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XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Update
« on: 01:32 PM - 01/21/11 »
All of this, (to me) looks all the dogs in the yard know thier going to get fed, but they all want the first bowl.   ;D

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Xim3 tshirt :D
« on: 09:58 PM - 01/18/11 »
"XIM3 Its not what you play, IT'S how you play"

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Xim3 tshirt :D
« on: 07:53 PM - 01/18/11 »
I belong to a longrange shooting club, and we went through this a couple of years ago, and now we have the coolest shirts of longrange clubs.  You could put the XIM3 logo on the front left chest side, with a XBOX-mouse-keyboard and the web site on the back, with a saying "XIM3 is Precision Gaming" or somthing that you guys all comeup with.

I'm came late to this kind of thing .  If somebody could explane the basics of this.  I have a G700 mouse I really need help understanding this.


I been playing cod pc multiplayer  since they came out and I just can't take the hacking any more.  No matter how good a person is, playing against a hacker is uneven.  So I have changed to Xbox, mainly because my son, who is in the navy, left his at home.  He bought a new one where he is, so I get his old one.  I am a tried and true mouse and keyboard user, and I need, want, crave a XIM3.

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