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General Discussion / Re: Congratulations Aiken_Drum
« on: 07:44 AM - 08/10/14 »

Also need to give credit where due.  OBsIV is really good at making the instructional videos.  I'm sure that building those up has also reduced the need for support requests.

that is true. i see it as more of a "people fail to read or research" than any kind of unclarity. it's really all laid out and shown in a pretty straightforward way, instructions are really fine.

Member Projects / Re: Homemade Gaming Lap Desk
« on: 10:30 AM - 08/09/14 »
again? one sec...

i can see it fine?!

have you changed the battery on any of your PS4 controllers roads?
 i'm planning on doing it when cash starts to be more common than unicorns (xmas!) as the capacity on the stock is garbage.

Sony: "hey guys, let's fu*k everyone that was fine with out controller's charge duration. what? charging $5 more per controller or make a longer lasting special model?? what are we, Samsung? nah, let's make those jumping from 360 to our new ship in particular pay! *audience claps*"

General Discussion / Re: Congratulations Aiken_Drum
« on: 10:17 AM - 08/09/14 »
Aiken, your post count has like, tripled in the last week, lol.  Handing out them helpz.
Geez, you're right.  No wonder my fingers are sore.

It's slowing down, actually.  Most of that was the first couple of days.  We're building up a history of resolved cases that people can look at when they come and search for their problem.  Plus the people who got help also stick around and pass it on, which is awesome.  Plus I'm asking fewer stupid questions before I figure out what's going on.  ;)

that's a good idea. it's best to polish them and have example cases (aka FAQ scenario) than just pointing people to an old, resolved, thread. it's more efficient while both work.
having a thread to point people who face the same issue as you has also worked very well in the past, so it shall repeat the feat no doubt.

and welcome to customer service XD after having something drilled under your skin due to dealing with it billions of times we get so good we almost can tell what people need before they even open their mouth-- but the first few times? oh, some are even worthy to remember for future laughs ^^

General Discussion / Re: Congratulations Aiken_Drum
« on: 10:10 AM - 08/09/14 »
Yes, I'm reasonably confident anyone who has read these boards for a while will indeed be aware of your opinions on the subject. Along with the many many others you've graced us with..  j/k ;)

ahahah i really feel like i shouldn't "forum" while i'm high. it goes well for stuff i don't care about but, gaming blabla is too heartfelt for me to control mental diarrheas and so on.. plus i naturally like to tell my views to others, especially when i disagree (i love to be contradicted with logical and valid arguments, it improves oneself a lot) which works a lot worse when you can't remember what you were think in the beginning of a sentence by the end..

no undo buttons so, i stand by my mistakes. need a little growing up, that's about it in a nutshell

Could this be the beginnings of the first XIM forum Bromance?  Or, perhaps the seeds of nightmare scenario No. 3 for the new boy have just been planted  lol..  ;D

I jest ak. You're a good guy  :)
well, there are plenty of true bromances around here. you will pick them up easy for sure if you just try and read around xD

i'm leaning towards nightmare scenario no.3 tho, just think: most often than not, if it sounds too good to be true, someone is pulling your leg xD i haunted the XIM forum a long time without saying a word before XIM3 came out and i found i could use a simple adapter to make it work with my console, that's also due to my wariness of it all sounding too good (and me not having cash to burn on trying something only to risk and get disapointed after)

thanks for elming this OP! OBsIV, what have you got to say? is this feasible? and if so, can we get a notion of where it ranks in the priority list of things to add or so?

i use a double controller method, but it isn't optimal at all, it's a lot of hassle.. the app is the better solution for the moment but i would still appreciate a solution to this issue if that was possible.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Missing features - the roads list
« on: 07:01 AM - 08/09/14 »
Not sure, they had terrible problems making the wired DS4 work at all.

i don't think OB scraps features for no reason or just because timeframes. i'm expecting a technical difficulty. but we'll only know after the thread is made and Gurnaldo asks!

And come September 9th, everything will be for real

words to live by! ahah  ;D

yeah this is the right thing to do, Bungie are smart! this is probably why they wanted to give beta people unique, one time only edition, icons, banners and whatnot. they wanted the beta people to have something to deposit the braggin' rights and thus eliminating the bigger issue of forcing a fresh start.
and just like people said, being in the beta itself was the best advantage.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Missing features - the roads list
« on: 06:49 AM - 08/09/14 »
please send me PM the thread of that request as i will support it. i can turn PS3 on with the XIM fine, i don't see why PS4 would represent a problem for that. if there is an issue, lets find out and if there isn't, let's get it done yesterday!

General Discussion / Re: Congratulations Aiken_Drum
« on: 06:46 AM - 08/09/14 »
If ppl watch as great private companies flourish from the talent they've attracted by treating good  employees as their best asset...  go under ...  because a bunch of ppl who are without skill and talentless,  but have money..  And do nothing but want to make more money take over...   I think more ppl would understand.

Anyway sorry for the rant.  Corporate greed is one of my pet peeves and in the future I think it will be eliminated.

Lol Aiken I've veered way off topic but congrats again and happy to have you here.

you all know how i feel about corporate greed. but i tell you, that issue for me is at its worse due to the massive idiocy of having someone that knows zero and helped zero, give orders thanks to the vantage point of money. only to suck a company dry to the bone, of everything it was before, until it eventually is but a shell of its past - if it doesn't go under or worse. rewarding those that really made it what it was in glory with a kick in the butt and the notion that "oh lovely, please do even better next time so i can make even more money off you before i stab you and the back and kick you out."..

I think ak, just found a soul mate  ;D ;D

kinda happy about what i see no doubt! ^^
i actually like each of the mod's individuality very much, despite what might seem.

General Discussion / Re: Congratulations Aiken_Drum
« on: 08:19 AM - 08/08/14 »
^ lol welcome to america... haha ... where someone who has no experience in a certain field can pull rank on seasoned veterans. Tis the corporate way... I work in aviation and some wicker basket expert and a union busting lawyer run the ship. Ship is slowly sinking tbh.

I seriously hope in the future the gears that turn can resist the temptations of going public. If that makes any sense.

well if Marketing and such are minor demons, the birthplace of the evil spawn. the minion nursery.. the mordor of sw demons is certainly wall street, which ties going public with going to bed with the devil and turning the back to him.. soul binding dangerous stuff.

General Discussion / Re: Congratulations Aiken_Drum
« on: 08:16 AM - 08/08/14 »
i like it! what's not to like about a sw engineer?!
You really need to work in upper management at <insert any place I've worked>.  ;)

Once upon a time, in the golden age of computing, software engineers roamed the land, drunk on the power of open-ended creation, building shining crystal cities, with only a few minor bugs flying around in the back alleys.  Then the sky went dark, blotted out by the unmoving waves of golden hair circling the heads of the greatest evil ever to befall engineerdom: the Vice-Presidents of Development.  They came, with their iron shackles, their stock options, and their communal seating plans, and they enslaved my people with words of binding like "5-year vesting" and "sure, we can add that to the schedule," and "can't you just ___ ?"  They brought with them the minor demons of Marketing, whose deeds are too offensive to post in an open forum like this.  My people were caught up in maelstroms of crunch mode, weathering review periods, post mortems, and strategic human resource streamlining events.  And lo, the land of software and games was laid waste, with many a cry of "This @#$% was released too early!" and "What do you mean there's content on the disc that I can't access?" and "What the @#$% does 'cannot contact rights management server' mean?"  And so it still is to this very day, no matter how many times we complain that our desk was moved to storage room B.  Cry, people.  Cry, for all hope is lost.

Never ask me a rhetorical question.  :D

WHA'DA... LOL! that was brilliantly done! i think i'm starting to talk to you only in rhetorical questions!?  ;D

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Missing features - the roads list
« on: 08:12 AM - 08/08/14 »
it's a shame roads works in biological systems. i think roads would be hugely sought after if he was in software systems. it's not easy to catch faults and where to point the finger everytime, be creative to find work arounds and evolutions of the base featurelist..

if you ever want to change subjects roads, engineering would fit you like a glove i reckon xD

And this is a great video on how radar works (couldn't embed the video properly)


that's because the link has a full list and not a single video, " ?list=UUkmAjbIecTIjTQctolYeuDw ". yt is fu*king annoying plastering all kinds of BS on your video links, rendering them borderline unusable depending on how you use them. if you start paying attention to the links, it will become intuitive to deal with all the quirks..

i already loved the supras, so... i would love a brand new model.. if i may chime in..

General Discussion / Re: Congratulations Aiken_Drum
« on: 08:37 PM - 08/07/14 »
i like it! what's not to like about a sw engineer?! i think you'll do a great job! ^^

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