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XIM 3 Discussions / Re: MLG Pro Game Play
« on: 07:34 PM - 07/31/11 »
pfff would pwn this guys easily with my xim2

So u say, big statement.  Do u compete?  How many champtionships do u have?

XIM 3 Discussions / MLG Pro Game Play
« on: 02:06 PM - 07/31/11 »

XIM 3 Discussions / Rainbow Six Vegas 2
« on: 06:11 PM - 07/20/11 »
Any body playing Rainbow Six Vegas 2? If so What is your set up?  Getting tired of blackops want to to something new.


Since my boy started playing.  I think around 15-16 yrs. ago,  had a playstation 1 then a ps 2 along with computers.  Since my boy is in the navy now we play xbox so we can play together.  trying to talk him into a zim3.

51 here, and I my self have been looking for mature game players. Probably should start a thread  and call it "hey old guys".  Any way add me if  U want.  Gametag: SeaWolf323,  in Middle CA

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: The 35+ Club...
« on: 04:30 PM - 04/13/11 »
I'm 51 and getting younger. Life really starts when the kids are gtown and out of the house.  Now I can chase the wife around the house without worrying about the kids.

If your still looking, I'll try out. I'm tactical minded, and like team work.  consider.

I sit in my recliner  to play, I use a piece of aluminum 10"x32" to span the arms.  I used a Razer-Kabnto mouse pad.  My setting where 11.25, 16.75, I use a G700 mouse 5700,OS setting.  I had the aluminum sandblasted and powdercoated flat black, now my setting are 5.25, 7.50.  The pad had alot of drag on it. 

No one can stop another from doing anything. That said, I someone wants to sell on ebay, you can't really stop them.  The buyer needs to know he will have no support from the store or OB. If the buyer knows this and is ok with it, then what are you going to do?  They just can't cry about it later, so they paid to much for nothing.  I don't know if the Xim3 has a seiral # or how they keep track of what they sell. If OB. wants to keep these off ebay, than he will have to make his store the best deal, cheaper and easier than ebay. How would pay more on ebay somthing they can get cheaper at the store.  It just has to be at the store.  Now if a Xim3 was say singed by OB. in gold ink, all bets are off. 

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Weird yet scary story.
« on: 08:00 PM - 02/27/11 »
Ask him his name, and tell him you need to know, so that when you call MS and ask if he works there.  If he won't give his name, tell him your still going to conntact MS and report him.

Try swiching the ADS to the space bar, How often to you jump?

Hardware Compatibility / Re: G510 Keyboard Info help
« on: 11:41 PM - 02/10/11 »
no I never looked for it

Hardware Compatibility / Re: G510 Keyboard Info help
« on: 10:14 PM - 02/10/11 »
Where can I find the specs of a compatible wall wart I can use with the XIM3?  Sorry if it was posted in another thread, couldn't find a definitive answer.

I got a cheap Dynex keyboard, works good but not as good of G510.  I wait until they fix it

Configurations and Requests / binding two buttons to one
« on: 09:57 AM - 02/10/11 »
G700 mouse aux. 2 button ADS+ breath for sniper rifle.  Plus I had by mistake put change weapon+ kneel / prone on aux.1

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