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XIM 4 Discussions / Help with my BO3 setup.
« on: 08:24 AM - 11/12/15 »
What would be the best route to go if I wanted to setup a BO3 config that allowed me to press the scroll wheel right to enter sniper mode and press the scroll wheel left to exit back to the primary settings? Isn't their a new feature that allows me to return back to the default config? Thank you in advance for your help.

Game Support / Question about BO3 vehicles\devices.
« on: 11:27 AM - 11/11/15 »
Does anyone have a toggle or quick setting that they use to control vehicles\devices?

I know the BO3 ST was just released and it seems great might I add, AA is still iffy at times though, is anyone running a curve that they would like to share?

XIM 4 Discussions / I have a Steam controller question.
« on: 10:49 AM - 10/19/15 »
I heard a user on another forum state that he has an early release Steam Controller, does anyone in our community have one yet?

Game Support / BF4 Hardline
« on: 05:07 PM - 09/22/15 »
I deleted my old BF4 setup. My brother just bought an X1 and this game. I was wondering if anyone have a good BF4 config that they recommend, ballistic curves are highly welcomed. Thanks in advance

I see some users use mouse+keyboard+Sony Nav (they use the keyboard for extra keys I take it). What is a highly recommended switch? I also would like to know if it's possible to use a number pad instead of a keyboard to accomplish the same results? Thanks in advance.

XIM 4 Discussions / Wireless Sony Nav users.
« on: 09:55 AM - 09/03/15 »
Is there a noticeable lag difference between using the Nav wireless vs wired? I also would like to know what is the recommended wireless device that would allow me to use the Nav wireless.

Do we have an idea when the Xim team will start working on the Sony Nav issues? I play with the Sony Nav (wired) and the random disconnects is annoying, I have to unhook the xim4 from my X1 and re-plug it back in for it to work. This always happen when I am in a death-match battle.

Game Support / Gears UE
« on: 12:13 PM - 09/01/15 »
I'm at work so I haven't tested the ST yet (I think it's out). How does it feel, does it feel perfect or does it feel better with the ballistic\curve tweak? Thanks in advance.

Beta / Xim4 was acting crazy.
« on: 07:41 PM - 08/31/15 »
I just updated to the 08162015 build and created a COD Beta config. Everything worked perfect for 5 games, all of a sudden, Sony Nav stops responding (the battery is removed), I unplug the nav and plug it back in, still doesn't work. I unplug the Xim4 from the X1, plug it back in and everything works again, about 1 minute goes by and my man starts turning in circles, I unplug the nav and my man is still spinning in circles. I unplug the Xim4 again from the X1 and plug it back in, it works again. I played 2 more games without a problem. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

My setup is
Sony Nav

Do anyone have a copy of this STv1 everyone is going back to?

I am trying to use it with the COD Beta.
I am also trying to use it with the new Gear of War (X1 for both games).

XIM 4 Discussions / Curious if such a device exist.
« on: 01:20 PM - 08/04/15 »
I like to play shooters, I am a run and shoot player that likes to snipe every once in a while. I was wondering if there is such a device that would allow me to use my mouse to aim but had a touch pad for fine sniping (mouse with touch-pad combo)? Thanks in advance.

My current setup

Sony Nav
LG G500
LG 602
LG 700

Commander / Commander for ST V2?
« on: 01:50 PM - 03/30/15 »
Being that we now have ST V2, when is Commander for ST V2 coming out? Thanks in advance.

Game Support / BF4 Hardline Curve Question.
« on: 06:54 PM - 03/27/15 »
Anyone using a curve for BF4 hardline? Thanks in advance.

XIM 4 Discussions / Molding putty.
« on: 02:33 PM - 02/17/15 »
Someone here recommended a molding putty that gets hard, the sad part is, I ordered it and used it to make my Sony Nav and mouse better fit my hand. I need to order some more and can not think of what it's called, do anyone know what I am talking about, it comes in red, blue and black, might come in other colors as well. Thank You in advance.

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