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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Pubg anti cheat update
« Last post by Brutalimp on Today at 04:35 AM »
Xbox already can detect the devices, but no dev wants to ban peole due to input method because there is many different types of devices, people use them for accessibility, they arenít as OP as everyone believes and probably the number of users isnít even enough to be disruptive to good MP gameplay in most games.

Controller players have been smoking PC gamers in a lot of these new crossplay games. On MW for example you are often better off using a controller if you are at least semi-decent instead of mouse and keyboard.
Hi Guys first topic ever so be nice  8)

my dpi won't work in game for Apex Legend on PC, works just fine in windows. I Have done the following.

1. Latest firmware and tried factory reset.
2. Onboard-memory with Logitech software.
3. tried 12K dpi and 3200k dpi still nothing happens still slow.

All help is appreciated.
General Discussion / Re: XIM APEX best dpi ?
« Last post by antithesis on Today at 03:57 AM »
Ask OBsIV. He says right-stick (mouse) output is unaffected by SAB. If it is then I stand corrected, but I'll take his word for it given he wrote the SAB code.
Shared Configs / Re: Any good config for Destiny 2?
« Last post by antithesis on Today at 03:55 AM »
I should probs use 20 Smoothing, eh frash  8)
Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Mouse and keyboard not working
« Last post by Xkil on Today at 01:25 AM »
Yeah i tryed that aswell, everything is connected i can see it in the app on the icons above, and all the lights are on like its supposed to be.

Controller works fine when its plugged in, in the apex xim4.
Just not the MnK that are working. Controller is fully charged btw

For the lights on, instead of 4 green lights i get 4 white lights and the rest is the same.
Changed the controller cable's around didnt change the lights from white to green.

So im pretty clueless here
Shared Configs / Re: Apex Legends Season 6 Settings
« Last post by Lukino on Today at 01:23 AM »
106 FOV

@Myth can ask here? They should be able to help you. https://community.xim.tech/index.php?board=3.0
Messing with Steady Aim https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsNTYwe1ois

Edit: Some tune-ups coming soon. I've been doing decent lately but why not keep improving them settings? Could always go back to them if all fails. Anyways, I'd forgotten how good hip firing feels on the default "small" deadzone. Unfortunately this deadzone is awful for ADS. If this game had separate deadzone for both I'd have a 10 kd... jk. But I'm trying to find a decent boost value. Steady Aim is interesting but not consistent.

Literally the second game after posting that edit....

Nice. Looking forward to the tweaks. Is small DZ a default DZ in ALC?
General Discussion / Saints Row Remastered
« Last post by dominiquespears on Today at 01:20 AM »

Will there be a new save for the new saints row remaster? I tried the save for the last gen one and it felt so weird I couldnít aim at all so Iím worried Iíll buy it then it be able to play it with my mouse and I canít aim on controller. So any info would help a lot
Anyone using this model of 60% keyboard , I'm looking for budget 60% keyboard and found this in my local store.. anyone tries and is it working with xim apex? Thanks
Shared Configs / Re: APEX Legends Ultimate Config Season 6
« Last post by Soar0931 on Today at 12:52 AM »
very sorry. I canít set the DPI to 20,000, my maximum is 16,000. How do I set it? ps4 can also be used right?
Thank you

Unknowns Ultimate Apex Config config
Mouse 1000Hz
XIM app 500Hz
DPI 20,000

 Default Sync
 0 Smoothing
 1.00 Y/X ratio
 0 Steady Aim
 0 Boost
 0 SAB

 Default Sync
 0 Smoothing
 1.00 Y/X ratio
 0 Steady Aim
 0 Boost
Deadzone: click 2 to the right from 0
Outer threashold:  Default (1)
Response Curve:  Default (10)
Target Compensation:  ON

Yaw Speed:  Maxed to the right
Pitch Speed:  Maxed to the right
Turning Extra Yaw:  None - all the way left
Turning Extra Pitch:  None - all the way left
Turning Ramp-up time:  None - all the way left
Turning Ramp-up delay:  None -  all the way left

ADS Yaw Speed:  Maxed to the right
ADS Pitch Speed:  Maxed to the right
ADS Turning Extra Yaw:  None - all the way left
ADS Turning Extra Pitch:  None - all the way left
ADS Turning Ramp-up time:  None - all the way left
ADS Turning Ramp-up delay:  None -  all the way left

I converted it for you
Hip 5.36
Ads 3.36

In the future you can convert it your self using a website like this - https://www.easycalculation.com/other/dpi-calculator.php

Thank you so much for your help~ this is very nice.
General Discussion / Re: cold war fov on ALL PLATFORMS
« Last post by MrBrutalFrosty on 10:27 PM - 10/26/20 »
yeah i got use to 105 now it looks to close lol i played 3 days gameplay in th ebeta safe to say im warmed upa nd ready to go!
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