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Hello, title says it all. My Xim worked perfectly for over a year up until a few days ago, nothing has changed. I use the same controller, cables, console, and M&K. I think something could be wrong with  the Xim Apex itself, as I have tried different Controllers and micro USB cables and still have the same issue. I have also read through all the forum posts I could find on this issue and tried all the steps listed on them and cant find a solution. Here are some of the steps I've tried.

1. Switched DS4 controller

2. Changed USB cable twice (high quality, data transfer)

3. Purchased powered USB hub
-To be honest, I'm not sure I understand how to use it, considering the ports on the Xim hub are numbered and we plug the controller and peripherals into specific ports. I'm not sure if I need to plug the Xim hub (with all devices plugged in) into the powered hub, then the powered hub into the Xim Apex, or what?

4. I've restored the Xim Apex to factory settings, tried it, then updated it back to a fresh up to date version. Still didn't work.

5. Plugged the DS4 controller directly in to the Xim Apex, still was hit or miss on registering.

-Also when the Xim Apex started up and doesn't work, it does the rainbow, goes straight to the config color and never flashes green. When I check the manager, it shows my M&K but no controller. Occasionally, the controller has randomly connected 5 minutes after I plug it in then proceeds to have the same issue.

The weirdest part is how it works sometimes, anywhere from 5 minutes - an hour or so, then quits and wont connect until I fiddle with it (replugging everything, restarting console, etc.) for a good 10-20 minutes. Im sure theres a couple more things I've tried that Im forgetting. I wouldn't make a forum post unless I had done my research and done all the troubleshooting I could.

This was an amazon purchase, new, in the first day or two that it was released. Unfortunately I gave my Xim4 to a friend.

Anyway, thanks so much in advance! I love my Xim when it works, haha!
General Discussion / Wireless mouse is faster than wired.
« Last post by Phil Ashio on Today at 03:05 AM »

So according to Linus Tech Tips the wireless G703 is a millisecond faster than the wired MX518 remaster. Not only that but according to their tests there really isn't a difference between 500hz polling rate and 1000hz.

If G703 was at least 16000 dpi I'd get it right away.
Great, thanks for the info! I read somewhere that one of the side buttons needed to be bound to another key or I wouldn't work properly in some situations, any problem with this? Also the +/- buttons I believe were meant to use to adjust dpi, do they still work this way? Can they still be used for any other buttons, and do they need any other keybinds or other setup or it just works seamlessly for any button when plugged into the xim? Again, thanks, got XIM Apex and Gaimglass on the way, should be here the middle of the week and picking up the G604 on Friday, just in time for Modern Warfare! Only problem is going to be staring at the xim for several days while waiting to purchase a mouse. Also if u guys haven't seen it, check out Gaimglass! I been using a USB powered laser for a stationary reticle and it's been ok but I think this will be a big improvement, should be here before the weekend!!
XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Any advice for shivering hands?
« Last post by roy3805 on Today at 01:42 AM »
Your best bet would be to lower response rate to 500hz and divide sens by two.. or you can keep 1000hz and add smoothing,, lower XIM sense a little or lower dpi.. there’s a lot of way to combat shivering hands..

Or you may have to make an adjustment on how your are aiming with your mouse.. maybe start looking into arm aiming with lower dpi/sense
XIM APEX Discussions / Any advice for shivering hands?
« Last post by RV1709 on Today at 01:27 AM »
So my hands tend to shiver a bit during extremely competitive matches. My dpi is 12k with hip at 88 and ads at 55

Can you give any advice on what is the best recommendation for hands that tend to shiver ? Should I go down on sens or polling ?

Anyone with similar experiences ?
1000 Polling rate
Feedback / I know how easy detect XIM. Please fix it!
« Last post by ukion on 11:51 PM - 10/19/19 »
Sorry for my bad English.

Hey. I am a programmer and found an easy way to detect XIM. This is due to the WASD buttons.
Yes, I know about SAB, this method is different. Please read text.

When the player presses the “W” button, and then the “D” button, then using the SAB the analog movement behavior is emulated. It's good.
But! The rotation degree will be exactly 0, 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270, 315, 360.
That is, the gamer presses W and then D. SAB emulates the rotation by adding degrees. But in the end, the degree of rotation will be exactly 90 degrees.

Now see how to detect XIM:

1) We record all degrees of rotation that DO NOT CHANGE within 2 seconds.
2) We record them throughout the round
3) At the end of the round we check. If these degrees are always 0, 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270, 315, 360, then this is XIM.

A user with a gamepad won't have such accurate degrees throughout the round.

You need to add a random number. The user presses W, and then D. The rotation should not be from 0 degrees to 90, but, for example, from 0 to 87 or to 93. Add or subtract a random number.
Same thing if buttons are pressed together (W + D)
Not from 0 to 45, but from to 43, for example.
What issues are yall experiencing and what platform do you play on? lol
I play on pc and use the Ps4 config and have no issues with this new season.
Support / Re: Manager 20180528
« Last post by MeteoroBR on 10:49 PM - 10/19/19 »
Its more like a bug of the game, SAB0 or higher is required so PUBG registeres your movement inputs. It also works with SAB Off, but it can take a few second until the inputs are registered (at least that is how i remember it).
Thanks for the answer. The manager in the store is compatible with 501 firmware? Where can I get manager 528?
So for xbox i should go 125hz then ? Im not ps4. Trying to get closest thing to controller...so been trying 125hz 800dpi off sync
Keep in mind XB1's USB ports poll at 250Hz rather than 125Hz, so it's worth trying both settings.

800 DPI is pretty low and runs the risk of pixel-skipping at low polling rates with high XIM sens at Sync Off. I'd be more likely to go with 1600 DPI min.

The pinned "aim guide" says to use 1000Hz. Why? That's what I'm using and it feels fine, but I haven't tested 500 or lower.

Also, can you go into more detail about aim assist? I actually want to *disable* it as much as possible. Why does polling rate change AA? Does 1000 help more than 500?
1000Hz is recommended simply because Aim Assist isn't factored into the equation for Smart Translators. If you want mouse & input to emulate controller input as closely as possible, go with the console's native USB input rate.

1000Hz does help with AA, but it's more about confusing the intended game mechanics than an intentional XIM behaviour. Higher polling rates tend to improve hitbox entry in games with really strong AA, like Call of Duty.

The downside of 1000Hz polling is the risk of jitter, but not all of us experience it (more of a problem on XB1 than PS4). Jitter also depends on environment like dirt, wear & tear, pad surface and hand steadiness.
I dont really understand this so I have a question. I thought sync controlled the input to the console so if you had default the xim would send 125hz into the console and the only way you could get more is with off sync and higher response rate. If you wanted to use the native input of the console why would there be a difference between 1000hz default and 125hz off sync besides 1000hz taking in more input from the mouse.

On paper that may be how its suppose to be but as far as aim assist goes the hertz still matter if say you are using common sync which is locked to 60hz, there is still a difference between common an 500hz an then common an 1000hz so idk how all that works but so many different combinations u can run its hard
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