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All honesty, I would RENT it for XBOX just because it's such a short game. managed to beat in a week playing 1-2 hours a night. Besides, youll save the money and be able to get Arkham City that's now out

So what posistion does every think they wana play? I like playing as a medic or assult. We need to try and have at least one of each(assult, medic, ammo, enginer for vehicle heavy and sniper) in every squad imo.

I generally play sniper and Engineer (UMP45 ftw) but will occasionally dabble in a little of everything depending on the needs of the team

Logitech Extreme 3D pro, especially with BF3 right around the corner.

I will have to agree with a previous post, 'Intertia' and 'Shockwave' sound pretty legit.  My GT is xGenoSiide

I'm absolutely down with this idea.  Would be interesting to see just how much talent there is in the BF3 XIM community.

XIM 3 Discussions / Failure to revert to game mode
« on: 01:40 PM - 10/06/11 »
Hey all,

Just made the transition to the new update and now my XIM fails to go back to game mode. I plug it into the XBOX and it just continues to show the 'Connected to PC' screen. Any fixes?  Time sensitive.


Instead of emailing YouTube you could use the flag video feature and select the copyright infringement option. Might be quicker.

Coming from someone who currently participates in MMA. My best advice is to find a good school that has an MMA program. Rather than having one or two classes a week, the membership usually grants you access to all classes i.e. kick-boxing, wrestling, muay thai, BJJ, and the MMA classes.  You'll get your seperate classes in ground technique and striking technique while the MMA classes help tie it all together in the ring.  For striking your best bet is muay thai as it's centered around the knees and elbows which are useful tools when in the clinch.  It's also good to have some knowledge in Judo for the take-downs.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Question for all Admins and Obsiv
« on: 10:07 AM - 08/18/11 »
I haven't been following all these topics as it's pointless. Your comment about secondary sensitivity is further evidence of this.

Cheating is the following:

1) Something that enables the gamer to perform actions that would otherwise physically be impossible to achieve.

So answer me this then:

Can a controller user, while moving the joystick at a static speed, have his hip fire turn speed be the same as his ADS turn speed?

Can a XIM3 user, while moving the mouse at a static speed, have his hip fire turn speed be the same as his ADS turn speed?

Isn't that the very definition of the XIM3 doing something that is physically impossible with a controller?

2) Something that enables the gamer to operate outside of the rules of the game.

This is why Iím 1) against macros,

You may claim that the XIM3 does not support macros but it does not actively block them and the moderators actively help users figure out how to use macros on the XIM3.  If you wanted to claim that XIM3 doesn't support macros you should instruct the moderators to NOT help people use them.  It just makes you look like A) you are lying or B) the moderators are not respecting your wishes and going behind your back to help people use macros on the XIM3.

and 2) against modding your console.
Modding your console is wrong.  Modding the signals sent by the controller to the console isn't wrong.  Weak.

I hate controllers, and, I canít game with them Ė and, Iím not alone. Thumbsticks are stupid. It blows me away that millions of dollars are spent on producing these massive blockbuster games that push the envelope of realism and immersion, yet, the interface the gamer has to all this greatness boils down to a clumsy cheap thumbstick. XIM is about enabling the gamer to move beyond this ridiculousness and game with what suits them best. To make the game more enjoyable and make it so that we arenít at a disadvantage.

Be at a disadvantage?  Yeah god forbid that you play on a level playing field like everyone else.  I dislike how XIM3 users claim that playing on a level playing field is a disadvantage.  If everyone is at the same disadvantage then it is not a disadvantage at all.

But, if you still feel that XIM is an unfair advantage, then, you arenít really paying attention. There will always be controller users out there that will dominate us Ė lots of them. Doesnít sound like all that good of a cheating device, does it?

So your argument is that even though you are using a superior control scheme you still lose sometimes?  Weak.  XIM3 users should not even be playing against those top tier controller users.  They don't deserve to compete with the best.  The only reason they can compete with the best is because they are not playing on the same level playing field as everyone else.

What about the players that would have destroyed a XIM3 user but are not capable of snap 180 headshots?  Play with the same limitations as everyone else.  Yes it still sounds like a cheating device.

So, to answer your question, secondary sensitivity is not cheating. It would be if XIM enabled speeds and precision outside the constraints of the game Ė which it absolutely does not. Controller users can easily be as fast and precise.

Actually it does allow things that are not possible with a controller.  A XIM3 user could have his ADS turn speed be faster than his hipfire turn speed if he so desired.  This is not possible with a controller.  I can't prove that a controller can never be as accurate or precise without a lot of technical documents but I think you and I both know that a 5600 DPI mouse is infinitely more accurate and precise than a potentiometer.

Strafing with a keyboard is as easy as simultaneously lifting one finger while lowering another.  A controller users has to physically cross the throw distance of the joystick.  Due to the difference in throw distances, of pressing a key on a keyboard and moving a joystick from max left to max right, a controller user can never strafe as fast as a keyboard user.

All of this doesn't take into account:
-button remapping
-shorter throw of a mouse click than a controller trigger
-elimination of dead zones and acceleration curves

Those are all unfair advantages over controller users.  Moving through the deadzone takes time on a controller.  The XIM3 sends signals that move through the dead zone for the user.  Essentially the user is not inputting their actions, the XIM3 is.   In any other scenario everyone would agree that having a computer send the game signals, instead of an actual human player, is cheating.

I think I can safely say that your argument for the XIM being a cheating device is invalid considering you also use one.  Not to mention that Microsoft says the XIM is legit... so all of you naysayers really don't matter too much anyway.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Alienware Tactx Mouse
« on: 01:57 PM - 06/02/11 »
Mine has been working great until about a week ago, now it just randomly disconnects mid game. Beginning to piss me off. If anyone else is having this problem and knows a fix, please let me know

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