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Release Candidates / Re: CS:GO Smart Translator Feedback
« on: 01:59 PM - 08/29/12 »
this ST does take some getting used to and i would say its of a lower quality than the other FPS games like BF3 COD Ect.after alot of messing about i have my sens on 60 and it is very playable i got round the training course in 37 seconds witch im pretty happy with. lets hope we get patch to improve the games look mech. i have noticed after playin this for a few hours and then going back to BF3 it feels insainly fast and takes a little while to adjust to the much faster turn speed of BF3.

Release Candidates / Re: FEEDBACK: 20120824EX
« on: 01:46 AM - 08/28/12 »
bf3 is a bit smoother. im sure once i get used to my new sensetivity and the added resposiveness it will awesome.

change your control set up in game. most games have a few stick options

Release Candidates / Re: borderlands 2
« on: 01:27 PM - 08/15/12 »
borderlands 1 was very playable with xim.

Release Candidates / borderlands 2
« on: 06:09 PM - 08/11/12 »
is this gonna be a high priority ST?

Release Candidates / Re: Max Payne RC?
« on: 12:15 PM - 05/21/12 »
any idea when this will be out. game is great can imagen it being amazing with the smooth aiming of a ST

Release Candidates / Re: Max Payne RC?
« on: 06:37 AM - 05/20/12 »
probs gonna pick this up today. look forward to the st. quick question about the multiplayer, does bullet time exist in multiplayer and what does it do.

Release Candidates / Re: Help with XIM3 and BF3
« on: 07:35 AM - 04/08/12 »
bf3 works great for me i reckon it was ur x-y ratio messing things up. i use bf3ads for both hip and ADS works great i have my sensitivity set to 45. i also have a switcher setup for when ever i am sniping for this i use the hip fir st with smoothness sens set to 50 and smothness set to 10.

cant say i have notcied much differnce since the patch. to make this perfect i suggest using the current ADS ST for hip and making a new ST with a acog for Ads that way one st can be used if using red dot or holo sights and a switcher can be set up for bigger scopes. dont think many people need perfect 1-1 hip sts as ADS is what really matters in this game.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Aim-Assist On/Off BF3
« on: 10:33 AM - 03/08/12 »
i have allways played with aim assist off. i reckon the combo of aim assist and a mouse would be overkill.

Release Candidates / Re: any idea on syndicate ST eta?
« on: 04:05 PM - 03/03/12 »
just finished the single player. the ST works great. my accurecy went from about 15% to 40% on most missions.

Release Candidates / Re: any idea on syndicate ST eta?
« on: 08:22 PM - 03/02/12 »
man you are awesome. cant wait to try this out.

Release Candidates / any idea on syndicate ST eta?
« on: 08:36 AM - 03/02/12 »
just got this game today, i noticed on the ST list says syndicate is in progress witch is awesome. this game give the user control of how much acceleration is used. reckon it will probobly work out good with xim.

BF3 is basicly the only game i play on xbox these days im pretty happy with the ADS. only think that i think might help is if a new ADS st is made when using an ACOG sight.

after playing for hours yesterday i would say look mech seems the same. i play with aim assist turned off so i cant comment on if that has changed.

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