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General Discussion / Airsoft
« on: 12:37 PM - 08/31/11 »
Who here is into it? My interest has really peaked lately, use to play paintball back in the day but i like the "realistic" look to the guns (and cost) in airsoft.  Just curious of those that are interested - what guns do you have, attachments, preferences, etc.

I know it's been brought up somewhere but I was wondering, could there be an upgrade to the firmware to allow the xim3 to use the keyboard as a pass through for typing messages?  such as a config switcher so instead of going through the controller it would bypass it?  or is that in the realm of being detected?

First one to use it, gets it! Expires on the 15th, so like 2 days.



General Discussion / Logitech coupon contest!
« on: 04:48 PM - 08/09/11 »
Alright guys. Got a coupon in my email for 50% off any one logitech item. It's good until the 15th. Contest will have to be this weekend but I'm still thinking of what the contest will be. Probably a sniping contest. Ideas? Who's interested?

General Discussion / Congrats Tuffrabit!
« on: 02:02 PM - 08/08/11 »
Pre-congrats on your soon-to be newborn!  he HAD to leave the chat room early to get ready for the induction.... what a bum.... lol, j/k - Grats!

Xbox / BF:BC2
« on: 08:49 AM - 08/08/11 »
alright guys, i'm borrowing it from a friend and i'm gonna be a complete n00b. so that means i'll need a group to roll with - i believe moose is gonna join me - who else is in?  8pm EST

General Discussion / xim3 Fantasy Football League
« on: 01:30 PM - 08/03/11 »
Thinking about starting one - are you interested?

General Discussion / Not game related...
« on: 06:45 AM - 07/28/11 »
The Army just released a video on a project that the team i work on is doing.

If you wanna know what i look like, i'm @ 0:37-0:43 and sitting behind the interviewee (slightly to the left).

General Discussion / Wish i had a portal gun
« on: 11:06 AM - 07/27/11 »
Hilarious song/vid!


wasn't sure how to embed a non-youtube one.

I need to convert an image sequence into a video but i thought iMovie or quicktime would've been able to do this.... FAIL...

so anyone w/ an actual video editing suite can do this for me?

instead of responding here - please send me a PM - i won't be near the comp for the rest of the day so at least i'll get an email to my phone.


General Discussion / dominate blops night
« on: 08:09 AM - 07/22/11 »
Alright ximmers - maybe we can split up into a couple teams but i plan to do some recording all night and hope to get a lot of footage for the youtubes. who wants to join up with me? if you get some crazy kills - just write down the match/time and i'll go back and record it for you.  i want to dominate the blops tonight!  8pm EST till whenever i decide to crash.

who's in?  I'll keep editing this original post to have a tally in case we have to split up.

Drow Elf Drizzt

General Discussion / blops 100+ club
« on: 05:56 AM - 07/18/11 »
Who's in it?
I just joined it last night, but of course there was a period during my playtime last night where blops decided not to save the game, so alas - i have no visual proof.  Taldon and dragonslayer were there with me.  I went 112 - 23, i so wanted to put that up on youtube!!! I'll have to check again tonight and see if maybe it hadn't updated yet. I hope to god it's there.

so... who else is in the 100+ club?

General Discussion / EA purchases PopCap for $750 Million
« on: 02:19 PM - 07/12/11 »
Brian Crecente —Electronic Arts Buys Maker of Bejeweled and Plants Vs. Zombies Electronic Arts is in the Plants Vs. Zombies business it seems, announcing today that they have picked up PopCap Games for $750 million.

"EA and PopCap are a compelling combination," said EA CEO John Riccitiello. "PopCap's great studio talent and powerful IP add to EA's momentum and accelerate our drive towards a $1 billion digital business. EA's global studio and publishing network will help PopCap rapidly expand their business to more digital devices, more countries, and more channels."

"We picked EA because they have recast their culture around making great digital games," said David Roberts, CEO of PopCap. "By working with EA, we'll scale our games and services to deliver more social, mobile, casual fun to an even bigger, global audience."

PopCap games has more than 150 million games installed and played worldwide on everything from Google and Facebook to the iPhone and Android. The purchase gives Electronic Arts a chance to dive deeper into digital platforms, something that made up about 80 percent of PopCap's revenue last calendar year.

Article from Kotaku


PlayStation / Anyone have?
« on: 10:50 AM - 06/29/11 »
Unreal Tournament 3 for PS3? I'd be willing  to trade a game or two for it.

Just curious if anyone still has it/doesn't play it/knows if anyone still even plays it.


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