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I search for it, I don't know how to use it run 3
Support / [Xim Apex] Xbox Controller Not Recognized.
« Last post by ctrlaltdope on Today at 07:46 PM »
After several hours, I am pretty much exhausted all my options. The methods I have tried:

Swapping Ports.
Changing Cables.
Hard Resetting/Power Unplugged.
Bought another controller. Updated both old and new controller.
Turned off LED's on keeb and mouse.

I have tried several options of sequentially plugging devices in. I have gone through every single forum page to find the issues. I get none of the lights just the boot up and XIM Manager shows my mouse and keyboard.

I have a Pulse Red Xbox Controller (Brand New), G403 Wired Mouse, GK61 Keyboard.

The controller does one vibration and doesn't turn on unless I press the guide button. Even then it doesn't change anything. I plugged the controller directly to the Xbox One X and it lights up promptly.

I have a power adapter coming tomorrow for the XIM Hub. I hope this is a fix.

If not, I would like to know how much the fee is for RMA, I have had the Apex since Dec. 11 of 2018. I am well aware I am out of warranty. I have been very pleased with the product however, I do not have the funds to purchase a replacement.

Any help is appreciated.
Beta / Re: Should I buy a PS5 (if I could actually get one)?
« Last post by alanmcgregor on Today at 07:44 PM »
XIM Apex works fine with 3rd party controller.

Xbox Series X is definitely smoother.

Is that because Xbox runs better than PS or that Apex works better with Xbox than PS?
Maybe the first one.

I have 3000+ hours on Star Wars Battlefront II on PS4 with XIM Apex I know this game pretty darn well.

Every blue noon played on PC (XIM + XB1 controller) it felt better 1:1, more consistent. I though was the 160+ fps my PC runs.

Eventually played on PS5, feel it the same as PS4 Pro. Tried on the XBS X that PC consistency was there, my guess is due it runs at 120Hz with VRR. Higher and consistent frame rate always give you good things: lower input lag and better tracking. I run my Xim Apex set to Syn OFF / 500Hz RR, Mouse 3200 DPI 1000Hz.
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Minutes after after posting this, I tried a 6th usb cable and for whatever reason everything is working again, not impressed with the lack of help I received but Im glad I was able to figure it out for myself
My keyboard and mouse (red dragon S101-3) are both connected to the app and the icons show up for them, my controller is also plugged in and works through the usb hub with no batteries wired to the my Xbox one s, but it doesnt show that its connected through the app, and my keyboard and mouse no longer respond to any inputs, I have tried every solution I could find on these forums and YouTube without any fixes, I honestly would rather sit on hold to see if I can get it exchanged but this is my only option I suppose. I would appreciate literally any help at all
General Discussion / Хорошие ленты
« Last post by Petergrola on Today at 05:53 PM »
Beta / Re: Xim Apex mouse and keyboard not detected by ps5
« Last post by antithesis on Today at 05:10 PM »
Welcome to the community.

If you want to play PS4 games on PS5 using a XIM, you'll need a genuine DualShock 4 controller, not a Scuf.

For PS5 games, refer to the XIM APEX beta firmware topic at https://xim.tech/beta. Only the controllers listed in the beta firmware topic are whitelisted by the PS5 console to play PS5 games. You'll also need to update the XIM APEX with the beta firmware.
Game Support / FOR MIST: Siege Translators update
« Last post by CrocodileReceptionist on Today at 03:28 PM »
Hey Mist, I saw you were going to look at the current siege translators and see if they need updated, just wondering if you have an ETA for when the updates might be out?:)
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