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XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Missing features - the roads list
« on: 12:32 PM - 08/07/14 »
switchers man. always the usual suspect whenever we talk improvements over XIM.. i find it interesting that besides the usual vocal members asking there's always other people making the same requests.^^

General Discussion / Re: Congratulations Aiken_Drum
« on: 12:30 PM - 08/07/14 »
i think he realises exactly what you say. it's clear he sees things from our perspective, as if he was only a consumer. unlike every sellout or booming idea companies, XIM is like a beacon of hope the the capitalist night that covers all markets.. still, aiming to perfection is what got him here, so while things aren't perfect, let's set sail!

what side of the pond are you on Aiken? care to divulge your sw company?  ;D

General Discussion / Re: Congratulations Aiken_Drum
« on: 09:49 AM - 08/07/14 »
dude, the only way i'd consider being a mod here would be if it got well paid ahaahah
i guess that's why OB made you part of the team first place, just reeling you in  ;D

but more seriously, i'm glad people are being brought in. limited manhours and such have been a go to justification/excuse for a long while and one with very broad reach, if more dough is rolling in in stable manner it's a good investment to grow! the quality level of the product here has past the one-man-army being viable quite long ago.. ^^

mindworm, start making travel arrangements. first deadrising, now even Ryse LOL! let's hope for Sunset Overdrive next and we can say xbone has lost its exclusives and any reason to justify owning it besides a PS4 or PC... your bet never looked so good, terry crews must be on a depression leave.. has MS given up the 'war' ?

Razer picked up a great idea and like the usual, had their "fun" with it. and by fun i mean something akin to dancing atop the grave of their target..

modular pc, sounds great, then they made it with a ridiculous price point... defeats the purpose, since the people who do not know enough to build a pc the "classic" way, also would not understand why pay 500 more for this part if it "does the same".. also, having ONLY liquid cooling options, and making that system fully selfcointaned and distributed meant adding a really high entry level, also bad for ascending businesses.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Missing features - the roads list
« on: 09:47 AM - 08/06/14 »
please add the missing features, ty.

General Discussion / Re: Congratulations Aiken_Drum
« on: 08:59 AM - 08/06/14 »
such surprise! much change! wow!  ;D

always nice to have a new mod, you can never have enough of those. congrats guy i've never seen before, i mean Aiken... ^^

It's like if you gave Christopher Nolan Halo MP and asked him for his iteration of it lol.
Looks really fun.

LOL! this made me crack up.. i love to envision things like that, awesome material sometimes gets made that way, a simple "2 person" exchange of ideas. it really is like a child between Halo and UT of sorts..

Looks awesome.

Doubt it will do well though. Nadeo's shootmania had similiarities, arena shooter, no levels, unlocks, classes etc - although not your typical quake/ut weapon assortment.

Hardcore players loved it, due to its barebones nature, and in tourneys was awesome, but ultimatley it failed due to its lack of mass appeal. I can see this going the same way. PC gaming isnt the niche it used to be, and take off the stabalisers that the cod culture has given to gamers, and they'll go elsewhere. Which really is a shame.

seems to be the way things are now, which is really sad.  :-\
let's hope Oculus turns things around with the PC focus and all (if only the deal with tracebook was done in private instead of making every possible interested gamer wary)

nah. just what MS should have done long ago.. a full blown OS completely walled that is set to work in some other OS' and manipulates the machine's resources to a standard.

think Xbox OS running on any WP,WinTablet and Win PC that has the minimal specs of an xbone. one OS. one Platform. same Walled garden. same all specs are "equal" (kinda), but instead of having a dedicated box, you just run the xbox launcher and any device from a list is then an xbone until you close it and it exits "xbox mode" returning to being a phone tablet or whatever.

there are currently technical difficulties with this. ofc cloud would solve part of the issues. but another way to go is wait for the next big jumps and if they are great enough stream line products to make it work. both Sony and MS are in a position to do this. MS' is way better since they already make OS' for a livin'. but best than those 2 is google, which could in theory completely crash the big 3 entering the market like that + a colossal investment in engine working and porting/exclusives to get the ball rolling.

i actually had high hopes Valve would attempt something like this, a way to streamline PC's with some kind of deal with board and GPU makers. but it seems i'm giving gabe too much credit. maybe for Steambox3..

what difference does that make? free means anyone can make an account just for that game, cheat the hell out of it, get banned, make a new account, repeat. even if they tie it to IPs and Macadresses it won't matter as that's easy to cheat in itself. so, what would they do then to prevent cheating?

i think the above question has been a hard quest for the industry as a whole. it's partially why consoles got so "cool" and began growing shooters - these cheap boxes, allow for gaming with little to no hassle, plus you get aim assists and much less cheaters*! what could a casual ask more ahaha

*debatable. doesn't matter the commonplace perception is PC=cheater heaven;console= no cheats.

the new unreal tournament will most likely overshadow this no matter how good it is. plus unreal is just freeware

UT will take some time to come. this may come faster. some people also stay away from F2P. or do you think cheating in F2P's nets bans that last more than a new registration?... that's a mighty big advantage from the get go.. not everyone is willing to risk having their Steam acc banned, and with recording of gameplay never so easy, even most cheaters exercise caution.

i think as far as future gen goes, everyone is overlooking the fact that the paradigm can change so much in the next 5 years that DEDICATE console hardware will be obsolete. why make a dedicated box, when i can just lock down specs via Firmware OS to establish a temporary spec tier that would be equal in all machines despite their differences. effectively making every device over a minimum spec list a "dedicated console" for as long as the user is using it with that very same purpose. best of all worlds, win for every party and even better: it favours the capitalization methods investors love.

i would exercise caution in predicting future gen so early like we see people do on gaf. with things like stacked RAM, new GPU tech, streaming and LTE changing things so much across all boards..

Also, it seems like XB1 has STILL not released in some countries in Europe! (reddit thread 'source'). They've lost 'first dibs' foothold in these countries it seems.

I want to buy the XB1 eventually. The upcoming Halo is nudging me, but it's hard to justify, personally, buying a new system for one game when gaming time has been so limited lately....And I would have to buy Xbox gold on top of that if I want mp.

yeah you bet. despite the stupidity in consumers, some of which i've met countless times, in complete denial that MS made a more expensive but weaker machine and so on which would actually net MS some sales. fact is, no matter when MS launched, EU is Sony's turf except UK. and it will continue to be like that, even more in this gen than the previous one.

the reasons you are giving as to your resistance to buying a 'bone is pretty much common sense here, particularly where money is more valued. EU consumers tend to differ from US' in the way they spend money. even if you are wiping your behind with 100 bills, you will still be called stupid or frowned upon for wasting money in the way buying xb+gold for 1-4 games is, depending on time spent in those games vs other games. there are people who only play 1-2 games a year, while others do 100s. so perspective varyes in proportion.

Borderlands favored teamplay and how much classes complement each other. particularly for PvE (EDIT: remembered BL only had duels so no teamplay for PvP). which reaffirms the concept of dedicating avatar slots to different ends from the get go.. but that's ofc if you are going serious enough for it to matter...

i think the FPS-fan in people is really showing here with how no one is mentioning factoring teamplay into their class choice.

guys, hate to break it to ya but say you form a clan with fellow XIMers or so and you all pick hunter because it's what suits you individually best..
now say, an enemy PvP team decides to study a map, study moves and tactics and decides to bait you to play along while they hook you and then give the mercy blow. sure it sounds like something more at home in theory than practice. but ask any MMO vet, or RPG fan - depends on the RPG type tho - and they'll tell you that coordination and teamplay go a long way.

honestly i think in controversy with the above, destiny is not very teamplay relyant. numbers are too small and roles are to "bland", not original or necessary enough. but, in competitive play, or if raids get serious, it'll be important enough to make a difference for those who want to have all advantages possible. and knowing the level of play of some people here, you might want to give it some thought BEFORE this all gets mainstream and plastered in every faq,guide and walkthroughs out there. my 2 cents only.

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