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A common mistake. I'm trying to figure out a way to make it more obvious.

Maybe making an additional menu item called Smart Translators?  So it would look like:

Edit Config
Load Config
Add Config
Delete Config
Smart Translators

Maybe give us an option in that ST menu to be able to delete STs we don't use, or tweak ST settings further?

I'm assuming he is looking at the config names.  You can't change the smart translator names (or at least, I haven't tried)

He is mistaking the configs for STs.

Press up on the directional pad until you get to the ST name and then edit it.  You still have all 10 STs you just only have 4 setup. 

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: MIC LAG
« on: 02:06 PM - 04/28/11 »
Sounds like you have bandwidth issues.  What does the lag sound like to other players?  Could be the codecs just screwing up due to a decrease in bandwidth in a particular moment. 

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: got mine!
« on: 12:52 PM - 04/28/11 »
ok ok okay, So i got a G500 and a sony nav controller, getting it all set up (installing set point as i type, thank god for vm ware fusion) 

still a lot to do but im Sooo exited! ;D and i just can't hide it!

Did you get Setpoint to recognize the G500 when running your Windows install in VMWare?

I user Fusion too and Setpoint does not see the G500 at all.  Windows recognizes it as a generic mouse.  I had to use Bootcamp and create a Win7 install.

Good tips, next time you render a video though up the frame rate.  This one is pretty choppy.

General Discussion / Re: Psn users got pwnt
« on: 06:06 AM - 04/27/11 »
Lol, paying for a Live subscription never made it more secure than PSN.  Live's customer data and ccard info has been hacked before (google it).  In fact, paying for Live (usually done with a ccard) has guaranteed that it has your ccard info where as PSN never needed any kind of payment info to use (unless you purchased something).

Safest way to pay for both PSN and Live services/items are to buy those gift cards for the service itself and redeem the credit in the service.  No need to link your ccard info in the account (Actually, I think you HAVE to link a ccard to Live, correct me if I'm wrong)

Fragnstein nunchuck analog joystick support please

I know you need a wired controller to the XIM3 to use it but rather than regular wired controller can you use a wireless controller with the charge and play kit?

This is without the rechargable batteries in the controller.

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