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General Discussion / Re: ADS 0.75 in Black Ops 4= Aimbot
« Last post by Omarf826 on 10:22 PM - 05/24/19 »
Does all of this work for blackout? Someone confirm this
Hardware Compatbility / Re: Razer DeathAdder not detected
« Last post by Insane lag on 10:10 PM - 05/24/19 »
I have one and it works well not sure what is wrong but someone should help the xim community is awesome
Game Support / Re: Fortnite - Xim Apex + KB
« Last post by godhead343 on 09:23 PM - 05/24/19 »
As far as input lag goes, I did not notice a difference on my xbox. I have not had any trouble mapping builds onto mouse, so I cannot help you there. PC inputs are superior to xim inputs for fortnite in my opinion, so I would use kbm directly if you are fine with playing in PC lobbies, otherwise use xim. Hope this helps
currently no problem, works perfectly.  I wondered what features would come from after this.  ::) ::)
XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Azeron classic or Azeron Compact?
« Last post by B0wl_of_weed on 09:06 PM - 05/24/19 »
I have the compact with palm grip not flat and i love it i dont think these guys have tried the palm rest cuz its @#$% amazing lol
« Last post by y3llowcxrd on 09:02 PM - 05/24/19 »
My ximapex manager won't start the game update download. It just idles there like it's doing nothing Tried both on pc and ios, both not working.
Yes, I'd be surprised if it was related to the Beta. If it happens again, while it's happening can you try moving using the controller to see if it's the same result?

It hasn't happened for the last couple of nights so i can't test moving the controller, not that i'm complaining :) Guess it might of been flakey servers for couple nights.
XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Azeron classic or Azeron Compact?
« Last post by GamingNerd on 08:53 PM - 05/24/19 »
I have the Azeron compact with the flat base and I love it.  Mostly just use the pull paddles as they are the most intuitive for me coming from a Sony nav.
Nice, I don't know if you will know this question but how long does it typically take to ship to the U.S.?
XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Polling Rate
« Last post by GamingNerd on 08:52 PM - 05/24/19 »
So it says right on the ST where you set response rate that 125hz. Is the native input rate for your console!
& OBsIV says the ds4 polls @ 200hz.
Why would Sony do that?
Does this (not) make sense to anyone else.
Come on devs. Help me out with this one.
Yea, I was 100% certain that the native polling was 125hz. But hopefully the Ps5 will have better polling with the Ds5 controller.
« Last post by y3llowcxrd on 08:47 PM - 05/24/19 »
My Ximapex manager won't start downloading the game update after pressing update. It just idles there like it's doin nothing. I need help.
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