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Wait..what? I just read your post mouser. So that SC works by itself you say?

To be summarize my findings, my Syba DOES work by without the DSS2. I needed to add a skinny M-F USB extension cable (similar to THIS)for proper fit into a USB port next to the one occupied by the XIM cable.


PS4 USB port -> ext. cable ->Syba -> headphones (via mic and audio ports)
[Set 'audio devices' to 'all audio']

I still don't have the exact adapter your friend has. But I'm thinking theirs should act similarly -- but no guarantees.

Keep in mind the sound wasn't nearly as good as via the DSS2. You get what you pay for.

Having said all this though, I could not even get my syba to actually physically go into the ps4 usb port (probably poor manufacturing lol). But it did go into the dss2 usb port lol. So, I cannot actually confirm that this actually works in reality. It's just that in theory it should work.

This is likely what happened to me (see post #189). I had a hard time getting the adapter shoved into the PS4's USB port alongside the port occupied by the XIM4's USB. So it probably didn't/wouldn't go in completely.

EDIT: Yes, that is exactly what went wrong! I used a USB extender (cord with male and female ends). Syba adapter (no DSS2 as a middleman) lit up and was detected by the PS4. ADJUST 'AUDIO DEVICE' TO 'ALL AUDIO' (otherwise no sound). Sound is defintely not as quality as the DSS2, but you get what you pay for I guess. Oh, mic worked too.

So the one that ODIN suggested works without the dss?

Initially, I was going to say no. Googled "Syba-SD-CM-UAUD+ps4" and this hit came up:

So it appears to work by itself, just no surround sound. Need DSS2 for that. Seems awkward wiring though. Hopefully Od1n can chime in here someday.

This usb adapter that everyone uses is just plug n play? My buddy can't seem to get his turtle beach x12's to work on the ps4. He has this soundcard.


Says his headset does not work using this card. Is he doing something wrong? I have a different SC and us it with a DSS2 and mixer and my headset does not have a 3.5 mic jack so I can't test it. Does anybody have an idea on how he can get it to work?

I don't have that adapter, just the Syba.

What I've never done is try the Syba plugged into the PS4 by itself without the DSS2 in-between. (i.e., as close to what your friend is doing as possible with my hardware)...SYBA DOES NOTHING BY ITSELF. No sound, no mic, nothing. In the 'audio devices' screen, most options are greyed out and the 'C-media device' notice (shown in reply #168 of this thread) doesn't show up.

I suspect your friend's Sabrent adapter is as inactive as my Syba adapter by itself. If he doesn't want to buy a DSS2, he could try buying Od1n's cheaper USB adapter (the 7.1 surround one).

EDIT: I think this is the one I've seen him mention (or someone else): http://www.amazon.com/HDE-Channel-External-Sound-Adapter/dp/B0027EMHM6

EDIT 2: Nevermind, my brain is failing me. He mentions another type here and it's only as a mic adapter: http://xim4.com/community/index.php?topic=31510.msg402232#msg402232

I recall someone trying the one successfully using the adapter I mentioned in EDIT 1, but I could be going crazy.

@rezneffix: Now that you mention it, when I have output to headphones set to 'all audio' there is a little static/feedback on my end vs. when 'chat audio'. So I understand the tradeoff.

@b.o.n.s, thanks for the clarification. It's been so long since I setup party options I forgot what the mixing menu was, LOL. 

More importantly, I THINK I FOUND THE PROBLEM. (Why you see the voice signal move in the adjust mic level menu but don't hear yourself, while I can). It's not you (or me).

In testing, I setup a party (from the main menu). Then went into party settings. Did this primarily to find the party/game mixer. Noticed the 'adjust microphone level' option. Tried that from within the party setup menu. SHOWED THE SAME THING YOU SAW. That is, voice level increases when I speak but I don't hear my voice.

I thought it was that the 'adjust mic level' sub-menu was acting different from within the party settings menu vs from within the 'Settings' menu. So I went to settings->devices->audio devices and selected 'adjust microphone level'. (Just as I had while making my imgur album). AGAIN I SAW VOICE LEVEL INCREASING BUT I CAN'T HEAR MY VOICE.

So, I went to the 'party' menu and left my party. Went back to settings->devices->audio devices and selected 'adjust microphone level'. I COULD HEAR MYSELF AGAIN.

So, there's something that screws up this adjust mic level sidetone when you're in a party. When you're not in a party, it has sidetone. So try this test without being in a party.

If that doesn't work, your male-male 3.5mm cable (going from USB to Aux-in) may be bad, or the drivers activated by your USB adapter somehow blocks sidetone entirely.

Lastly, re: audio mixing in party settings. You should be able to adjust to your liking. Mine is set to default of even chat and game level (i.e., right in the middle of the range)

Still have some questions about the setup (mic testing/chat volume).

I have everything exactly connected as the opening post (only difference i don't have the Syba but a other one).
Audio is set via optical/dolby and output is chat only.

1. The mic works in chat, and good. But, when i test the microphone volume under devices/mic i can't hear myself, but the mic is working (i can see the bar filling up).
Is there a solution?

2. When i'm in a party and playing a game i can't adjust the party/game volume in the chat mixing option. It isn't working. Now i set the volume of the DSS2 and the volume of the output on the levels i want.

If you have it hooked up as in rez's/OP's diagram, the main variable I see is your USB headset adapter being different. From my imgur album, (pic #3):

My USB adapter triggered 'C-media USB Audio Device'. What does the menu on your PS4 look like with your setup? Are some other drivers installed?

Also, I don't quite understand your comment #2. Did you fix the problem in the third sentence? Or was that an elaboration of the problem presented in the first sentence?

General Discussion / Re: Windows 10 Reveal Event
« on: 04:00 PM - 01/21/15 »
holograms looks crazy
Caught a glimpse of that too

@ b.o.n.s and rez', you're welcome!

Have my dss2. Sounds great!
But when i set audio to chat only i hear the game sound through my display.
I wired everything correctly. Can someone help my?

Ps. I don;t have a syba usb adapter, i use a soundblaster Play usb card.

Hmm. Not familiar with your usb card, but it seems similar to the other ones mentioned in this thread that do work.

I posted an imgur page of my setup on p.8 of this thread (link to imgur album). On the caption of the 3rd pic, I mention that I have my settings set to 'all audio' as I found setting it to 'chat audio' was too quiet. So, try doing that switch to see if it's more to your liking.


When looking into monitors, make sure not to confuse response time with input lag.  Most monitors do NOT advertise their input lag.  I recommend checking any monitor you are considering on this site:

Thanks for that site! Bookmarked for future reference.
To OP, I'm using an ASUS VH236H that I decided to buy after much Googling re: input lag.

Whelp, that was a cluster****. CEO apologizing and indicating a 'remedial sale' (LINK)

On second thought, I'm okay with my kb. At least I got to watch football while pressing F5 repeatedly

solid 50% , too bad the arcade stick is out of stock

Yeah, too bad...[bump!]

From this link

"For 24 hours starting Jan 12, 6.00pm PST/UTC-8, all Razer peripherals will be on 50% off, and systems at 30% off. This offer is open to all fans on Razer Insider. You will need to have a Razer ID linked to Insider"

Anyone want an Orbweaver Stealth?

Yes. As the dss converts the surround sound into a algorithm to a virtual surround sound for headphones. So the amp doesn't change that

what kind of cable should I use to connect DSS2 to E09K ?

Nice! Thanks. Good job! That should help him out.

3.5mm Male to 2-Male RCA

3.5 go to your dss2 headphone out(front)
Rca back of your e09K aux in
and headphone to the front of the amp


Please ignore the feet  :-[

10x, mine looks similar now :)

should I buy e7 combo with the e09k ?

it got no surround sound...THe Dss will do just fine

I just noticed from this pic that the DSS2 isn't plugged in (via USB). Hopefully it's obvious to everyone that you still need to plug the DSS2 to the console. The pic is just there to demonstrate the amplifier portion.

General Discussion / Re: Created an indie games studio
« on: 02:46 PM - 01/05/15 »
Awesome to hear someone going after their dream. Really hope your '10,000 hours' pays off.

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