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Beta / Re: Theoretical question for PS4 bluetooth support
« on: 09:57 PM - 02/05/14 »
i have been using the left side of the pad and the mouse since i first got my xim3.  cant see me using anything else. all these other things sound intresting but using a control pad for choppers and jets is the way to go for me.

Beta / Re: Theoretical question for PS4 bluetooth support
« on: 11:29 AM - 02/03/14 »
Would it be possible for the XIM 4 to emulate a DS4 and thus only require a link between it and the PS4?

No. The DS4 and PS4 have a re-authentication process that cannot be spoofed. Because of that, it will be required for the DS4 to remain in the mix at all times.

Thants awesome on xim3 i used the left side of the contol pad for moving around and all other buttons were bound to the mouse. this will also be epic for using choppers in bf4 as i can just use the DS4.

Release Candidates / Re: GTA V not appearing on ST list
« on: 11:24 AM - 09/29/13 »
all is good after deleting everything and restarting my PC its all working again. for the record i think the ST is pretty good. i have been playin with a really high sens and clamp on 1 to stop me black doting.

Release Candidates / Re: GTA V not appearing on ST list
« on: 11:19 AM - 09/29/13 »
no where to be found. i have tried redownloading the file and still the same.

Release Candidates / GTA V not appearing on ST list
« on: 07:34 AM - 09/29/13 »
i updated my xim at a friends house and the new ST worked just fine. i am now home and my xim would not connect so i reser factory settings and tried to setup the GTA V St but it is not in the list. i have no idea what up.

im ising the max payne 3 ads ST. it works ok but sucks for presision shooting. iv been playin with aim assist to combat this. when an st is made ill switch over to free aim.

Release Candidates / State of Decay
« on: 11:33 AM - 08/27/13 »
played it with the ST over the weekend much much better than the standard config i had set up. Guns are now alot more fun to use!

Configurations and Requests / Re: State of Decay
« on: 04:55 PM - 07/31/13 »
i made a standard trans

dead zone : 17850 circle
sense : 15
accel : -0.05
x y :1.30

it works diagonal move ment aint very good

XIM 3 Discussions / xim 3 ps4?
« on: 09:22 AM - 07/12/13 »
anyone else going to be moving over to sony for the next gen?

im keeping my fingers crossed for a firmware update to make my xim3 work on  PS4. how ever if get the feeling there will be more chance of this happening on the xim edge. i know we will not know untill the new consoles are out, im just speculating based on nothing:)

Smart Translators / state of decay?
« on: 10:00 AM - 06/07/13 »
any plans for a st for this? demo is free.

Release Candidates / Re: Bioshock Infinite
« on: 05:20 PM - 04/15/13 »
game is great. st could be more responsive but it is very playable. ihave my sens pretty high about 120.

Smart Translators / has the bf3 look mech changed again?
« on: 12:12 PM - 11/30/12 »
just back from a week away from home.downloaded the new Bf3 patch. aiming feels differnt tho i cant be 100% on this because i have not played xbox in a few weeks and it could just me being a little rusty.

Release Candidates / Re: Borderlands 2 Feedback
« on: 04:34 PM - 09/29/12 »
after playin this for a good 20+ hours i have made a few tweeks to my set up. now have Ads set up a little bit slower than my hip sens its now at 80 and put the xy ratio to 3 and smoothness to 10. also cant stress enough how much more responsive things are with aim assist off.

Release Candidates / Re: Borderlands 2 Feedback
« on: 10:03 AM - 09/25/12 »
ST is over all pretty @#$% good defo good enough for the public. im playin with a g500 no secondery sens and my sens on 90. feels pretty good to me. i am only having Ads issue with some pistols, i have turned off aim assist in the games options menu and feel it may be behinde the pause in movment that some people are talking about. snipers feel great to me and i have been nailing head shots with ease. i dont feel an ADS ST would be needed.

Release Candidates / Re: CS:GO Smart Translator Feedback
« on: 02:52 PM - 08/30/12 »
been messing about with smart advanced and clap defo improved the feel of this game. currently got my sensitivity at 75 and clap on -7

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