyboard , I just ask for any tips I was thinking going 800 dpi cause I currently sit at 3200.. Any tips would be appreciated Iím just getting fustrated with my aim on overwatch itís not jittering or anything itís jsut Iím missing shots and losing fights where I should be COOKING using a mouse and key and I cook on every other game but overwatch.(Xbox btw if that matters)
Shared Configs / Re: d1sable Fortnite Config
« Last post by KemicaI on Today at 06:34 PM »
I don't have a PS4 pro, just a regular PS4.
Shared Configs / Re: d1sable Fortnite Config
« Last post by d1sable on Today at 06:32 PM »
That sounds frame rate related not dpi but im no expert. You have a ps4 pro? Tilted really lags when many people land there.
Game Support / Re: Update ST for The Division please !
« Last post by puinsai on Today at 06:28 PM »
I have not received this game. I'll share an update in this thread when I've looked at the game.

what type of king delivery did you choose ?
General Discussion / Mortal Kombat 11 and RE 2 Remake
« Last post by Phil Ashio on Today at 06:27 PM »
After a couple of "meh" years I'm glad this one's off to such a good start. I wasn't even looking forward to RE 2 but that demo's got me sold.
I was using manager on my laptop but my bluetooth wasn't on. I switched to the Android app and now I think it will work. I have it connected to manager now and am working through the configs.
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