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I believe there are no wireless devices that will work with the XIM3. The keyboard and mouse have to be connected with a usb cable to the XIM.

As stated this is wrong. Check the compatability list. I personally use a Logotech G700 with my XIM3.


obsiv he is using your introduction videos, you have the copyright for them since you made them
this allows you to let youtube remove this video

its quite easy, login to youtube and you can fill out a copyright mail
attach his video, then yours, add some text explanations and the video is gone the next view days

and man, some people should inform theirselfs before they start to broadcast reviews about stuff they have no clue about

What an idiot. Yes, send a note to YouTube and ask to remove. Total clown shoes.


More Chinese junk.

To OBsIV's point...It's about the software stupid.



Just keep practicing. I felt the same way when I went from primarily PC to console, but XIM made console gaming really possible for me. You'll get used to it and you'll see an improvement.


XIM 3 Discussions / Re: A Ximple3 review!
« on: 01:06 AM - 09/22/11 »
Glad to hear you like your XIM3!

Would you mind posting this in the First Impressions thread above?



XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Thought i would share this Clip
« on: 06:23 PM - 09/21/11 »
Ouch! This is why I suck. People like Weasel with a XIM3. LOL


Listen, there is no disputing facts, and the fact is, the xim3 is by far, much, much more superior to all of those other adapters/controllers.

At the time when cod4 came out, I bought it, and the frag fx for the ps3. I didn't have the money to spend on a new computer. The only thing it did was motivate me to work overtime... For 56 days straight... 12 hour shifts... Just so I could get one to play pc games.

It was better than the controller, but in the equivalent of having your first decent bm, after days of diarrhea... I was just glad it wasn't the standard controller.

The same thing goes for the fragenstein, and the eagle eye, both of which I owned.

The xim3 absolutely is the best option. I'm one of those who found this place by accident while xim3 was a budding concept, and although I didn't have the skill to build one, I bought a xim 1 and haven't looked back.

Zdd can suck it.

He tries to look street... While wearing cod themed clothing, and sounding like Erkel.

You can tell how jumpy it is just by watching his "testimonial" videos. Lol... A paid testimonial... As reliable as the guy who gets pulled "randomly" from the crowd at a snake oil sales show...


Comments on someone's personal appearance or mannerisms is not tolerated. This kind of comment is exactly what I'm talking about. When you do that you sound like a bunch of bullies. We do not like that.

A few things.

1. I used to distribute and market the FragFX and I know the Splitfish guys quite well. They are not evil people.
2. DD was only responding to an unanticipated XIM3 fan response and made some poor comments in retaliation. However, I saw the original comments to him from XIM3 fans and it was embarrassingly ugly.
3. They removed XIM3 comments and then at my request they removed their anti-XIM3 comments.

We can debate the merits of either product all day long and that's fine, but don't make comments personal. Please conduct yourself in a mature and rational way.

And please don't feel you need to argue with reps from companies that make a competitor to XIM3. We are perfectly capable of solving any problems with or correcting inaccurate statements by other manufacturers. If you see something you don't like let me know and I'll address it.

That's the end of the story with this issue. Let the best product win.


Thanks guys, my BlackMagic Pro is on the way so I can get some vids up also.


I responded to your email. Let me know if you got it.


To all who preach to their friends about XIM3 or post mentions about it on the web we appreciate it. Just make sure to do it in a respectful and non hateful manner.

We will rebut any claims by our competitors. Our tech and solution is superior that is for sure.



Leave the Splitfish guys alone. Stop arguing with their people and if you are making racial or otherwise vulgar remarks please stop immediately. XIM3 management does not condone such comments for any reason under any circumstances no matter what the other side says.

I know the Splitfish crew personally and they are nice guys who mean XIM3 no harm. Friendly competition is fine and they feel the same way. We can rebut any claim made by any company about their products performance vs. the XIM3. Leave that to us.

If you feel you need to bash Splitfish or their products, don't mention you own a XIM3. We do not wish to have our customers spewing ignorant, hateful things to anyone.


XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Temporary Store Outage
« on: 12:35 AM - 09/19/11 »
The store is now functioning normally.


XIM 3 Discussions / Temporary Store Outage
« on: 10:40 PM - 09/17/11 »
Hey guys,

Thanks to our friends at FedEx we're having an issue with the store. We hope to have it resolved soon. Please hang tight if you are looking to buy a XIM3, especially if you are overseas. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Edit: Looks like only Ground is working at the moment. We will update once fixed.


All indcations from OXM are that the article will be very positive. Also, the review for TeamXbox.com is also forthcoming and from what we know it will be positive. Other reviews will follow later.

And guys we have the philosophy that this is a marathon not a sprint. For a team that is a small, self-funded group with a relatively expensive, American made product XIM3 is doing very well. It works as advertised and sometimes simply "working" is all the advertisement you need. More marketing will come when the time is right.


again i hope we will see an announcement in any way in the forum when that magazine is released :)

Of course, but I can't print the whole review.


yeah let me apologise if ive offended anyone caus i know my posts can release an aura of troll/assiness at times lol.

not my intentions at all.

Ok Xenon thanks for clarifying. As OBSiV says we are working on stuff behind the scenes and hopefully you'll like what the outcome is.


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