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Game Support / Re: BO4 My Advanced Setup (20181215)
« Last post by ChrisV on Today at 10:03 AM »
I use now
12k dpi
sync off
boost 200
sens 85
x/y ratio 1,25

sens 85
sync off
x/y ratio 1,25

works okay for me
XIM APEX Discussions / Re: R6S Pro League has a lot of wireless mice!
« Last post by Od1n on Today at 09:59 AM »
oh wow didnt know penta lost their lineup, kinda sad to see the org dropping lower and lower over the years :(
Game Support / Re: BO4 My Advanced Setup (20181215)
« Last post by RML on Today at 09:59 AM »
Really I'm also using higher sensitivities I will give 800dpi a try again and leave feedback here.

So far it seems to be a game specific thing. What I mean is, the exact settings I posted to test, I use in Infinite Warfare and it works perfectly. As a matter of fact it works so well Iím literally enjoying that game for the first time. Itís hard not to play, my aim is that @#$% good.

A similar setup also works extremely well in BFV. But that game literally has NO Aim Assist.

However, I havenít been able to quite dial this in with BO4 yet. Partially because Iím slightly burned out on testing and tweaking and IW is so @#$% fun to play with those settings. Iím getting some insane results and itís so consistent. Iím also getting pretty frustrated with BO4 servers. I honestly believe theyíre the biggest reason Iím not enjoying the game that much. Iím getting consistent connection errors and my hit registration and tracking feel different on a hour to hour basis.

Bottom line is, When the connection is solid my setup feels solid. But that doesnít seem to be very consistent. The games kind of a mess right now IMO.

I used your latest code in the first page which doesnít have boost and SA, but man its so jttery, it shakes a lot.
Have you come up with anything better?

Just add smoothing back to it and maybe lower your sens a little. It doesnít feel jittery to me tbh. But like I said in the OP, I tested 1000hz and Sync Off for along time so I became accustomed to it. And itís the purest way to cut through AA.

In the past, when I first started using Sync off, I used between 5-8 smoothing. That removes the jitter, but also adds more AA and makes movement feel more washed out and less responsive to me.

You can also try using 500hz and see if it helps.
XIM APEX Discussions / Re: overwatch: widowmaker
« Last post by Od1n on Today at 09:58 AM »
Those settings work really well:
XIM APEX Discussions / Re: XIM APEX Community Gameplay Videos
« Last post by Od1n on Today at 09:56 AM »
very nice overwatch montage by KUS_SWAT, Pole, Player, Mikasa and N1tro with excellent editing by KUS_SWAT:

Hardware Compatbility / Re: logitech g pro wireless
« Last post by Od1n on Today at 09:54 AM »
all right, well then id say try the following which will allow you to test if your mouse runs 500hz or 1000hz
set the xim apex to 1000hz and the mouse to 500hz

then enter an empty area in your prefered game and move the mouse to the right at the slowest possible speed.
If your xim doesnt pickup your mouse movements consistently, as in there are sometimes/often gaps where you move the mouse but nothing happens ingame, then your mouse runs in 500hz (regardless of the xim showing 1000hz)
if the game always picks up your mouse movements then your mouse still runs in 1000hz
Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Delay in movement issues.
« Last post by mist4fun on Today at 09:52 AM »
Red Dead and Ark are other examples of low turn speed games. If you have Fortnite, this offers a medium turn speed limit and would make for a decent comparison. A Call of Duty or Battlefield game would offer the best comparison, these games have a high Hip turn speed limit.

If you're concerned about this being related to XIM you would see purple flashing lights if your XIM was not running properly. I could take a look at your tracelog if you would like but I would expect purple lights if there was an issue.

The link below contains instructions on how to capture the log. Be sure to have the log window open while gaming. After the issue occurs please share the last 25-50 lines of the log in your message here. Note the instructions are the same for both XIM4 and XIM Apex.

Game Support / Re: BO4 My Advanced Setup (20181215)
« Last post by Haghgoy on Today at 09:51 AM »
I used your latest code in the first page which doesnít have boost and SA, but man its so jttery, it shakes a lot.
Have you come up with anything better?
Support / Re: Delay in movement issues.
« Last post by BenTheMan on Today at 09:49 AM »
Is it a delay in initial movement or are you feeling that you're not able to turn as fast as you would like?

Smite has a low to medium turn speed limit. I would normally recommend staying within the turn speed limit of the game but this is not accurately mapped for SMITE support. Normally the turn speed limit is identified by fast red flashing lights that are shown on XIM when the game doesn't allow you to turn faster than you currently are. Because this can't be mapped for SMITE this is something you will need to feel out.

HI Mist, thanks for your fast response.

The problem is that I feel that it takes to long before the mouse movement is being shown on the screen.

So if I push my mouse to the right then it takes way to long to show up on the screen.

I started with 1000 hz but found out this is not the ideal setting for my mouse, so now it stands at 500hz.

Now the turning speed isn't the problem.
I also tried different games (red dead redemption and ark survival) I've changed the settings to the settings what the xim app refers to.
Welcome to the community. There have been no changes to the game look mechanic so there is no need to update support at the moment. You're not alone though, there are other players complaining about the recent aim assist changes. I recommend voicing your opinion in the channels that the game developer follows such as the game's reddit or social media.
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