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Is there a how to macro tutorial for the Xim3?

Xim settings. Your in game sensitivity level should always remain at max in every game you play when using the xim3.

Thank You.

I am loving the XIM..K/D ration has really improved, I have a question however.
I want to turn down the mouse look speed sensitivity (I will gradually turn it back up, trying to get use to the new speed). Should I turn the sensitivity down in black ops setting or in the Xim settings?

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: NEW Sony NAV (Move) question
« on: 05:36 PM - 09/07/11 »
well I went and exchanged it. The new one feels the same, I guess I"m pretty picky and expect smoothness like the xbox 360 controllers. I will say the analog stick is not smooth. Thats going to be my negative on the Nav. Its fine if your rough with it, but if your tring to sneak up on someone or walk real slow around corner it seems to kind of stick in the middle, hard to make little movements. Its good if you want to run all the time, but if you want to "creep" not so good. Guess either it needs to be broke in, or I guess I"m going to have to deal with it. I dont know if you guys understand what I"m saying.

I completely understand what you are saying, once it breaks in you should be fine. (mine was stiff at first)

Configurations and Requests / Re: Xim3 and the internet??
« on: 06:04 PM - 09/06/11 »
Man, please tell me how you become optimistic when it comes to moving. My body and mind disagree with you. But yes we did do the whole beer and bbq thing afterward and had a few laughs.

Fun fact: If you put a cooler full of beer at the far end of the moving truck and pack everything in front of it then your friends have an incentive to unload faster to reach the beer. lol.

See.... beer and laughter, the nectar and fun for Gods.

hey, just send me a friend request (xbox) - whenever i get on, i usually try to find enough people to get a full party of 6 and we all just go to town on some n00bs :D  as long as you got a mic and a good attitude, it doesn't really matter all too much.  my times were posted earlier - you know when to expect me.

p.s. i have blops for ps3, but rarely get on PSN

I will add you tonight, which map packs do I need to purchase on BO to run with you? I will see you Friday and yes I have a mic (turtlebeach PX5) and a good attitude.

Configurations and Requests / Re: Xim3 and the internet??
« on: 01:41 PM - 09/06/11 »
Oh man moving is never fun. Well atleast it'll be made up for next weekend with a big relief!

Moving can be fun....friends and beer...and the XIM3 for when it's all done. :-)

Hi all,

I have been playing Battlefield pretty consistently aiming wise but at times it feels a little jittery when I am sniping.

I'm sure I have my sensitvity settings setup wrong as I am abit of noob when it comes to this kind of thing :)

Current setup : Microsoft Habu razer mouse, currently 310 sensitivty using the Smart format. This seems extremely high, I am unsure what to set boost & smoothness as..

If anyone could help me get this setup as I seem to be changing boost, smoothness and sensitivity alot and i seem to be making things worse..

Any help appreciated.


Funny, I just commented on a users topic about this game. Look at the post page and you will see his setup, I hope this works for you.

8/29: tweaked a few settings the last few months from the time I posted this config so I updated it.

I posted my custom and painstaking creation of BC2 config earlier this year but got too busy to realize till now that I did not post it in this forum but in the ps3 forum. I noticed a lot of kiddos here are still having trouble with bc2 so they obviously haven't seen my config post :P So without furthr ado, id like to share with you my config.


Please note the config was created over a few hours of testing with the specific hardware used so results will vary.
I will try to help you out the best I can if you need tweaking.
I will also post my vehicle config when I get time.

Hope it works well for you. Its almost PC quality for me.

First let me say Thanks, I am looking forward to trying out your setting. I have one question; being that BC2 games have different deadzones on ps3 and xbox, does this work on the xbox?(I see that you made it for the PS3)

I'm a med/low sens player and yes, mouse lifting is very frequent. But its like shifting a 5-speed manual transmission car or breathing. You just don't have to even think about it once you get used to it. Even on normal daily desktop use I lift my mouse very often. I can do a 180 turn without a lift but climbing stairways such as the ones on "launch" I have to lift/reset to turn and get up stairs.

Thank You, I thought I might have been the only one resetting often....one time it was my in-game sensitivity, it was to low.

The xbox itself can only do a polling rate of 125 so it's best to just stay with that.

Thank You

no, very few mice have a different feeling with different polling rates, the g700 doesnt belong to that
so it doesnt matter what polling rate you are using

Thank You

Uh a lot of gamers on PC lift their mice as well and reset position it's just part of gaming I don't understand what's hard about it? You should only have to do it infrequently when you need to make hard turns. Even in Gow2 which has a relatively slow look mechanic I don't need to lift my mouse very much or at least I don't consciously recognize myself doing it. I play with a 9hd mouse pad which is like 'medium' size for a MP and I have no problems at all?

Thanks, it could be the fact that I don't have a mouse pad, I am using my desk. The game I am playing is battlefield which I think is the reason for me having to reset my position (I think is has a slow look speed) I never said it was hard, I said I have to get use to it (on a controller you don't reset your position).

call of duty, all of them from 4 up. gaylo 3 and gaylo odst and the other one all the galo3+'s

bout the only fast things on console.

Thank You

definitely cod for fast action, combat training, and fun (aside from laggy BS)  what's ur location? i'm east coast and usually on sun, mon, thur, & fri  from 8pm - 11pm EST

I'm on the East Coast as well.

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