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Game Support / Re: Battlefield 2042 Official ST - USA ON.
« Last post by Randallus on Today at 04:07 AM »

Thank you for your settings. And thank you for your settings on the Titan two too. I haven't had a chance to try the 2042 ST yet, but I trust you. Don't care what some people say, you seem like you always want to help us, that's what matters.

Have a good day.

And sorry for my bad english. ;)
XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Pre order?
« Last post by J4F-Scoo on Today at 03:09 AM »
therotically, the developers only have 2 weeks left to bring nexus onto the market. between christmas and new year would make no sense at all. hope we get new information this week
Game Support / Battlefield 2042 Official ST - USA ON.
« Last post by AMG on Today at 02:24 AM »
My woman... convince me to share my setup. She is right, not for some idiots all people that support me have to pay. Besides one thing worst for those @#$%%$&%$ to suck it up and use my settings XD.

OK here it comes,

If you prefer to have same HIP sensitivity and ADS Sensitivity, regardless the scope making Uniform Soldier Aiming with XIM ST.

Setup BF2042 like this:

In Game Options - Controller - On Foot
Soldier Aim Sensitivity: 100
Soldier Aim Assist: 100
Soldier  Aim Assist Zoom Snap: 25

Aim left/right acceleration: 0
Vertical Aim Ratio: 100
Uniform Soldier Aiming: ON
Coefficient: 133

All the Zoom Aim Sensitivity at 100

Controller Left Stick
Center Deadzone: Xbox: 13 | PS: 5
Axial Deadzone: 0
Max Input Threshold: 100

Controller Right Stick
Center Deadzone: Xbox: 13 | PS: 5
Axial Deadzone: 0
Max Input Threshold: 100

XIM Manager Battlefield 2042 ST Config
HIP tab
Aim: Choose whatever sensitivity value works for you.

ADS tab
Deactivate ADS tab
Either by set ADS Toggle to None instead of Right Mouse Button.
By using the same Sensitivity value you have on HIP and selecting the HIP Translator.

That's it!
Now, your aim should be the same regardless scope.

HaVe FuN!.  ;D :D

Hello, I tested both this morning
and strangely I have a better feeling. venge io
do you have any idea why?
wrong settings ?
Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Broken XIM
« Last post by ZanderPander on Today at 01:44 AM »
This hasn't seemed to fix anything as the xim app still cannot connect to my xim, I have also tried using the manager on my pc, which comes up with three different error messages depending on what I do whilst plugging my xim in. If I plug in my xim whilst holding down the button to make the light blue it comes up with the error message: "Communication size failure", if I plug my xim in without touching the button and opening the manager after I plug in my xim I get the error message: "Failure writing XIM APEX [6]". And if I plug my xim in whilst already having the manager open I get the "Device communication integrity failure" error message. I have also noticed when I plug my xim in my xbox and try to connect through the ios app the light will flash white 3 times then the app will crash and the light will go back to green.
Game Support / Re: Battlefield 2042 ST
« Last post by Griffin80 on Today at 01:31 AM »
Found the guide, sorry guys I'll check it out
Game Support / Re: Battlefield 2042 ST
« Last post by Griffin80 on Today at 01:30 AM »
Thanks for the 2020 st, shooting in tanks in 3rd person mode the cross-hair jumps all over the place.
Does aim assist need to be turned off?
Is there any ingame guide settings that work with this new ST?

Game Support / Re: BF 2042 Commo Rose
« Last post by ganzneu1975 on Today at 12:54 AM »
I use the joystick function. It's not perfect, but it works better than without it
Don't buy the one from Astro, it's a generic, cheap, audio extractor.

Look for 4K 60Hz HDMI 2.0. That means it'll be 1440p 120Hz. You'll lose VRR, but that doesn't really matter. I haven't even noticed on a Series X.
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