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Beta / Re: 20150212 + STv2 Feedback
« on: 01:27 PM - 04/06/15 »
I can confirm as well that this doesn't happen to me on PS4 HL using 0212 and the 2.5 update.

Great! Good to know I'm the only one inconvenienced (no sarcasm intended).

If you haven't already I would try to further isolate the hardware you use. You mentioned trying two mice and an alternate cable that is confirmed to pass data, this helps. What you can do now is plug in the XIM4 to the PS4 with only the controller attached and see if it happens with only the controller, then plug in only the mouse and see if it happens.

Are you using additional hardware like a hub, switch or repeater cable?

NOooooo! Gotta re-enter my config yet again! LOL.

Eh, 'for the advancement of knowledge' I'll put 20150212 back on again tonight. I'll report back later tonight. I have not tried XIM with DS4 only (no attached mice or kb).

Also, I'm not using a hub, switch or repeater cable.

Beta / Re: 20150212 + STv2 Feedback
« on: 12:03 PM - 04/06/15 »
How long does it take for this to occur? Is it immediate? I can flash this build and attempt to reproduce.

Yes, it's immediate.

I haven't had issues with the PS4 2.50 update ^^

Playing Hardline right now without a single hiccup

That's what I thought! Thanks for verification that no one else has this issue. As I stated, I might have a bad update download. (I could factory reset and re-DL a cloudsave, since I'm PS+, but I've been kinda stripped of free time this week).

Beta / Re: 20150212 + STv2 Feedback
« on: 11:47 AM - 04/06/15 »
Thanks for the problem report. Does this happen on any other game for you?
You're welcome! Yes, I tried BF4 and got the same unresponsive firing (see 7) above). That's the only shooter I still own for the PS4. Indicated to me that it wasn't a problem with the BF:HL update. Along with the XIM4 + 20150212 working on PS3 with BO2, it indicates that the XIM fw+mgr installation was probably OK. Indicates a PS4 problem (system update and/or DS4 problem since PS3 uses DS3).

Hard to imagine, but I left out some troubleshooting attempts. From the chronological-ish order above, at ~ step 3), I also switching the cable from XIM to PS4 with a known-working data cable. Still got the firing problem in game. Also tried switching ports on the XIM and mice -- still got the firing problem in game.

Beta / Re: 20150212 + STv2 Feedback
« on: 10:55 PM - 04/05/15 »
Found a possible issue with beta fw+mgr 20150212.

Background: a) Haven't played my PS4 in awhile so system update required; b)bought BF:HL (also required updates); c)I updated my Nexus 7 to to a 3rd party LP 5.1 ROM. So lots of variables to complicate troubleshooting.

(BTW, I was on fw+mgr 20150212)

First BF:HL mp game, as Operator, my AR autofires constantly until I run out of ammo! Switch to secondary gun. Autofires one round then no firing when I press my mouse. Check my controller. Triggers are not depressed on anything. Change class to Enforcer. Can't get the shotgun to fire at all.

Troubleshooting attempts:
1) Use controller still wired to XIM: Firing unresponsive to any presses: Autofire on AR with Operator, secondary won't fire (but fires a shot every time I land after I jump)
2)Change controller's USB cable (known to be functional for data transfer): Still unresponsive after reconnecting the controller)
3)Restart PS4: Problem persists.
4) Use DS4 controller without XIM: EVERTHING IS WORKING
5) Try BO2 on my PS3 with same XIM (but PS3 controller): WORKS GREAT
6) Back to PS4, reset XIM to factory settings + reinstall manager: BF:HL problem's still there.
7) Try BF4 with settings from 6): Primary weapon autofires. (WTH!? It used to work a few weeks ago with 20150212 on my old tablet).
8. Install Manager on my Windows tablet (i.e., Maybe it's my 3rd Party Nexus ROM?): Manager connects via internal bt but autofire problem's still there.
9) Reset XIM to factory settings + reinstall manager on Windows tablet: Problem's still there.
10) Roll back XIM to fw+mgr to 20141114 on my Nexus (with LP 5.1): BF:HL WORKS AND I CAN FINALLY PLAY A GAME.

All this may be anectdotal bec. I haven't seen anyone else report this. I think it points to something with the PS4 system update not working with 20150212. Maybe I got a corrupted update that no one else got and/or my hardware is getting flaky. Really strange. I really liked 20150212.

Beta / Re: 20150212 + STv2 Feedback
« on: 10:21 PM - 03/30/15 »
FWIW, I finally got around to rooting and installing a 5.1 ROM (Resurrection Remix) on my 2012 Nexus 7 for fun.

Installed 20150212 manager and paired perfectly once I remembered I had to press the 'P' button on the XIM4.

Bec. it's a 3rd party ROM, it may not be perfectly relevant to troubleshoot Ding Chavez's problem, but it is data.

Seems like a last ditch effort to get people back on TF... pity this didn't happen on Origin as well, I'd rather spend my time on the PC version.
PC DLC will be free too.

It's not a last ditch effort. It's something the community has demanded for several months. Make the DLC free after 1 year so the in-game player base won't be cut in half. It makes it hard to find games when half have DLC and half don't... Etc.

One thing about Titanfall is they have listened to the majority of community requests on every issue, except the smart pistol.

Yup, PC offer is live now.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Sony Nav refurbished question
« on: 06:48 PM - 03/09/15 »
*WARNING* If you remove the battery from the Nav, you'll lose wireless capability. I hope that's obvious but, you never know, eh? 

I used to use a Nav when I used the XIM3. It does work with battery removed -- but USB wired -- on the XIM3. I don't know if XIM4 acts the same, as I've gone back to kb. Someone else would have to confirm.

how do i make the xim4 work on pc? its detecting the controller but not responding in game

colb posted this awhile ago.
I bookmarked it bec. I thought I would try it someday. Hope it helps.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Sony disabling Xim4
« on: 11:26 PM - 03/05/15 »
Splitfish will make sure they use this advantage. The second the XIM works again they will telephone to Sony. Thatís what you would do if you would have paid for a deal.

Or, XIM could use a Splitfish controller as authentication. Muaha ha ha ha

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Smart translator v2 IS IT OUT ?
« on: 12:21 PM - 03/03/15 »
Still beta testing, not officially released yet.

Available in the 'stickied posts' in the XIM4 Release Candidates section (http://xim4.com/community/index.php?board=77.0). BE SURE TO FOLLOW DIRECTIONS/WARNINGS FOR INSTALLATION

Give feedback in this thread (http://xim4.com/community/index.php?topic=39217.0)

Hardware Compatibility / Re: PS4 wired headset
« on: 09:59 PM - 02/21/15 »
Wow, never heard of that headset until now. From the product description, I don't even know if has the wiring that a PC headset has (separate mic and audio 3.5mm connectors). So what I say may not work with your headset.

On a lark, I tried this with my Sennheiser PC360's:

IT DOESN'T FIT INTO THE USB PORT WHEN THE XIM CABLE IS IN THE OTHER PORT. I had to use an extender cable like this one:
It was skinny enough to fit next to the XIM.

Even with this, the only way to get audio was to set

PS4 USB port -> ext. cable ->Syba -> headphones (via mic and audio ports)
[Set 'audio devices' to 'all audio'].

If you don't have the extension cable -- just for this experiment -- unplug the XIM to give you some room. Then try what I suggest to see if it works with your headset. If not, you may have to find other options.

Beta / Re: 20150212 + STv2 Feedback
« on: 02:39 PM - 02/20/15 »
Tried new fw and manager last night. Everything works great! Didn't notice a difference in BF4 gameplay, but I also haven't played it in weeks.

Played a couple hours last night. Now I CAN see a difference. Made some 180-shots I couldn't do before on BF4 (aim assist off). Even got some panic CQC hip fire kills with the Scar H SV that I don't think I ever pulled off with the previous fw. Things just feel 'snappier' now. Great job OBsIV, et al.

Beta / Re: 20150212 + STv2 Feedback
« on: 01:02 PM - 02/19/15 »
Tried new fw and manager last night. Everything works great! Didn't notice a difference in BF4 gameplay, but I also haven't played it in weeks.

Manager installed on a 2012 Nexus 7 (running Lollipop). No problem re-pairing and communicating with the XIM4.

Other hardware listed in my signature.

i was bored today so I decided to try to make a compilation video.  Just an average player so no "beast mode" here.  Quick scope section is against bots only since I was just practicing.  This is the first time trying to quick scope in years, hence the missed shots.  I just upgraded to COD AW St v2 and really like it.  Thanks for such a great product.


Couple things:

1) Thanks for posting. You undersold it well as it was entertaining with the sound off (I'm at work watching it, heh).

2) I JUST FOUND OUT ST V.2 IS OUT THANKS TO YOUR POST. Haven't used my XIM in so long and only browse General Discussion board with any frequency. I'll dust it off tonight, I guess

I purchased a headset buddy for my GN9350e, it works, however the volume is too low on the headphone part, even on the highest setting.  I've plugged it into an AMP for now, but it seems to be overkill...  I think I will purchase a Mono Amp Breakout board from Sparkfun and see if I can use that instead.

I'm also open to suggestions.

Had to Google 'GN9350e'. Way different from the OP's or my setup. So I can't add any suggestions. However, if it works for you and you're happy with it, that's great. It's helpful to others to show wireless options exist vs. buying the PS4 Gold headset. So, your post is helpful.

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