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Washington DC.

where are you from loki? (making sure you're not a previous loki that i know)

I just ordered my XIM3 today, I am excited I must say....here is my setup.

1) XIM3
2) Move navigation
3) G700
4) Xbox wired controller

My question are?

1) What settings should I use for my mouse?
2) Is the Xim3 easy to setup and understand (I see a lot of users like tweaking custom settings)?
3) What is the recommended config from users who have my setup?
4) How do I become a beta tester?
5) What tutorials does Xim3 offer?
6) Is there plans to release the capture software so that we can aid in future ST?

With excitement comes many questions, so please be easy on me if any of this has been asked before.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: The 35+ Club...
« on: 08:18 AM - 04/13/11 »
34 here, until September that is. I didn't realize my age until my daughter had a sleep over. Her friends were all coming upstairs to take showers. I asked what's wrong with the shower in the basement, one girl replied, you have no hot water downstairs. I went downstairs to check. I had plenty of hot water (150 gallon Hot water heater). The friend ask how did you get it to work. I said turn the hot water nob. The friend said ohhhh, that's what that other nob was for. The house is only 15 yrs old and the original owner I bought it from went the two nob route.

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