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As it turns out the reason I’m platinum rank is simple, I just flat out suck at DPS. For example my eliminations per 10 minutes on hanzo is bad (only 18) and my damage dealt per 10 minutes on tracer is garbage as well (only 7000) My mccree damage is pretty mediocre at 10,000 and I have 19 elims per 10 minutes on him which isn’t very good. Only way to climb the ranks in this game is by getting good and I’m not good. This should be a good example to everyone who thinks “xim is cheating” that having a xim will not make you good at the game like everyone thinks it does

two days ago I bought xim apex and I couldn't connect my hyperx alloy elite keyboard with it, the keyboard lights works but when I press any button nothing happened I tried another keyboard and it worked perfectly and also the mouse is working flawlessly.
 can you please help me.

 for your information, i udated the xim to the leatest virson and i connected the second cable to a power source but didnt work.
XIM APEX Discussions / Re: My overwatch settings
« Last post by ƑȒƐƐĿǾ on Today at 08:01 AM »
Wired into the internet. Don’t be on WIFI
I’m on WiFi and you’d be surprised it actually works pretty well, quite fast with no lag. However it is Verizon FiOs 5.0 GHZ so that is most likely why. I would use wired internet if I could but I can’t unfortunately, the router is too far to plug into the PS4 hence why I’m on WiFi
XIM APEX Discussions / Re: My overwatch settings
« Last post by ƑȒƐƐĿǾ on Today at 07:51 AM »
Now what are the three people left in the world who still play Overwatch going to do? 
Heh funny, on the contrary the game still has a decently sized playerbase on console and on PC the playerbase is massive
Looking for best settings for sniping on MW2
Deutsch / Re: HIP & ADS ODIN ?
« Last post by BUTCHR on Today at 06:49 AM »
Ich habe es auch schon versucht nur mein problem ist es die geschwindigkeiten in andere spiele zu übertragen.
Zb Spiele ich in COD MWR mit HIP: 35 ADS: 25
das selbe spiele ich auch in Fortnite aber es fühlt sich anders an
Deutsch / Re: Rauschen trotz Audio Kompatibilitäts Modus
« Last post by BUTCHR on Today at 06:42 AM »
Das Problem liegt daran das der Controller mit dem kabel verbunden ist weil der Chat rauscht extrem wenn er nicht über wireless läuft.
Ein leichtes brummen habe ich aber auch im Headset wenn ich es auf 100% Lautstärke habe selbst wenn nichts angeschlossen ist.
Deswegen biete ich jetzt das Headset zum verkauf an und habe mir das Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 Vorbestellt da dieses kein Chatkabel mehr hat.
Aber ich danke dir vielmals für die Hilfe und auf mein Xim Apex würde ich auf keinen fall mehr verzichten wollen von daher muss ein anderes Headset her  8)
XIM 4 Discussions / Re: WARFACE support?
« Last post by Reactx3 on Today at 06:02 AM »
Yes, warface support is planned and is being worked on this month.

Is there any progress yet? I'm just being curious.  :)
Support / Does the redragon k552 work with the apex?
« Last post by Bassel on Today at 05:05 AM »
Does the redragon K552 work with the apex
Shared Configs / Re: Fortnite new config HShoT ShooteR UPDATED!
« Last post by Jamez on Today at 04:52 AM »
lol these are xim gamings settings off youtube in his description.

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