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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Buying a Xim Apex
« on: 02:16 PM - 02/14/22 »
200 !!! ouch !
Lots of members here still playing with Xim4 (which is on the same site)
Games still play fine with it, even if it is missing some of the Apex features.

Technical Support / Re: Nexus / manager disconnects
« on: 08:03 AM - 02/14/22 »
Build is ready for you to try. PM sent.
Sorry for being a bit of a pain but I am unable to install the link.

I did the download but when I try to install after being asked if I want to install and update existing application, it shows "installing / warning ! / app not installed"

Tried again after uninstalling original Nexus manager ... same end result, app not installed.

I've experienced this same message when trying to download a beta manager for Xim Apex, for some reason I am now only able to install from the Google play store ... I have locations permission enabled.

I've downloaded the manager again from the play store so I'll see how that goes tonight.

Can I ask if you maybe have any recommendation on the most reliable android tablet ?

Technical Support / Re: Nexus / manager disconnects
« on: 12:23 PM - 02/13/22 »
Ok thanks for the reply ... it's only because I'm using manager so much and experimenting with a new  way of playing that makes it a bit frustrating, normally I'd have things set up the way I want and not be using manager so much.

Technical Support / Re: Nexus / manager disconnects
« on: 09:23 AM - 02/13/22 »
Any idea as to why the Nexus manager keeps disconnecting and asking to reconnect by pressing "-/+" when I have absolutely no issues at all when using the same android tablet with the Apex manager ?

Technical Support / Re: Nexus / manager disconnects
« on: 03:59 PM - 02/12/22 »
Yes the picture of the controller moving in Manager at the bottom. Is the animation smooth and fluid when it's running?

Yes the animation graphic of the controller is smooth when I look at it while holding the controller. Shows button presses etc and tilts etc when I move it.
No red light on grips when using motion as seen in tutorial video ... also the controller still shows tilting animation if I toggle motion off, should it do that?

Technical Support / Re: Nexus / manager disconnects
« on: 11:39 AM - 02/12/22 »
Hit a new problem playing today ... started xbox up / Nexus controller connected and I played my game for a bit. Then I went to open manager to make some changes but the manager would not connect at all. Tried restarting my tablet and trying again but it just would not connect when I pressed "-/+".

The only way that I was able to eventually open manager was by shutting down Xbox and then connecting manager when only the Nexus controller was switched on, then I switched xbox on and returned to gaming ... manager still disconnecting as before though.

Don't quite know what you mean by choppy controller visualization ... in game is ok, do you mean the picture of the controller animation in manager?

Technical Support / [RESOLVED] Nexus / manager disconnects
« on: 07:19 AM - 02/12/22 »
As I get used to the Nexus I'm using manager a lot but I'm getting a lot of disconnects and having to press "-/+" to get back to using manager ... takes me back to the main ST page and I have to press edit to get back to where I was in the settings.

I'm using android 8.1.0 on a Samsung Galaxy tab a6 ... no problems apart from disconnects.
This was happening from 1st setup using Nexus launch firmware ... I installed the controller firmware 20220210 yesterday but the same problem persists.

Also there is no pattern of time between disconnects, it's random and can be just 2 minutes, but usually about 5 minutes or more.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Default compared to custom
« on: 10:44 AM - 02/11/22 »
I was thinking that the Nexus "custom stick" working of the ST would maybe be like the Apex where it would get messy if you moved your mouse too fast.

General Discussion / Re: Continual button press
« on: 10:27 AM - 02/11/22 »
I have issues with my hands and would like to set up a mouse and keyboard with my PS4 (Specifically an Azeron KB). I would like the standard W to walk. But would like to add an additional button that I can press once, let go and will continually walk until I decide to stop. Is this possible

You would be able to use a footswitch assigned to a secondary button for walk if that helps ... you would still have to hold it down with your foot though.

Would you not be using the Azeron analog stick for movement?
If you are you can still do both  ... use "W" for walk with the footswitch, and also Azeron stick.

I have a footswitch for sprint using "W" + the game sprint button ... but I use the Azeron joystick for movement ... both work alongside each other.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Default compared to custom
« on: 07:35 AM - 02/11/22 »
Native means your stick operate on the aim mechanic of the game you are playing. The sticks will "feel" like how the game developer intended them to feel, which may be a good or bad thing depending on the game. This is how other controllers will feel in that game too stick-wise.
Custom means yout sticks run on the ST translation which allow you to use a ballistic curve (by default linear) without its effect being added on top of the aim mechanic.

Apologies if this is a dumb question Od1n but if you peg the sticks too fast using "Custom" can you exceed the turn speed limit and cause a problem.
As in if you use "Native" you can only turn the stick as fast as the game will allow you, but in "Custom" it might drag if you turn too fast?

NEXUS works with Titan Two, so it is possible to combine pedals with a controller. A GPC script or Input Translator would be needed for bindings.
Nice to know but I'll have to pass on that solution ... at my age my old brain would fry trying to get my head around working with scripts :-[

The Division has one of the worst look mechanics I've ever encountered in a console shooter.  Bullet sponges & chicken running aside, it's a great game and something I've been meaning to go back to for awhile.

The biggest problem for me in The Division is the heavy, ramping recoil. Forthcoming changes to Y Ratio means we can set the Y-axis higher than X-axis, so the controller won't need to be tilted as much to control recoil. Currently it only reduces Y Ratio, which is the opposite of what we need for recoil.

I can also see how an AUX config would help with sniping. A rear button should take care of that as a trigger to load the sniping AUX settings, or remap LB/L1 to something else and use that button.

Looking forward to seeing if & how AUX sub-configs pan out on NEXUS. It's great to see some use cases emerging that could benefit from an AUX page :)

Yeah The Division is a bit of a mess but I still love it  ;D
On the Apex I used up every aux sub-config ...sprinting, weapon wheel, scopes etc, but they are all easy to activate playing with the Apex (foot pedals / pinky switches on the Azeron)

I'm wondering if the Nexus ever gets an Aux sub-config, might we be able to use it with a hub thus making foot pedals an option again ... would the Nexus register a pedal press?

The thing I like about the Nexus is that the bad stuff from The Division is only applied in motion aim , so the controller side of it works fine for stuff like the sprint/look which needed an aux on Apex.

I'm debating whether or not to get a Xbox Series X and buy a new Xim Apex alongside it. But before doing so, I wanted to hear:

What's the chance that Xim Apex will somehow be patched thus not work on newgen Xbox consoles?

Just a heads up ... the way that I am reading your post is that you want to buy Xbox Series X and also a NEW Xim Apex at the same time ?
The Apex is currently out of production so you might want to check your options before you get the Xbox.You will either have to get a used Xim Apex or see if you would want to play with the new Xim Nexus ?

To you two guys that get it ... thank you  :)

To Ping ... I've been here since 2011 and I think I know when my gunsight gets stuck and wont move without an aux to help it ;)

Used the Nexus on The Division last night and the biggest problem I had was with weapons that needed an aux config when I played with the Xim Apex.

Using these weapons with the Nexus was not really playable.

For example on my Deadeye gear build I have to use a bolt action sniper rifle, and you need to use a scope with high crit damage (i.e. an assault rifle scope). This is really sluggish but I overcame it with an aux config on the Apex.

On the Nexus I can't use an aux config and increasing the motion sensitivity is not practical as I would be switching weapons.

I realize it was not the best game to start learning with the Nexus  ... it's fun to play with, really hoping to get support for games like Forza in the near future  :)

Update:   Have to say that this was in no way meant to be a criticism of the Nexus. I was just pointing out the differences that I felt between playing with Apex and Nexus on a game with bad mechanics.

I've been playing with the Nexus for a few days now and I'm liking what I'm experiencing.

The trigger mapping feature is pure genius, thank you for that one OBsIV :)

I know a fix is coming for the manager disconnects but I hope it's soon ... it's a wee bit frustrating constantly having to connect.

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