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Support / Re: Xim apex causing mic issues
« on: 03:54 PM - 01/19/20 »
Welcome to the community. This isn't because your XIM is drawing too much power. Are you running your XIM at 1000Hz (I assume you are running a XIM APEX)?

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Xim Apex connections fell out
« on: 03:53 PM - 01/19/20 »
Oh, when you said you bought it from us, I thought you meant from our store. We don't sell through Amazon.

Instead, please go to our main site and use Contact and let them know through there (direct link here: https://store.xim.tech/crm.asp?action=add).

Welcome to the community and thanks for the details about the issue you are experiencing.

When you said you upgraded firmware, are you on this one?: https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=71289.0

If so, can you tell us if you press a button on your controller or if you press the Guide button after your XIM4 is started, if things start working?

Support / Re: Cant pair my newcell phone to xim
« on: 03:47 PM - 01/19/20 »
Did you have any problems with pairing your XIM4 to any other phone/tablet?

Support / Re: Xim apex suddenly stopped working
« on: 12:09 PM - 01/18/20 »
Can you plug your controller directly into your XIM APEX (without the hub) and let us know if everything starts up correctly that way and if you controller if functional? You can do the same with your mouse and keyboard too (i.e. direct connection). Knowing this with help isolate the issue.

Support / Re: Modifying posts
« on: 12:07 PM - 01/18/20 »
Unfortunately increased spam attacks have forced us to add restrictions like this. We will look into changing them based on post count.

Support / Re: Xim Apex connections fell out
« on: 12:06 PM - 01/18/20 »
Sorry to hear about about this, please open an RMA using your account on our store and let them know what happened. Simply go to your order history and what you need is there.

Unfortunately we have to have these extra levels of verification because of non-stop spam attacks on our forum. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Game Support / Re: Fortnite sucking
« on: 12:04 PM - 01/18/20 »
Fortnite has significant temporal acceleration -- meaning, velocity changes when the stick isn't moving. This results in the inability to accurately tune your sensitivity since speed is changing unpredictably. This is the reason why we marked the game with with 'U' in our game support list. It's not possible to work great with something that is inconsistent (in this case, Fortnite's aim).

Beta / Re: XIM APEX BETA [Firmware 20191217] (**LATEST**)
« on: 12:00 PM - 01/18/20 »
If you set walk to 0% does your player not move?

General Discussion / Re: Test
« on: 03:11 PM - 01/17/20 »
Discord offer forum hosting?

General Discussion / Re: Test
« on: 11:09 AM - 01/17/20 »
Right now it's 15 minutes. It's unfortunate we need to do these types of things, but our forum has reached the size that we are constantly targeted.

General Discussion / Re: Test
« on: 12:26 PM - 01/16/20 »
Yes, there is now due to increased spam attacks.

Welcome to the community. This is something we are currently working out and unfortunately don't yet have an ETA. But we will notify everyone when we can.

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