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not only do i prefer the dark theme (new theme is nice but the light background burns my eyes, simply put) but the extention i use with chrome to manage situations like this works like the "negative" filter so the black bars on the side will be white if i turn the main body black and letters white. it's better that way but still way too much brightness for me. trends are a-changing. even google now recognizes dark themes it seems with the youtube soon to be feature. to be honest, dark greys and such work the best. white letters on black background burns the eyes all the same. black on dark grey seems to have the less impact on eye strain. more and more people use apps, themes and extensions to help with eye health these days. simply wearing sunglasses when using the monitor for text editing and reading is a godsend. looks stupid but at least you will retain better eyesight then the knuckleheads making fun of you in a few years.

so back in the PS360 days i wanted to play Vanquish with the XIMs. you could, just load a generic profile, make some adjustments.. wasn't the best setup, it would be impossible to play on online mp level even against noobs, but you could do the challenge arenas successfully.

i refused to play the game without mouse support, and despite asking time and time again no profile was ever made. either due to backlog constraints and lack of general interest or other limitations (i don't think there were any), it was considered about as much as anyone did that Trump would win 2016 in 2015 or previous. well, fast forward to today and the BEST @#$% (sp) (arcade-y) TPS OF THE LAST 10 15 20 YEARS is out on PC and i can finally finish it. i'm delighted and i feel like waiting has really paid off. i mean, i'd have had my fun back then if it got XIM support, with an actual profile and not my janky approximations. but despite taking such a long time i knew i would be able to enjoy it (SOME DAY) and a controller would just not enable me to have fun playing it. so i stuck to my guns. i thought i would take less time tbh, but hey, official mouse support, XIM or next game right?

if anyone actually reads this, you might be wondering what the point of this topic is. can't blame ya. i just wanted to share some happiness and a peculiar story. usually i would not advise waiting past, say, a year to enjoy a game if XIM doesn't intend on giving it life, but this was a special case.

if you read this and you haven't tried it, just do it. no, it's not a Gears of War/ COD/wtvr clone. think of it as a relic of old, like the Japanese beat'em'up classic games? like shooting stuff in the face? like single player? then this might be for you. i'm going back to my leave of absence now, too busy to go back to lighting fires here.

PS: ty mist for your dedication and efforts that gave us so many and plenty of perfect or close enough, much needed, configs.
ty obsiv for all your work, you will always be the man where mouse aiming on consoles is concerned.

gl hf people. keep on fraggin'

diz no manual. isso soa ao XIM estar a indicar um erro em alguma coisa e nao deve ser nele em si


Gostaria de saber de você se não teria com fazer um tutorial basico para o XIM4.

Seria de bastanet ajuda para os PT-BR.

Nas próximas semanas vai-me ser difícil fazer vídeos, mas quando estiver de férias em Julho vou tentar fazer pelo menos um video e depois posto aqui.

aposto contigo como é um troll. nao é brasileiro, nao precisa de ajuda e apenas quer festa.


estou com ideias de ir para o xim4.

já tive o edge e adorei.

o que queria saber é se alguem passou do edge para o xim4 se a performance se manteve ou ficou melhor?

já agora da para configurar a sensibilidade manualmente como no edge ? (acho que era carregar no select e no start)

obrigado !

ta tudo melhor. e sim, mas é mais facil usar o telemovel pra configurar na minha opiniao.

Nah.  It was two pronged.  I was right on the world numbers but off on sales in the USA.  =(

was a pretty wild bet and US market was quite unpredictable. no way MS would take crap from Sony peacefully. those black friday deals and massive marketing coupled with the 360 "nostalgia/patriotism" worked well enough.

WW market was actually easier to predict. EU and similar territories go where the current is stronger, and usually Sony biased.

any bets for "Neo" and future gen times or something? it pains me to say but it may be that console manufacturers cartel some offensive maneuvers to take on PC. maybe tic-toc gens? scalable machines with optional GPU upgrades now that the tech is there (usb-c thunderbolt and engines)? i mean consoles are starting to be underpowered pcs with zero exclusives and gimmicks.. game streaming is still too early. i don't see MS being able to compete with Steam and such enough to make a profit anywere near xbox levels on win. and even then, linux and mac gaming are starting to actually be somewhat viable.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: New mouse Logitech G900 !!!
« on: 11:08 AM - 04/25/16 »
this is the mouse that FINALLY made me want to upgrade (aka i saw a really valid reason to do it). it's a shape they are being so heavy handed on the price though.

coupled with the orbweaver i see no reason to change the setup again so soon. maybe a new kb with those silver switches but i haven't tried them yet.

good to know it's fine with the XIM. one day i might go back to shooters or something.

PS: Logitech's sw is better with a pretty UI, glad they realized onboard mem is important and all but they @#$% need to have a "retro" mode or something that resembles the old PS2 era mice for some situations.. they do work driverless tho.

this is the 4th time you tell me that, i know xD
and i can see that from the time stamps, but i showed it to someone and they found it very interesting. i think there are similar ventures elsewhere too, but this one is elegant due to what makes the n52/orb interesting.

also your code allows for changes and additions. it might be useful for VR if the fancy new tech controllers take long to spread. STEM is still months away, for years now, Valve is making something new, as is Oculus.. passthrough video is cool but intuitive form factors for controllers are beginning to matter again for me..

this has gotten quite impressive for people who never saw it before, i think it could be quite loved even outside xim forums..

General Discussion / Re: Finally i'm back!!!! Online :)
« on: 06:56 PM - 08/05/15 »
Dale i know it's very frustrating, infuriating and other 'atings' but, it's not the poor guy's/gal's fault. don't shoot the messenger.. go for the one who made the message ;)

but yeah, moving is a big PIA for several reasons and all people involved. makes you appreciate stability and small things that we take for granted or go unnoticed most days hey?

Tutorials / Re: TuFFrabit keyboads HUZZAH!!!
« on: 02:06 PM - 05/15/15 »
nice! i'm sure it will turn out great, better than razer crap by some plus also cheaper by a lot..
keep us posted ^^

Tutorials / Re: Tutorial: N52te Cherry Key mod
« on: 10:31 AM - 04/15/15 »

I think a game that advertises like "best netcode ever" would sell pretty well.

where is AK-XS btw?

i am always here for you roads <3

General Discussion / Re: What is your opinion of VR today?
« on: 08:26 AM - 04/14/15 »
same opinion as ever. it's all coming along very nicely and timely (not consumer type of timeframes mind you)..
it's getting fairly close to going gold, and i mean it in months/1 year or around that.

tbh, i had hoped it would be faster, screen tech didn't scale the way i thought it could, at least not best case scenario. valve is valve, no surprises there, but occulus are tackling a big picture plan instead of going the start up usual path of thirst for putting something on the market. well we all knew they'd take their time, but i'm with roads, so much cash and names and they are walking along like the time doesn't mean anything.

i'd like to bring attention to the fact that people now spend more time socializing online and virtually than socializing in person. a few years back all would laugh at the thought. freaking farm simulators and candy crush mobile junk are teaching game design to vets of the industry so to say.. amazing times. VR will take off. most online gaming is done in the opposite way of LAN, teams of people who are each alone in their rooms. that perfectly aligns with VR's need for the anti-social goggles. the discomfort is going away for most, the prices are going down enough for most without taking a toll on profit for makers, it has all the necessary pieces getting in place.

experiences in VR will be captivating enough and 'hip' enough to stun the most susceptible. they'll make it blow up along with the novelty. PC industry will appreciate the help for sales help and thus nvidia and such will also throw a straw or 2 to help just like the press, it's not what makes a business model meet success, but it helps.

the nice thing about tech, math and such kinds of fields, is that you can predict a lot despite the other sides that are unpredictable. the HMDs are evolving exactly how everyone thought they would from a tech stand point, price being the wildest card.

Playstation VR though, will be a better story than Move but go the same way in PS4 xD there are lots that can be done but the price will crush success to showcase levels, maybe in PS5 it will blow up. but for starters, VR will be a thing for the rich enough, and PC folk. FPS is not ideal but i still see everyone underestimating the allure in TPS. (it betters the experience dramatically even if you don't feel you are the main character or viewing through his eyes. gaming was never about the realistic experience, it's about giving you just enough that your imagination can do the rest.. we WANT to believe, as gamers. games just have to not break that. not make us believe per say.. it's more than cinema can say, as disconnect stems very quickly from boredom, breaking belief and lessening the experience.)

made a wall of text, my work here is done.

General Discussion / Re: Congratulations Aiken_Drum
« on: 07:48 AM - 08/10/14 »
The thing you have to be careful about, with kittens, is that they grow into cats.

i was once told about this weird kitten that had grown into a catus...

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