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XIM APEX Discussions / This is beyond a joke
« on: 05:43 PM - 03/04/18 »
So I got into the shop at opening, was already logged in, then put an Apex in my shopping cart. Updated my credit card details and clicked proceed. The shop then asked me to put in a "valid email address" ? My email was already there from my account details but I typed it in again and clicked proceed  .... bang !! back to the storefront and no Apex.

This whole thing is just so Mickey Mouse but I'm not laughing ... I'm not angry, I just feel stupid being a part of the whole charade.

ADZ pulled my plonker earlier on in the day by sending me an email at 4.40 am telling me the store would open at 7.00am, thanks lol .. I had just gone to bed 10 minutes earlier after trying the Xim store at 4.00am because I got the American way of reading dates wrong, I know stupid me thought it was the 3rd  day not the 3rd month lol.

Wake me up when the Circus leaves town.

General Discussion / Logitech G13 Amazon uk price cut
« on: 06:08 AM - 01/13/17 »
So I was looking at prices for the G13 the other day, and they were all at about the 79 mark at Overclockers etc .. and Amazon were out of stock.

Checked again today and Amazon UK have the G13 on sale now for 47.99 .. decent price  :)

General Discussion / Sugru ... make your own?
« on: 03:11 PM - 10/03/15 »
I've used Sugru a lot and one of the things that bugs me is, if I open a sachet of Sugru and only use a little for a keycap or something ... I end up throwing the remainder in the bin.

I'm looking to make a nub for a little 4 way Dpad, and today I came across this site,


I like the idea of just being able to mix up a small amount of the stuff ... haven't tried it yet, but it looks ok, and you can colour it with a few drops of artists linseed oil paints.

So I went back to GTA5 on the Xbox One last night after not having played it for a while, and got yet another Rockstar Update before I could get the game started.

Started up Gta Online and the 3rd person look mechanic was all over the place and totally unplayable.

I've played it a lot in the past, and thought it worked quite well on the xim4, everything is set up as suggested for the GTA5 ST.

I then set up the GTA5 1st person (X1.2*) and it played ok, but I can't get used to Rockstars idea of 1st person ... move sideways a fraction when you sprint and you do an auto 180.  ::)

The thing is when I tried 3rd person with the X1.2* ... it felt much better than the 3rd person  with the X1.1* translator.

I realise that we can't expect Mist to keep redoing the game over and over everytime Rockstar changes things .. I just wondered if any other forum members have played GTA5 recently and noticed this.

Btw my xim4 has 20150606 Manager/Firmware ... and my android has not been connected to the internet since the latest ads toggle firmware was released ... so my configs are all working well (apart from GTA)

General Discussion / GTA V to get 1st person mode ?
« on: 06:32 PM - 09/21/14 »
Just read about this online ... wonder if there's any truth in it.
Would definitely make me buy it again for the xbox one if it happens.

Member Projects / Stinkyboard homemade pedal housing.
« on: 05:43 PM - 09/13/14 »
I've played a few times using my brand new Stinkyboard, I like it, but I have huge feet :)
I found it hard to not accidentally set it off (even with the firm springs) ... so I had a go at adapting it to have both feet on a rest with a floating pedal setup.
I made it from bits of MDF / scrap wood / 4 rubber door wedges, and some strips of thin ABS.

First I cut a baseboard, then cut some timber to the shape of the stinky ... ( the shaped mdf added on top of the wood is because I didn't allow enough thickness in my timber measurement, to compensate for a pedal press raising the opposite pedal up, so I had to raise the height a little by adding the mdf ) .... 1st mistake!  :-[
BTW in case it is misleading ... that is just a scrap of hardboard underneath it ... to protect it from my messy bench lol !
Edit ... just floating thoughts by here.
I guess you could simplify things a lot by just making a hole in a board above each switch, and using something like a piece of wood or a rubber door stop that you could just hot glue onto the Stinky, and use it as a pedal.
The hole would just need to be bigger than the pedal width to allow for movement.


2. Stinky in the housing.
btw the little black pieces in the previous picture are spacers that sit against the under edge of the Stinky ... (thick enough to keep it in place but not come into contact when the board is pressed)
I put them in so I could leave a gap between the Stinky and the shaped corner supports.

3.  Underside of footrest "lid" that will sit on the shaped timber supports holding the Stinky  ... ( those little rubber wedges will rest on the Stinky at the switch position )
2 inch square cut outs of the MDF board above Stinky switches / then cut the thin end of a rubber door wedge to  sit inside the cut out.
Used some strips of thin flexible ABS and epoxy glued the rubber wedges to the ends and screwed the strips to the underside of the mdf footrest.
(I should have cut the ABS strips to the narrow width "all" along it's length) .. mistake

4. This is the top of the footrest "lid" :
Use the bits of mdf that were cut out above the switches and reduce to fit inside the cut outs for the pedals ... making sure to leave enough space on the inside edge to accommodate it ... ( When a pedal is pressed the opposite pedal will rise / make sure it does not get restricted)
I epoxy glued the mdf cutouts onto the back of the ABS that already has the rubber glued on. (in previous picture)
Then I cut the leftover piece of the rubber door wedge to size ... ( measured from the thick end ) and epoxy glued it onto the  little bit of mdf I had glued onto the ABS.
Again making sure that it does not come into contact with the inside of the board when the opposite pedal is pressed ... you can see the marked arrows where I had to fix  it because it was tight  :-[

5. This is the pedal / footrest assembly screwed on to the base that holds the Stinkyboard.
The little rubber wedge on the bottom is just resting on the Stinkyboard above the Cherry mx switch ... ( bad pic ! ... you can't see the rubber wedge that rests on the Stinky, but the outside edge of the rubber is aligned with the outside edge of the Stinky / and the shape of it follows the contour of the Stinky  )
The lightest of  touches on the top rubber pedal brings the switch into play ... I'm finding it's a whole lot quieter now ... my wife was moaning about the noise I was making with the Stinkyboard before I made this lol.
It's pretty straightforward to make ... costs next to nothing, and I'm finding it so comfy having both feet on the rest  :)

6. Topped the whole thing with a carpet tile and also made a little bit to sit under the base to raise the angle a bit for extra comfort.
I can rest the outside edge of my feet against  the side pedals and engage them with just a slight rock to the side.

Don't know if I've explained this well enough to make any sense ... I didn't take photos as I was doing it as I never really intended to post it ...  it's a quick knock up and a bit messy ( I was just making it up as I went along lol)

Edit ... I've been using this for a while now and the only downside I'm finding is that I tend to get too comfy with my feet position sometimes ... forgetting that I need to use them  :)   ... but it works great for me /  I'm just using the Stinky to bind my dpad buttons to ... it frees up my G13 a bit, and I'm using those freed G13  keys as secondary settings for the xbox ABXY ...  I always find them now in a button mash game lol.


General Discussion / Free image uploaders
« on: 04:25 PM - 09/07/14 »
Who do you guys use for uploading photos to the forum?
I only upload the occasional photo to the forum ... I had used imageshack before, but when I tried to upload a photo earlier I found out I need a yearly subscription now to be able to link to the forum ... can you link a photo to the forum for free with Imgur ?

Feedback / Thank you xim4 team.
« on: 07:11 PM - 08/07/14 »
Yeah ... it's been worth the wait.
It feels super smooth and the android app is also much better than I expected it to be ... really easy to use ... although I loved the screen on my xim3 this xim4 manager leaves it behind.
Just being able to play about with secondary button mapping in game and not have to stop and connect to the PC is amazing ... the walk feature for keyboard users is another nice addition.
So thanks for a quality product ...  :)

Been reading about the xim4 e to xim4 bluetooth pairing problems.
So if say I have 2 Xim4's and I use them both, (not at the same time) with the same Android device or PC with bluetooth ... will the fact that they both have the same name cause any pairing problems?
I know I will be able to use one with my phone and the other with my laptop to be sure but I wondered if it would cause any conflict if I used them both on the same device?

General Discussion / External hard drive for xbox one ?
« on: 06:47 AM - 06/05/14 »
Anyone have any advice on a suitable usb 3.00 external drive for the One now that the June system update has rolled out.
I've seen some info about the Seagate Expansion 4TB being used with the One, but that has it's own power cord  .. are there any decent drives out there that would work with the Xbox One that don't need their own power supply ?  (i.e. run with just a usb cable attatched)

General Discussion / Question for PS4 users
« on: 06:57 AM - 05/06/14 »
Any of you find the noise of the fan a bit irritating ? I've seen loads of complaints online about the fan on the PS4 being loud and others saying that they don't notice it. I just got a PS4 and I can still hear the fan with my AD700's on ... my xbox slim was completely silent compared to this
I have it on top of a desk with nothing near it ... so plenty air flow.I've read about the fan kicking in on games like Killzone at certain points in the game ... but my fan seems to run at full speed all the time, even when the game is paused. I'm loving the graphics on the PS4 but the fan is really pi$$ing me off .

Smart Translators / xim3 Smart Translators
« on: 10:01 AM - 03/17/14 »
I've noticed that there have been no new smart translators for xim3 in quite a while.
I recently asked about a ST for Far Cry Classic and I've noticed that it is showing on the Xim4e beta download for edge users as an ST for xbox360.
Will xim3 users be able to use smart translators from this download ?
I'm asking out of curiousity and appreciate that things are a bit hectic right now ... no next gen console for me at the moment but ... I'll be getting the XIM4 as soon as it's available  ;D

General Discussion / Far Cry Classic
« on: 07:21 AM - 02/10/14 »
The original version of Far Cry that was only ever released on PC is coming out this week for consoles ... anyone getting it ?
It used to be one of my fave games all those years ago .. I remember going through that cave at the beginning thinking the graphics were $hit .. then you come out to the Jungle and the sea and WOW !! > hoping for a smartie for this one

Smart Translators / Far Cry Classic
« on: 06:54 AM - 02/10/14 »
This comes out this week and I was wondering if it would be checked out for a Smart Translator ?
I'll be trying the Crysis and FC3 smarties out but it would be nice to have a ST for it.

My old ISP is closing their email service in November so I tried to update my forum profile to a new gmail address. It said an activation code had been sent but it didn't arrive and I was unable to sign in. Is a gmail address not usable?

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