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General Discussion / Re: XBOX Reverses DRM Features
« on: 11:46 AM - 06/21/13 »
My console will be whatever the next XIM works with....XIM controls my vote.

Yes, I really hope you guys are going to be able to make something for either the PS4 or the Xbox One.  I was originally a PC gamer, but left due to the amount of hacking.  The one and only reason I bought an xbox was because of the xim.  The same will apply for me in this situation...which ever system you make the next gen xim for, I will buy that system...

I am also willing to pay twice the cost of whatever your price is to get a pre-order  ;)

Looking forward to hopefully good news from Obsiv...

Hey Guys,

I just thought I would let you know that I found a fix after reading all the multiple posts about some having a buzzing noise in the background when listening to aftermarket headsets.  I read one post from Od1n that said to use an OEM xbox controller (not some 3rd party controller), I thought ok, scratch that one off the list of things to try as I already had an OEM...but it was from an older xbox.  I went and bought a new controller and that fixed the buzzing noise.

Just thought I would share my fix as that sound was really annoying after feeling like I wasted $200 on headphones.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Price Confirmed?!?
« on: 01:02 PM - 01/09/11 »
I don't care how much it costs...I just want one.

Hey Doods,

I completely understand that you guys are very busy, but are there any guessimadohickey's on the basis of if I put my pre-order in today, how long would it be before it shipped?

I would like to order one, but I need some kind of time frame.  I don't want to pre-order today and not get it until November ;D.  Even a shipping "month" would be good enough...

Something like, "Order #200 - 250 will be shipped in February, Order #251 - 300 will be shipped in March"....blah blah...


I actually have a similar problem in COD4.  When using the XIM I have mapped:

RightStick = KeyE

When I press "E" it shows "RS" in the XIM picture display...however, when I am in the game it does nothing.  I removed the XIM and it works with just the XFPS.  I removed the XFPS and use an xbox controller and it also works.  Not a big deal as I don't have to use the RightStick button very often, but it would be nice to find a fix.

Technical Support / Re: Getting Worse
« on: 01:53 PM - 01/23/08 »
Some people leave the wired controller plugged into the XFPS which it shouldn't be.

What I do is:
1. Plug the xbox wired controller into the XFPS.
2. Plug the XFPS into the xbox and wait for it to sync.
3. Plug XIM into computer (which I leave plugged in) and then plug the other end into the XFPS.

...haven't had a problem.

1. What type of controller are all you guys using that have this wandering problem?
2. Have you tried a different keyboard or mouse or both?

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