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Playstation / Re: PS5 COD Setup
« Last post by Od1n on Today at 09:45 AM »
Yes you can do that, either via Remote Play or the new XIM Beta Firmware + third party controller :).
Support / Re: xim apex
« Last post by Od1n on Today at 09:44 AM »

does your XIM maybe show you a warning in the Manager that you play with a lower polling rate? Does the problem persist when you set the XIM Apex to 125hz?
Also what kind of game are you playing and does the problem persist if you create a brand new config for that game and nothing has been changed within that config?
XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Shipping
« Last post by Od1n on Today at 09:41 AM »
On the FedEx website you can find a shipping calculator that will show you the estimated time from country A to country B for the different shipping options. Add an additional day for packeting and order processing and you should have the total amount of days itll take :).
Game Support / Re: PUBG Retrain
« Last post by RML on Today at 09:36 AM »
1st game 11 kills in solo. Not too shaby!

D2 feels on point too now, no more block party DZ.

Try putting in game controller sensitivity to 8/8

Set up the rest of the game as it says on the xim game settings section.
Straight line default balistics, and no boost.

Use Sync OFF and setting the Xim sense to what you need.
I’ve tested sens lower than max and it doesn’t feel that good i feel acceleration or deceleration but it could be cause of difference in mice, mouse pads, and dpi

The reason I suggested using 8/8 was it will remove AA which makes things feel a bit closer to PC feel.
XIM APEX Discussions / Mouse and Keyboard
« Last post by MalyMisio on Today at 09:01 AM »
If I use a keyboard and a mouse from any company, will XIM work?
XIM APEX Discussions / Shipping
« Last post by MalyMisio on Today at 08:59 AM »
How many days to ship From US to Ireland? FedEx International Priority
Tutorials / Re: TuFFrabit keyboads HUZZAH!!!
« Last post by Nataliy on Today at 08:58 AM »
 tuffrabit-Great job, I have a request for you:
Reply #49 on: 03:41 PM - 03/05/14
XIM4 Ballistic Curves,Can you give an actual link to these curves?The online curve editor does not work now, I really need them, thanks)
Tutorials / Re: TuFFrabit keyboads HUZZAH!!!
« Last post by tuffrabit on Today at 08:37 AM »
Hey I was wondering how everything worked out? How was your play test?

Play test was great. Gave myself a few things to tweak especially in the angles of the thumb area.

And what I wanted to say: I think it is really great that you trying out different stuff! Don't get annoyed just because someone doesn't like that you used blues! If they don't like it they just don't have to use them!

Eh, I don't care. I only used blues years ago because that's what I had laying around. I've built 4 of these so far (3 for alpha testers) and they have all been MX reds.

It's been a fun project. Even if the ultimate demand is low and/or few people are actually interested in something like this, I've had a lot of fun going through the process. Not to mention I've learned a ton about different fields to make it all come together.
XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim Apex and Razer Tartarus
« Last post by Maxxgold on Today at 08:30 AM »
Good morning, I have just joined your community although I am not yet the owner of a Xim product. However, I look forward to joining you on that front soon too.

I have just moved from a PS4 to a PS5 and fully understand the challenges of support the next gen console however, as I mostly play CoD: Warzone (which is a PS4 game) this is not a major issue just yet.

So, I've always played with a controller (recently a Scuff) and whilst I can hold my own, I've never been great and want to improve.

Thank you in advance

Do yourself a favor now, and get a Sony Navigation controller to go with whatever mouse you choose. I would recommend a G502 :). If you are already used to using a controller, then the Sony Navigation controller will marry perfectly with a mouse, to make you a much better player.
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