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Commander / Transfer cable.
« on: 08:54 AM - 02/10/15 »
I did a search but nothing popped up, so I apologize in advance if my question has already been asked (and I'm pretty sure it has).

Is there a transfer cable that everyone has better results with or just highly recommend? Thanks in advance.

I currently play on my 24inch computer monitor (rebuilding the man cave), I would like to game on the couch, I would like to know what some users use to game on the couch when using a mouse (arm pad, wrist rest, etc...), I would prefer something that supports my elbow forward. I do not need a tray being that I do not use a keyboard, my setup is bellow. Thank You in advance.

Sony Nav
Logitech G502

XIM 4 Discussions / Man Cave
« on: 08:00 AM - 10/23/14 »
I am in the process of rebuilding my Man Cave, I have always gamed on my 24" desktop monitor. I will be getting a 55"-75" TV, surround sound of course and some other toys. I would like any ideas for a good 3D, lowest amount of lag TV you can recommend. I also plan to game on the couch and would like someone to recommend a good mouse rest\device for couch play........I don't want to sit at the desk anymore.

My current game setup is.
Sony Nav

Thank You in advance.

Will the option to backup\restore backup-ed games be available anytime soon? I had to restore because my Xim4 went bunkers, I hate that I had to relocate the forums with the tweaks that I was using on Destiny and now I need to reenter and retest them to get it where I once had it. Would be a lot easier if I was able to back up my games and restore them when\if something like this happens.

XIM 4 Discussions / Save current settings option.
« on: 07:18 AM - 09/18/14 »
Will we ever get one or is there one in place that I am over looking? I use wireless with my Xim4, when ever I hook it to the PC, i forget how to get them to talk, I hold the P button and wipe my Xim4, I have done this 3 times so far. It would be nice if there was a backup\restore option so that I\We can restore our settings if this ever happens again.

XIM 4 Discussions / X360 controller on X1.
« on: 04:46 PM - 09/04/14 »
Has anyone tried plugging the X360 controller into the xim4 and using it on the X1, if so, is there any lag different in the controller (X360 vs X1)?

XIM 4 Discussions / OBsIV and Team, is this possible?
« on: 01:59 PM - 08/27/14 »
Would it be possible to:

1)  Create a  sensitivity setting option that once checked, we could print out a numbered distance chart, move the mouse our preferred distance(full 360-3 inches, etc), click accept and the xim4 corrects its sensitivity settings accordingly?

2) How about a ballistic curve setting where we trace a printed drawing (from the XIM4 site of course) and the ballistic curve tweaks its settings accordingly?

3) I would also like to know, if there was something like this in place, could we have an save as option, that way we can have a duplicate profile for testing purposes without harming the original?

I think these two ideas would help out a lot, I also think it would help users understand ballistic curve.

XIM 4 Discussions / Walk toggle switch.
« on: 10:07 AM - 08/20/14 »
Would it be possible to have a hotkey\button bind that when pressed walks the speed you set for this toggle. I would like to set a walk toggle that allows me to walk a certain adjustable speed...that W A S D feel, allowing me to strafe without running when using the Nav.

XIM 4 Discussions / Screen stay on option.
« on: 09:18 AM - 08/12/14 »
I was getting ready to ask OBsIV and team if they could put an option in Xim Manager that would allow me to stop the screen from sleeping when we use the Xim Manager app (for users like me who like that xim3 feel), no need. There is an app in the Google Playstore (android market) called Stay Alive!, it is a free app, no need to purchase the app ( I did, I like to support talented developers). All you have to do is start the Stay Alive! app, select Keep screen Alive! for selected apps and select the Xim4 Manager app ( I also have the allow the screen to dim option checked to save battery life). The Stay Alive! app plus Xim4 Manager are a match made in Heaven.

I apologize if I am not allowed to mention other apps in this forum.

XIM 4 Discussions / Am I missing something?
« on: 12:07 AM - 08/12/14 »
I use to love the copy profile option from the old Xim, it allowed me to copy a games full config, rename it and change settings without hurting my primary profile. Will this feature be returning or am I just looking in the wrong area?

Is the Master Sensitivity + Master Button Layout option available yet? I thought the Master setting option was available but when I went to my BF4 profile I noticed it didn't pull anything from my COD settings, am I missing something?

XIM 4 Discussions / Beta tester question?
« on: 08:11 PM - 08/11/14 »
Being that I now use android Sync to sync with my Xim4 (it sounds so good to say that name), how do Beta testers now test new betas, are we going to get a log on option for the app?

XIM 4 Discussions / Dual button binding question?
« on: 08:07 PM - 08/11/14 »
Let me say thanks first.

I play with the Sony Nav and G502. I have ADS set to right click and Nav trigger (secondary button). I noticed that the ADS is faster when I left click. How do I get both options to perform equal? I tested both aiming at objects in game. Should I Not set my Nav trigger using the secondary button option?

XIM 4 Discussions / Headset question for X1?
« on: 12:32 PM - 07/30/14 »
Do anyone know of a headset that works without being hooked up to the controller. I do not want to talk though kinect or hook up directly to the controller, USB is fine (similar to Gold wireless).

Beta / OBSiV or Mod.
« on: 04:04 PM - 07/29/14 »
I would change the topic you have labeled XIM4 BETA 20140620 (GOLD CANDIDATE) to XIM4E BETA 20140620 (GOLD CANDIDATE), by there not being an E next to Xim it confused me....I thought the Xim4 had a beta drop already.

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