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XIM 4 Discussions / Re: From ps4 to xbox1
« on: 07:43 AM - 09/07/16 »
Also I may add. What headphones are you guys using with the xbox? My elite 800s are ps4 only I believe.
Do they have wireless headphones for an xbox that DOESN'T need to be hooked to the controller?

For me the Xim4 works the same on both. You might have to tweak sensitivity. I use the 800X headsets for my X1 gaming which is 100% wireless.


I'm wondering if it's possible to change the DPI of the mouse while playing a game through the XIM4.
Is such a thing possible? Using the mouse's on board memory or through profiles?

Through the Xim no, through the mouse yes. You can set multiple profiles up for your mouse with the included software that came with it when you purchased it. Just remember what button you setup to switch between profiles and what light lights up for which profile.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Sony Nav
« on: 08:15 AM - 08/30/16 »
So the nav will work wired without battery? Really??
Sounds cool! And what i have to do? Only removing the battery?

Yes, it works wired without the battery. A while ago that's what was recommended to me. You only need to take the nav apart, remove the battery and put it back together. It was a quick and easy fix. I would also recommend you get another cable. From your problem listed above it seems as if your cable is coming loose and your nav is going into wireless mode.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Sony Nav
« on: 07:59 AM - 08/30/16 »
Wired is ok ;)
I just will try to recharge the nav a bit more time previous to play and i will take a look if there would be any issue about the battery....i was also looking for the grifta but the device is not still ready...i cant wait for somethimg like that!

I purchased 2 Navs, one for a Backup and one for if I ever wanted to go wireless...... manly for backup. I removed the battery from my Nav, I think it's better this way. It doesn't require me to charge it.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Xbox One S
« on: 07:04 AM - 07/22/16 »
Being that the New Xbox 1S is using the same coding as the existing X1 I would say yes.

I no longer know what you mean, it's been 12 years for me. I have plenty of time to game, well when I'm not helping the kids with homework, running them around or just playing with them.

I love that curve, the second curve is actually a modified version of your orginal curve and Dr. lupos setttings from here
all i did was lower the curve on top i feel theres less acceleration or jitter when all the points are not hitting 100%

@ Lineater and R3MiX i dont use the features on this current firmware i feel like the aim assist is too strong in destiny already to be adding more.

^ Try this one with PvP see if it helps.

ADS: 5.75 sens @12000 dpi
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 [Mouse Ballistics] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

Here's prO's - it's very similar.

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 [Mouse Ballistics] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

I've been reading this thread since the beginning and tried all curves and setups. First of all I wanna thank RML for everything and people like thepr0 for sharing their experience and helping the community. After I've tried really every setup with different SA values and sensitivities and checking the pros and cons of each firmware/curve I have to say RML's ADS curve (the one which thepr0 modified) is definitely the best for sniping in Destiny. Never had so much controll over my aim in close range sniping it's really amazing. After I found that curve was my favorite thepr0 also shared his modified version of it and recommended that curve. I also prefer the first test firmware although RML made that curve for the second test firmware. My setup is 7000 dpi with g900 and sensitivity 8,5. I feel more aim assist when setting dpi lower and found 7000 is the best for me.

Edit: I'm playing Destiny... unfortunately don't had much time to play since I married a year ago. I think some of you know what I mean :) After April update I couldn't even go flawless but it's getting better and I start to have more time again. BTW I didn't notice that there is a new firmware for july. I'm gonna give it a try today.

My fault, I was talking about the Scorpio the whole time. I wasn't even thinking about the S model they are coming out with, I think that model is a waste of money.....well maybe not if you were thinking of getting a 4k Blu-ray player.

In my original post I said should for a reason. The console would have more than enough power to do 1080p @60FPS. For the record, all it would take is a patch that could allow for better graphics on current games, I believe they could even up FPS.

XB1S, no.
XB Scorpio, yes.

Patches won't come - why spend money on the last project when your capital is invested in the next?

In my original post I said should for a reason. The console would have more than enough power to do 1080p @60FPS. For the record, all it would take is a patch that could allow for better graphics on current games, I believe they could even up FPS.

60 fps steady, really!

No. MS has stated that "some games" will run slightly better on the Scorpio.

There is no mention of solid 60FPS @ 1080p for XB1 games and that the Scorpio will do very little for your existing XB1 games. Scorpio is targeting 4K gaming, most likely @ 30FPS or upscaled 1440p. Massive fail.

Check the other thread in General Discussions.

I just can't wait to see how the Xim4 works with the new X1S being that all games should have a steady 60fps....I hope at least.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: g 502 angle snapping
« on: 08:12 AM - 06/09/16 »
Fair enough.. But why use AS then? :-P

+1, I would like to know this as well.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: First Call: THE XIM WAND
« on: 01:25 PM - 12/21/15 »
W11ce can you 3D model the following?

- N52te shape considering palm rest (widest setting)  to Position of keyboard and Stick
- open design no housing more like a shell (screwless)
- placeholders for Cherries +1 row like Orb, Cherry placeholder under Stick (without touching it when stick deflected)
- Placeholder for standard Joystick
- Placeholder for Teensy to pop in screwless
- Placeholder for magnet to screw on (under top row of cherries)
- Placeholders for rubber feet
- Placeholder for Connector of some sort for external device like a pedal or touch surface.

Would be super easy to build. You could sell either just the shell or the shell with all needed parts. Or shell with flashed Teensy or completely built.

+1, I would love to see this. I should order a N52te now just in case.

Game Support / Re: R6 Siege Config settings
« on: 12:58 PM - 12/10/15 »
Anyone that has played around with the ST yet and care to share there config settings? (Keybinding, Curve's, sense etc etc)

+1, I would love to see one for the X1.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Question about powered hub.
« on: 06:08 PM - 12/05/15 »
I'm the annoying twat who pops up in support threads and says "use a powered hub" ;)

I use a Roccat Apuri, plugged into the Xim's mouse port. I only have the mouse plugged in, the kb has low power requirements, so I keep that on the Xim.

I also have a Nav controller (no real reason, just for fun), Stinkyboard and another USB hub plugged into the hub connected to the Xim. Everything works and plays friendly, though the first time you set it up, try just the mouse and / or kb before adding extra stuff to the hub.

I've never seen a power fault symbol on my Xim, but it will go into an endless reboot cycle if I don't use a powered USB hub. Either that, or I can't use the gear I own the way I want, e.g. my Razer Ouroboros won't work wired with the Xim and bombs BlueTooth in wireless mode.

I also can't get my Titan One to work reliably with the Xim 4 unless I use a powered hub to take the power strain off the Xim.

I previously had issues supplying enough grunt to the Xim 3, Edge and Xim 4, so had the Xim plugged into the Apuri to alleviate, though never solve, those problems. Simply moving the hub behind the Xim instead of in front of it resolved all issues and I've had zero problems since.

Thank You, I am ordering that hub because of a post of yours I saw.

XIM 4 Discussions / Question about powered hub.
« on: 10:58 AM - 12/05/15 »
I am getting ready to purchase a powered hub. Which port do I plug the hub into and also which devices do I plug into the hub (keyboard or mouse or both?). I want to use a powered hub so that any powered device I use does not affect the xim4 and also so that I can use a device to help me hitch hotkeys,maybe a numlock key. Thanks in advance.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: is Curves making xim banable
« on: 10:19 AM - 12/04/15 »
If I may throw in my take on this since nobody replied yet and I'll keep this thread warm for you.

My understanding is no matter what the console doesn't see the XIM it see's a controller. 

However if some day they come up with a way to detect the XIM and ban all of us.... That will be the day I officially quit console gaming.   Until then party on Ximmers!


no, no matter how good the Xim4 is\feels, it still can only do what a controller is allowed to do in game, therefore it will only be detected as an controller.

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