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Welcome to the community. You will need to enable Expert settings under Globals to see those settings.

Welcome to the community. Have you noticed this issue on any other game?

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] New XIM not working
« on: 10:15 PM - 07/05/20 »
Ok, I'm glad it's working now. Were you always plugging in your controller into port 3 of your hub?

Support / Re: New XIM not working
« on: 07:23 PM - 07/05/20 »
Welcome to the community. Thanks for trying out and reporting all those troubleshooting steps -- it's appreciated. If you plug your controller directly into your XIM APEX (no hub), and then plug your XIM APEX into your console, does your controller work like that (do you see the green initialization lights on your XIM APEX)? If the controller doesn't turn on automatically, try pressing the Guide button.

After that, please try plugging your mouse and keyboard each directly into your XIM APEX. Do they turn on and do you see their icons show up in Manager?

Support / Re: XIM stopped working
« on: 07:20 PM - 07/05/20 »
Are you seeing the green initialization lights on your XIM?

Welcome to the community. If you have buttons on your mouse that aren't working right, you should try remapping them using Logitech's configuration tool to a keyboard key.

Support / Re: [Q/A] G903 LPan RPan PS4 COD Ghosts
« on: 01:03 PM - 07/05/20 »
You should map all buttons that don't map to a standard input function. Pan falls into that category and also buttons like DPI and media functions.

Game Support / Re: PS4 Warframe radial menu
« on: 01:01 PM - 07/05/20 »
Welcome to the community. My daughter plays Warframe but she uses a Nav so she doesn't have any issues with this. Hopefully someone will comment on how they handle this when using a keyboard.

It means that there is a game support update. Tap on it and it'll tell you what has been updated. If a game you already have a config for is updated, when you have the Config loaded, there will be an icon that shows up on the main Manager screen that tells you that your Config is out of date and suggests creating a new one to get the updated support.

To clarify, you are looking to use 2 USB splitters? One to share your XIM4 between consoles, and one to choose which controller to use?

Support / Re: Xim stopped working
« on: 10:38 AM - 07/05/20 »
Are you seeing the green initialization lights on our XIM4?

Great, glad you got it sorted out.

Support / Re: G903 LPan RPan PS4 COD Ghosts
« on: 10:33 AM - 07/05/20 »
You will need to map Left and Right Wheel Pan to keyboard keys using Logitech's device configuration tool. For me personally, I map them to '[' and ']', but, you can do whatever you'd like.

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Xim Hub Replacement
« on: 05:59 PM - 07/04/20 »
Thanks for understanding. We will take care of it.

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