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I assume the analog translation would really only be used for WASD movement.  I'm not sure what good it'd be for any other keys unless it's movement related.  All other functions like reloading, switching weapons might be nice to have on a hair trigger but at the same time it might not be depending on activation pressure might be too sensitive for things like that.

To resurrect an old thread but a relatively newish mouse.  How did you get it to work?

I just bought a G602 today and I cannot get it to see buttons reliably.  Pressing the side buttons results in slow response (like 1 second).  The Nexus 7 I have paired with the XIM4 shows a button press every once in a while unlike my G500, when connected, shows all button presses consistently.


Also, the auto-aim is overbearing in this game. I really wish we could de-activate it. It often stops me from pulling off headshots. But we just have to deal with it since there is no option to remove it.

Prevents you from pulling off headshots?  The hitboxes are huge in this game, especially on the head.  I can be a couple ticks off the head and it'll still register a headshot.  I've been using a hand cannon so it may be a function of it over the ARs and scout rifles though.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Help please my XIM doesn't work
« on: 09:50 AM - 08/02/14 »
You can. It just can't be too long.

So I got a chance to hook up the XIM4 last night and set it up with a COD:Ghosts profile. I noticed that all the aim movements were real jittery with the default sensitivity or higher. When switching to the ADS translator for hip fire aiming it wasn't as bad but I had to crank it down so much it was too slow.

I hooked up the G500 to the computer and went to see what it was set at. 5700dpi and 1000poll rate. Which what it was set at when I used it with my XIM3, and it worked fine with those settings. No jittery movement.

I set the poll rate down to 500 and retried it. Most of the jitter is gone at the sensitivity I like. There's still bouts of jittery movement every once in a while though. Am I missing a setting I should have on my mouse or the XIM4 that would get rid of the jitter when at a 1000 poll rate?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: XIM4 Community Gameplay Videos
« on: 03:07 PM - 04/10/14 »
What are you guys capturing with?  Frame rate is real crappy on both xbone and ps4 videos. Makes it look like the xim is jittery which I assume isn't the case.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: I Challenge you xim owners!
« on: 11:19 AM - 03/17/14 »
Instead of the random XIMer why not get a XIMer that plays with controller too.  Play best of three games with everyone playing with controllers. The next best of three would be the controller players against those same people but have them play with their XIM? 

I've seen some XIMers say they go 4+ KD with a controller regularly.  Because of their preference to the XIM they would probably go higher than a 4 KD.

Display controller. Hard wired but most likely just for power since the battery is not in the controller.

Yeah, that's never going to happen.

General Discussion / Re: Games and Motion Sickness
« on: 01:14 PM - 12/28/13 »
I used to have motion sickness problems playing fps games on the console because the frame rate is too slow. Only way to fix this is to just keep plying and you'll eventually get used to it.   I also took a ginger pill when I knew I was going to play about 30 min before. Drink a lot of water though when taking the pill. If you don't you'll get a gingery burning sensation for a while that feels like heartburn.

Never mind I just some threads that say he's going to make a beta firmware for the Edge so it'll work with one or both of the next gen consoles until the xim4 is released.

I don't know if this has been said already but since a firmware update is out for the current edge or xim3 why not offer a another edge model with firmware already installed that's ps4/xbo compatible. Any updated firmware could be set so only this run of edge could install any ps4/xbo updates.  This way edges would still be sold and people wanting to wait for the next gen can either buy the "new" edge and then buy the next gen or not if they choose to.

General Discussion / Re: Xbox One and PlayStation 4
« on: 06:50 PM - 10/21/13 »
So the PS4 controller works on the PS3 using the cable.

Too bad the guy didn't try the PS3 controller on the PS4.

Once I found out that the Kinect is required for the system to work I immediately said no thanks. I'll get the PS4 instead and my 360 is just fine to me right now.

Why does that bother you?

I'm wondering the same thing.  It comes with the system, it's not an additional purchase.  Unless he's the "big brother is watching me, and I don't like it" type person.

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