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Support / Power cable required for use of XIM Apex
« Last post by Odeh on Today at 01:01 PM »
After purchasing the XIM Apex, I discovered there is a power issue because my Corsair Strafe RGB keyboard lights will flicker different colors sporadically on all light profiles and brightness levels. When other peripherals are unplugged from the hub, this issue starts to occur less often. Who could help me out? Looking for a less costly solution considering that I paid $100 expecting a ready to go fully functioning item. Thank you for your time.
General Discussion / Re: MW2 Campaign Remastered Tomorrow
« Last post by The prodigy on Today at 12:25 PM »
I really don't think MP will come with this game.  Their blog post says they want to have the playerbase focused on MW 2019 and they will be adding the maps on there
Support / Ps4 mouse aim sensitivity bug
« Last post by Fahad.m.a on Today at 12:01 PM »
Hello .. im having an issue with the mouse aim sensitivity in the apex manager, the sensitivity i play with is no longer feel the same, it feels much faster now than it used to be. I checked all my sittings on the apex manager and in game sittings, i even bought a new g703 hero gaming mouse to see if this would solve the problem but it did not unfortunately

These are the sittings i use over a year and never changed them :
Polling rate in mouse and manager : 1000 hz
Mouse dpi : 16000
Mouse aim sensitivity 2.80
Sync : common
Y/X ratio : 1.02
Simulate analog behavior : off

Please help me because my aim is no longer as good as before 
Shared Configs / Re: DeRooT_'s New Destiny 2 Perfect Aim Settings
« Last post by Kaioken on Today at 11:56 AM »
can you tell me the numbers for 12k dpi and 100hz for your config that would be nice


ok i see and the other values ​​stay the same? or do I have to calculate all? or just hip?

for the first config on video you have only to calulate HIP

for the other configs HIP and ADS

okay thank you
Shared Configs / Re: d1sable - Warzone - 25/03/2020
« Last post by Obie_1_Kenobi on Today at 11:35 AM »
 To Zombies and Safeman...Just out of curiosity what mouse are you using?

My settings were all correct as I suspected. I am currently testing to why this is happening however I am getting mixed results using a variety of mice at different poll rates and dpi. It is definitely impacting movement on different mice. More like the motion control of the character and not so much the sensitivity.

I don’t have a conclusion yet but will do more testing with the mice I have.

My G402 Fury was spot on with motion control and movement with Disables settings.
Some mice may not work as good with lower poll rates. As my Razer seems to like higher poll rates.
I tried these settings but with the Apex ST and it felt a lot smoother than the TF one... very interested in this thread. Please update if you change or tweak anything.
Deutsch / Re: PS4 - XIMAPEX - Rauschen bei Party
« Last post by Od1n on Today at 10:22 AM »

je nach Setup kann sich der Stromfluss des Controllers leicht ändern, wenn dieser schlecht isoliert ist kann es zum Rauschen kommen. Hier ein paar Möglichkeiten die du ausprobieren kannst:

- Falls du auf der Xbox spielst dann den Sprachkompatibilitätsmodus in deiner Config aktivieren (nicht verfügbar für Playstation)
- Controller komplett laden
- Maus und Tastatur vom XIM stecken und erneut probieren, falls es dann weg ist nach und nach die Maus und Tastatur wieder anstecken um den Verursacher zu ermitteln (i.d.R. liegt es an den LEDs bzw. Hintergrundbeleuchtung).
- Anderen Controller testen
- Mic/Headset direkt mit der Konsole verbinden statt den Controller-Audioport zu nutzen (USB Soundkarte, USB Headset, Wireless Headset, ...)
- Einen Ground Loop Noise Isolator hinzufügen welcher das Rauschen entfernt
XIM 4 Discussions / Re: XIm4 usb Hub
« Last post by Od1n on Today at 10:13 AM »
Your xim turns off if the powerdraw from the console usb port is too high (damage prevention). If it doesnt turn on when connected to the hub then verify that the hub works.
As i said not all USB 3.0 hubs may work, but if you get one maybe consider a model that has an external power supply :).
General Discussion / Re: MW2 Campaign Remastered Tomorrow
« Last post by Phil Ashio on Today at 10:10 AM »
yeah 35 aud here but i have a theory file size is 46GB theres no way thats all for campaiign and th eother theory i have is when my mates on it i can see it says friend is playing single player in brackets if it was just campaign only why would it be there i dunno somethings fishy :p

I think it's pretty clear that they'll release MP eventually. Redoing all those assets isn't cheap and Activision wouldn't have spent the money doing that only to quietly put it out digitally for $20 exclusively for one console for a month. They just don't want to compete with themselves drawing away sales of micro transactions from MW2019 when it's almost guaranteed that MW2R MP will have it's own micro transactions store front. I'd put money on hearing news about MW2R MP sometime late August.

Also, there's a growing sentiment that they should delay the Black Ops reboot, as it's guaranteed to be a turd if released this year, and put out MW2R MP instead. It seems the logical thing to do.
Hardware Compatbility / Re: headphone or earphone?
« Last post by Od1n on Today at 10:06 AM »
Check out this guide, especially the competitive rating. The review also mentions if an amp is needed or not.
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