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General Discussion / Kinect 2 and xim4
« on: 06:14 AM - 07/08/13 »
Don't know if anyone else has brought this up, we all know that the xim3 can't be detected by the xbox 360.
Sooo ...if an xim4 is made to work with the boner .... is big brother Kinect going to be watching you and see your sweaty little paws clutching a mouse instead of a controller !!!  ;D

XIM EDGE Discussions / switcher for weapon wheel
« on: 08:59 AM - 11/18/12 »
I have been using a switcher on my xim3 to make the weapon wheel in Red Dead Redemption manageable. My xim3 is acting up a bit, and as the xim3 is no longer available to buy, I will have to get myself an Edge
I see that there are no switchers on the Edge?  To make the weapon wheel work a bit better in RDR I had to use a switcher where  I altered the xy ratio and also the dead zone. I had an in game key assigned to the switcher that I held down while using the weapon wheel, and this worked really well. Looking at other posts it seems that I will not be able to do this on the Edge ? On the xim3 the weapon wheel is almost impossible to use with the Smart Translator ... so if there are no switchers on the Edge .. can anyone tell me how I could work around this weapon wheel problem if I get an xim Edge ?

Technical Support / xim3 start up problem
« on: 07:22 AM - 11/18/12 »
I've had my xim3 since the first batch came out in 2011 and it's been great, but now I have a problem where it wont start up when I switch on my xbox. It has done this once or twice in the past, but if I disconnected then reconnected the usb cable to the xbox it started up as normal.
What is happening now is when I switch my xbox on the xim3 does not light up at all .. but if I unplug and reconnect the xbox usb cable my xim3 lights up but the controller only stays on for about 2 seconds and then turns off. The xim3 screen stays on for a few more seconds then powers off. I tried another controller and I also tried the rear usb ports on xbox ... same thing happens. I tried a different usb port on the rear of the xim3 .. same thing. It has worked flawlessly with the same set up for a long time .. help would be appreciated as I'm totally lost without it :(

XIM 3 Discussions / Question for Sony Nav users
« on: 03:21 PM - 01/06/12 »
I just bought a Sony Nav controller to try out and have discovered that when I plug it into my PC to charge it up with a usb cable the Nav stops charging when I switch my PC off.......unlike other things like my mixamp which will still charge as long as the PC has power.
So to my question....... once the Nav has been charged up fully for the first time before using with the xim.....what kinda gaming hours am I likely to get from the battery before I have to charge it up again ?
I had thought that I would be able to leave it to charge overnight...but I don't fancy leaving my PC or Xbox switched on all night just for this.....after six hours or more of gaming the poor thing needs a rest  ;D
If the battery charge life is not great I think I'll have a go at trying Klibos tutorial for removing the battery.

XIM 3 Discussions / XIMManager Custom config question
« on: 09:46 AM - 09/29/11 »
When I'm finished editing a new config in the XIMManager  I've got into the habit of doing a print out of the controller diagram to keep with my game for future reference.
This is ok when creating a new config that has a Smart Translator, as all of the controller actions are already there, and you only have to change the Key/Mouse box in XIMManager to whatever suits you, then print it out.
My question.....is there anyway that the Custom config that's in with the Smart Translators could have a white box instead of  reading "Unknown" in the picture of the controller in XIMManager?  Then if using a standard config it would mean only having to write down the "Action" in the box on my print...if this makes sense.
I've been using the Windows Snipping tool and using the white pen tool to erase the "Unknown" boxes so I can write over them, but it's more bother than it's worth lol ! If it's possible it would be nice... as it's neat having the controller layout and button actions on the one print to keep with the game instead of bits of paper.

I've spent 3 hours trying to use the latest XIMManager firmware upgrade but everytime I reconnect the XIM3 to my xbox I get the dreaded red screen.
I then went back to flash drop 20110407 and had no problems after setting up all my configs again, but of course I cant use the latest smart translators.
So is there anyway to get these ST's with a flash drop or is the XIMManager now going to be the only way to update?


Edit... Problem solved my bad  :-[

I've just downloaded the new  firmware drop and when I updated the Smart Translators list Red Dead Redemption wasn't in the list of 10 allowed ST's. So I then selected Red Dead Redemption to download and replace one of the existing 10 ST's (Halo3). The Smart Translator  list then showed RDR in my ST list with the arrow beside it, and also that Halo 3 had been removed from the list.
 I then went to set up my game configs for RDR but it was not showing on the list and Halo3 was still there.
Am I right in assuming that I don't have to rename Halo3 to RDR, and that xim3 should automatically rename it ?
On a side note.... after this happened I got my first ever red screen when I tried to reflash to firmware v 2011020.......I have it working now though ! ....( version 201120 )
I've had the xim3 since Feb 18'th, so I had previously downloaded the 2011020 firmware with no problems,and also replaced old translators with new ones.
For this latest firmware drop I followed the instructions for the factory reset before proceeding.
Has anyone tried replacing a translator with any success?

I found this post when I was searching the forums....
and I wondered if there were any other games where the game mechanics differed between SP and Multiplayer. 
Out of curiousity...... does OBsIV have to run the smart translator on both SP and MP when he's testing a game ?
Probably a dumb question I know...  just wondered  :-[

Technical Support / Mionix Naos 5000 dpi button assignment
« on: 03:13 PM - 03/16/11 »
I've just replaced my logitech mx518 with a Naos 5000, main reasons being the higher dpi and also because it's a very comfortable mouse to hold.
I was hoping I would be able to assign the dpi up/down buttons to my XIM3 to give me more options, but it does not look as if it is possible. I have the latest software and firmware on the Naos
and the latest flash drop for the XIM3.
I have tried various software settings on the Naos ( all burned to its memory ) and the only way I could find a way to get the XIM3 to recognise the dpi buttons was by naming them in the Naos software as a default setting such as scroll up or mouse back / forward etc.
 But that just duplicated the existing mouse buttons and both would perform the same assignment.
The Naos software has no Generic setting like the Logitech has.
There is an option for Macros and also an option for assigning a single keyboard press to each dpi button
I tried naming a keyboard press out of curiousity, but as I thought it did not work.
Is this something that could be included in a future update for XIM3 ?
i.e. the mouse recognising a keyboard number?
It would be nice to be able to use the extra two dpi buttons on the mouse  :)

Technical Support / Contacting a moderator
« on: 10:49 AM - 02/21/11 »
Can anyone tell me if there is a required number of posts needed before you are able to PM a forum
moderator? I've searched help but can't find an answer ( if it's staring me in the face sorry in advance) :-[

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