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Hardware Compatibility / Re: logitech G500 or The G700
« on: 10:18 AM - 11/28/11 »
i really like my g500 only thing i dont like is the mouse wheel witch feels a wee bit flimsy but i can live wwith it

it could be a hinderence, i love xim3 coz i was a huge PC gamer and playing with a mouse is totally second nature to me. i gave my cousin a shot of my xim3 and he totally hated it. he is a total console gamer and playin with a pad is second nature to him. he just couldnt get his head round aiming with a mouse just like i cant get my head round aiming with a controller.

like folk said before its not a wonder device that makes u instantly awesome. and if u ask me aiming is only like 10% of ur over all game.

tanks turrets just move slowly i use the pad for tanks and jets. when gunning in a tank i use the right stick of the pad for most of my movment and use the mouse for fine aiming.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: BF3 patch
« on: 08:22 PM - 11/22/11 »
it think this patch is just fixing thing like the squad menus, my Sts seem to work perfetly still.

XIM 3 Discussions / BF3 patch
« on: 05:07 PM - 11/22/11 »
just noticed there is a patch for Bf3 its downloading now i will let u know if it changes much with the look mechanics of the game.

anyone else got this and tested it?

General Discussion / Re: Xbox 720 ~ Xim4
« on: 02:41 PM - 11/20/11 »
anyone else think we should get on at microsoft for the new xbox to have mouse support. as much as i love my xim3 it would be alot better if microsoft and the game developers just have a mouse option for FPS games.

i cant wait for mw3 to come out as it will make bf3 better, all the COD heads who are only intrested in getting kills and never touch the objectives will hopefully go away. yesterday i seen a guy lying prone with a sniper rifle next to a m-com that had been set the dude didnt even try to defuse it. as for input lag iv never had this problem. i installed the HD pack and the full disc to my hard drive and have my TV on game mode.

I cant see the STs getting much better than the new HIP config to me its pretty close to perfect. i find the look speed of BF3 to be much faster than black ops when ADS.

i have hip set for both hip prim sens is 70 sencond sens is 50. i  have 2 ads buttons one that switchs and the other says on my primary sens i use the for up close stuff. and the second sens for sniping and long range. seems to work well.

agree with everyone that the new hip st is best for ads. when moving in a line back and forth the movment is much smoother, ads st seems to slightly pulse along. i noticed that this pulsing happens when using the contol pad and some how the hip st seems to smooth things out slightly.

Release Candidates / seems like bf3 has been patched
« on: 01:45 PM - 11/03/11 »
aiming seems the same. they claim to have fixed the input lag.

For ADS smart advanced, setting the XY down to 0 will only allow you to look side to side and not up or down.  So it's back to 1.8 so I have full range of motion when ADS. 

I have since lowered my ADS sensitivity and am more precise.  It now sits at 52.50.

I took an hour break and the ADS Smart is actually fine and perfect.  Yes, my smart advanced settings give me more of a free feel, it does jump a lot, so i'm now more accurate with ADS smart.  I suppose I was just used to the smart advanced ADS. 

@Obsiv:  I say release the BF3 translator.  Majority of users will really appreciate it and it's only us testers that are going to bee sting this beast to death.  If it needs a tweak, I'm sure the general public will speak up and we'll see another release.  Sounds like a baby step situation to me.  I still say the Hip ST needs work, but I don't think the casual players will notice OR will adapt accordingly.  For me I'm going to stick with Zen/Mists Standard for Hip and use the ADS ST as it sits now.


having the xy at 1.8 will make looking up and down faster than left to right. if ur wanting both to be the same it should be set to 1

G700 5400DPI 1000mhz polling
GT720 Projector 1080p
Razer Vespula mouse pad speed side
Game Sensitivity at max
Auto aim OFF
Single Player
HD Pack Installed

Hip ST:  I actually went back to Zen/Mist's standard settings for Hip.  The Smart translator had me dead zoning before a 180 turn.  Even after toggling the sensitivity higher, I ended up with 57.00 and it just couldn't get any better from there.  I didn't try Smart Advanced because I think it's all about the dead zone.  Correct me if I'm wrong.

DZ: 4916 (haven't found any better) (DZ 5571 square too floaty; felt as if it was registering every third pixel)
Sensitivity:  17.25
Acceleration:  -.051
y-x ratio:  1.80
Smoothness:  0
Diag Dampen:  0.15

ADS Smart ADS.B2:  I haven't tried ADS.B1 because I just joined, but this is leaps and bounds beyond what the ST was capable of doing.  I did have to tweak and ended up using smart advanced.  I definitely concur that the ADS isn't meant for scopes.  The mission where you're a sniper and have to cover a team on the ground with a thermal scope was where I got most of this test down.  At best, it felt grainy and twitchy.  I couldn't get a precise 1-1 for accurate scope shots.  I'd get on target, then have to use other fine muscles to readjust from there.  I was constantly switching between smoothness one and four and this really depended on if I was using the eotech or scope.  I didn't have to make a switcher for scopes vs holographic sights because I was being engaged enough where I could just press pause and go up and down.  In the end I set the smoothness to four because it was the middle ground for surgical scope shots and eotech target acquisition.  Could the grainy, twitchy scope target acquisition be because of the frames dropping?  Someone please educate me. 
     My secondary weapon was a silenced m4 with eotech (I wish you could turn that brightness down like in real life because in dark environments it will just makes the background darker) and that was a freakin laser beam attached to my hand, and waving it around like a light saber made me the jedi Yoda has been looking for.
     So even with the scope inabilities, I was still surgical.  And not surgical like I can stitch wounds with my mouse, but more like stack bodies wherever I wanted.  In single player there is absolutely no need for automatic fire selected on any weapon as it wastes bullets, time, and is not needed when you can put guys down with a single shot or double-tap.  As long as you're accurate, there is no argument.  Real world tactics right there, but your mileage may very. 

ADS Smart Advanced ADS.B2
Sensitivity:  56.70
Acceleration:  0
Y-X Ratio:  1.80
Smoothness:  4
Boost:  0 (honestly I haven't read up on what this does)
Delay:  Immediate

Input Lag:  I don't experience any, but that's probably because I'm playing single player.  The single player does stutter at certain points of the story, but it effects the whole machine like it's going to freeze.  It has already locked up on me once. 

Vehicle:  I maxed out the sensitivity to 500 and still felt sluggish.  I just read up on the "boost" option so I will give it a try.

by the look what u have done to the ST via smart advanced im not surprised u cant get smooth aiming. having ur xy set to 1.8 is just gonna make aiming very unbalanced, it needed to be on 1.8 using zens config because it was a standard translator the smarts work all that stuff out for u. also u may wanna try turning ur sens down a bit im a pretty high sens player and i have mine set to 45 and thats really fast for normal gun play. using snipers i have it set to 30.

the new ADS st for bf3 should be given to everyone asap, new firmware also seems fine. i would say the new black ops ST is technically better than the old one alot more snappy but since i have been using the old one for sooo long i found it hard to adjust.

played a campaign misson operation sword breaker and this ST really nails it. sniping is now very smooth i never need to side step to make small changes to my aim like i did with the last ST.

Release Candidates / Re: BF3 ADS ST
« on: 10:58 PM - 10/29/11 »
been tweaking the sniper rifle set up the hip ST works alot better than the ads with big scopes.

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