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Deutsch / Re: Overwatch Settings Probleme PS4
« Last post by Symcathico on Today at 10:21 AM »
das einzige was wirklich hilft ist die mausgeschwindigkeit zu reduzieren, ob dpi oder xim sensitivity ist egal
(allgemein solltest du nicht mehr als 3000-4000 dpi nutzen)

overwatch auf der konsole funktioniert eigentlich erst so richtig ab 30+cm per 360°, alles darunter kann bei ruckartigen mausbewegungen schon die maximale drehgeschwindigkeit überschreiten
der großteil an overwatch xim spielern hat sich an langsamere mausgeschwindigkeiten gewöhnt, sobald man ein gefühl entwickelt hat ab wann die maus zu schnell bewegt wird spielst sich das spiel wie auf dem pc (minus der maximalen drehgeschwindigkeit)

Hey Od1n, ich habe eine MX Master 2S
Sie ist zwar keine Gaming Maus, aber sie wirklich gut. Bei mir ist das Problem, dass egal wie viel Dpi ich einstelle, die Distanz auf meinem Mousepad immer die Gleiche ist, um InGame (Overwatch) ein 360° zu machen. Die Sens in der App bleibt die gleiche. Ich verändere nur die Dpi. Heißt:
2000 Dpi = 52 sens
3000 Dpi = 52 sens
4000 Dpi = 52 sens
Egal wie viel Dpi ich einstelle, die Sens muss immer gleich bleiben, damit ich wie gesagt ein 360° machen kann. Dabei sollte es doch eigentlich so sein, dass wenn ich die Dpi hochstelle, die Sens runter stelle (oder halt anders herum Dpi ⬇️ Sens ⬆️).
Ich habe von einem anderen Xim 4 Nutzer, der auch overwatch spielt erfahren, das er 3200 Dpi - 18 sens hat. Wenn ich das mache ist es extrem langsam.
Ich verstehe nicht ob es vielleicht an falschen Einstellungen liegt oder doch einfach an meiner Maus.
Mein Mousepad: Sharkoon 1337 XL Gaming
Meine Maus: Logitech MX Master 2S (MAX DPI 4000)
Ich benutze keine Kurven oder boosts.

Sorry für die lange Nachricht. Wollte aber mein Problem so ausführlich wie möglich darstellen.
@rain1dog- I mean I will be honest and say that the game is not really as bad as ww2 or IW, I can say that with confidence now, given that I went back to ww2 and played for a few rounds and I literally wanted to puke in rl after it. Especially if you play on maps like Toy Soldiers, Shippment 1943, USS Texas, Gustavs cannon, actually if you play on like 75% of all ww2 maps.

Sorry but I find these remarks kinda annoying.  You are using a device that gives you a clear advantage over controller players and yet you're telling others to get better at CoD?  Play on PC where there is no aim assist and the playing field is equal for all.  Then see how god like you are.  Most here dominate with the Xim4 just like you do (including the guys complaining).  It's a whole different ball game when everybody is using kb/m tho. Trust me my numbers are very different from PC to PS4.....lol.

If you disagree with their perspective of the game, that's absolutely cool.  Debate away.  Just be humble and leave the "get better bruh" comments away please.

Yeah I wholeheartedly agree here mate. This is a common mistake and flawed logic ppl tend to use on internet, when someone claims he doesnt like a particular game. I dont even get mad at ppl here assuming that whoever tends to dislike the game, must suck at it and whatnot. I mean these seem to be some new users around here who dont know who theyre discussing with, mostly fps vets and cod vets. But again, since I know better- Id rather correct them politely, much like you did.

I did play some more yesterday and it seems like they toned down the SBMM algorithm a little bit for my account. Before that I was matched vs 4/5 man parties playing solo myself, facing mostly tryhards who jumpshot in every fight, which usually means that theyre using scuff controllers or xim. Now yes it is possible to use the claw grip and jumpshot alot, but then youre not gonna be as precise as with scuf or xim.

And since those ppl in 4/5 man parties who tryhard usually like to camp in ADS behind headgltiches for killstreaks, it is not surprising that most lobbies were rly toxic experience with every moron camping aiming down sights wherever you go. I might upload a clip or two later showing what type of parties I was matched against.

Additionally it seems like with the yesterdays hotfix, theyve improved something in both netcode and engine. Before the fix, I literally had input lag of like 50-60ms in the game, even when moving the crosshair. Now when I move the crosshair its instant. I also didnt get that massive lag compensation penalty from Hell after yesterdays hotfix, although the connection quality was still wonky.

Anyways, my previous oppinion about the small maps with bad game flow still stands (and all the gimmicky/overpowered gadgets, specials etc). However due to the reasons mentioned above, the experience has changed after the last 1-2 hotfixes to the slightly more positive one. Until further notice, <- and this is a very important remark, until further notice I would say that bo4 is not as bad as IW or WW2 and if youre not playing against a party of 4-5 tryhard-ADS-camping nerds, the game is "playable".

I will give credit where credit is due, since Im a cod fan from early days. I do actually play the game, sometimes extensively, so it is not in my interest for the game to suck, just so that I can hate on it. If something changes to the better, I will give developers credit for that and vice versa.
Gonna give this stuff a try tonight. First time using the XIM. Been a console player my entire life (for CoD's). Play other shooters on PC.

Should be interesting lol
General Discussion / Re: Fortnite with ADS OFF 🌚
« Last post by FreshFridays on Today at 10:03 AM »
I have ads off in the manager and have it set in game

My ADS in game is Maxed !!
Epic: SneakyGoose

What’s your epic ?
Game Support / BOPS 4 ADS + Hold Breath
« Last post by Taktikz on Today at 09:59 AM »

Is there a way to configure the hold breath Button the same as my ADS button when sniping?

So I use Sony Nav, L2 on Nav is my ADS button, if I also put nav L2 as my sprint button (hold breath) on secondary bindings but leave L1 bumper on Nav as my primary sprint button, will it let me ADS + Hold Breath at the same time when I press L2 on the nav?

Or will doing this make me sprint instead of ADS every time I press L2 on the nav?

Hope that makes sense, hard for me to explain what I mean.
General Discussion / Re: Xbox Keyboard and Mouse Support
« Last post by singlecoilpickup on Today at 09:59 AM »
I can't promise the long term support schedule of the XIM team. That said, Apex is out and XIM4 is still receiving full support. So, history is pretty indicative that the team will continue to support their products as long as it makes sense to do so.
General Discussion / Re: Xbox Keyboard and Mouse Support
« Last post by Niphty on Today at 09:55 AM »
One last thing.

If a new XIM comes out, will Apex still be kept up-to-date?
Hardware Compatbility / Re: Logitech Powerplay
« Last post by mist4fun on Today at 09:50 AM »
Welcome to the community. If the mouse pad is the receiver then there is a chance it may not work. If the mouse pad can plug into a power source that is not XIM and is separate from the receiver then it should work.
Hardware Compatbility / Re: Will my Naga Hex v2 work with DPI
« Last post by mist4fun on Today at 09:49 AM »
Welcome to the community. I don't know the answer to your question as each device could perform differently. Most can retain their DPI levels and some reset. To find out connect the mouse to a second PC that doesn't have your mouse software or drivers.
Support / Re: [ACTIVE] APEX - G502 becomes unresponsive
« Last post by mist4fun on Today at 09:45 AM »
Thank you for the information about this working with XIM4. Could you please try without the extension? Power drop increases with cable length and can cause stability issues like this.
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