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Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Xim Apex no longer working
« Last post by HumbleBeast1 on Today at 01:42 PM »
Yea the button must have been getting stuck.
But now its not working again it just flashes the rainbow sequence no matter what now and my mouse or keyboard doesn't work and it won't connect to my xim app on android. Then sometimes while its doing that it'll go solid white on me.
To be clear, if are at a complete stop and you press W, you don't move forward?

Do you have a Windows PC and are you using a XIM with your Xbox? If so, can you plug your XIM setup into your PC and load up the "USB Controller" control panel? It will show you a visualization of the sticks and buttons of the controller plugged in (which is your XIM). When you press W, do you see things light up correctly in the visualization?

Unfortunately I only have a Mac. Here is a link with a complete description of the issue.https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=74786.msg741774#msg741774

Just wanted to add that this only happens in the beginning of every match. After you actually get the character to move forward it will not happen again in that match.

Support / [ACTIVE] No audio when using mouse
« Last post by NopeImOutOfHere on Today at 01:39 PM »
I have have a xim apex with a steelseries m750 mouse and steelseries rival 310 mouse on the xbox one.  The issue that I currently have is that my sound cuts out when I use the mouse. If I am idle, the sound comes back, but if I move it around or click, the sound cuts out completely again.  I'm pretty much at a lost as to what I should do at this point.  I just installed the latest beta firmware and it still didn't solve it.
Game Support / Re: The Division 2 / Config
« Last post by Deazly on Today at 01:36 PM »
So how does this game feel on xim? It's 30fps, so I cant imagine it feels good...

Game feels fine on XIM. Sniping is also very satisfying! Headshots all day; ty Xim!!
XIM APEX Discussions / Benefits of factory reset?
« Last post by ThtFilthy26 on Today at 01:35 PM »
Hey all had a little curiosity in regards to whether there were some benefits from performing a factory reset on my apex. My device is working fine and no complaints on performance. I've owned it for a little more than a year and it's just my OCD traits that arise my curiosity. If I was a mechanic I'd take my engine apart and clean it once every year lol.
Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« Last post by Terrorize on Today at 01:34 PM »
Do you have an insider ETA for division 2 ST release?

Im with a buddy... patiently waiting for TD2 official ST release. Im sure it will be soon. Thx XIM Team.

You on Xbox? If so PM me on here and we can roll.

Really hope this releases soon :D
The awkward moment when you get obliterated in-game by a fellow XIM-er  :D

Your guide says that Im not supposed to use sync off but why? Is there any reason for that? Im just asking because sync off was the retail experience of the xim apex.

The reason why you shouldn't use Sync Off (I guess) is because is for a more experienced XIM user. If you are new with the device, Default (which is the retail experience no OFF), Common, Slow are tuned to get the best of your particular game.

Default is the safest, one to fits all.
Common is for games with steady 60 frames per second, for games like CoD, Fortnite.
Slow for 30 fps games like single player (cinematic) open world type of games.

All these are "presets", that have complex under the hood things, already tune in for you.

But if you want to go under the hood... then there is OFF.

Off requires understanding of many things that the player doesn't need to know to enjoy its XIM.

Yet offers possibilities to tweak your device more to your needs or personal preference, but you need to invest time on it and be willing of test a lot, by yourself.
Support / [ACTIVE] Xbox mic buzzing my party chat
« Last post by Ctygart on Today at 01:16 PM »
Im having an issue where my microphone is buzzing my XBox party. When I disconnect from the XIM Apex my microphone works flawlessly. Any suggestions on eliminating the party chat buzzing when connected using the XIM?
I do not use an azeron nor did I play Division 1, but I seem to prefer using an analog method of input e.g. Playstation Nav. Using a keyboard just doesn't feel quite right IMO. I typically use a keyboard for all other games too.
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