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Thanks for your purchase. Our fulfillment group would be glad to help out. Just use the Contact link off the main page and choose Order support. Let them know what happened and they will take care of it.

Ok, I wonder if the issue is actually plugging in your console controller after initialization. Do you have access to any other consoles (that aren't a PS5) that you can try this on to help isolate the problem?

I don't think what you feeling is due to these intermittent translation delays. Keep in mind that when you are running at 1000Hz, translation is happening every 1ms. If there is a delay (like you are seeing occasionally here) then, the system uses the last value of translation to feel in that single 1ms gap. There isn't a way that could be felt.

That counter is in the trace to document all performance -- no matter how small. But in this case, it couldn't describe the reason you are feeling issues with your aim.

Does it happen if you let the game sit there in the main menu? Or does it only happen when you are in-game?

Does this happen with any other games?

What type of transfer cable is it?

Look at your prior post about it:

[00160] Q[0] E[0] M[0] | S[0] C[0] T[30] I[0] R[ 258, 506,1000] U[49] [40] *^
[00161] Q[0] E[0] M[0] | S[0] C[0] T[30] I[0] R[ 223, 534,1000] U[50] [32] *^
[00162] Q[0] E[0] M[0] | S[0] C[0] T[30] I[0] R[ 347, 564,1000] U[50] [41] *^
[00163] Q[0] E[0] M[0] | S[0] C[0] T[30] I[0] R[ 366, 522,1000] U[49] [43] *^
[00164] Q[0] E[0] M[0] | S[0] C[0] T[30] I[0] R[ 385, 586,1000] U[50] [41] *^

There is only a concern if it jumps significantly every second. Does it happen if you use an 8ms response rate?

Game Support / Re: Xim PubG pc translator?
« on: 06:51 PM - 07/30/21 »
“buy this for aim assist with a mouse on PC!!!”.

Our next product isn't a mouse adapter.

When the game is released, mist4fun will evaluate the settings and choose the best thing for the translator (which may be the acceleration settings you are talking about).

Game Support / Re: Xim PubG pc translator?
« on: 09:18 AM - 07/30/21 »
PUBG was found to have a different aiming system on PC vs Xbox.

What's the turn speed like with the controller?

Welcome to the community. Do you have a standard Xbox One controller you could try instead to see if it reproduces?

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