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The pain of early adoption. You miss out on awesome bundles!:
Any plans to sell these shirts separately?

General Discussion / Re: E3 2015
« on: 03:52 PM - 06/15/15 »

General Discussion / Re: E3 2015
« on: 11:50 AM - 06/03/15 »
Am I the only one disappointed that it looks like they are using the same type of engine? I hope the polycount and clunkiness isn't as bad as previous games or as what's seen in this trailer.

I've read this as well (i.e., similar feedback). I actually think it's improved a lot over even Skyrim. (Bethesda title also, but I don't know if the titles use the same engine). There, and with FO3, FONV, characters would walk so stiffly and have that sliding 'forward moonwalking' thing going on. Pretty comical, and as I said, on the level of Half-Life 2 animations. I think the animations on FO4 are much improved...But then again, these might be cutscenes and in-game animation may be just as bad as FO3.

General Discussion / Re: E3 2015
« on: 11:05 AM - 06/03/15 »
OMFG!!  :o

And I get my Shepard too?

Are you @#$% kidding me!!


Saw this on reddit (my thoughts exactly):

General Discussion / Re: Virtual Reality with FPS
« on: 10:41 AM - 06/03/15 »
Your wife will probably be walking down a virtual mall and shopping while your kids will be playing with their virtual toys.

Better not be battery powered then. Her shopping trips will outlast most batteries ;)

General Discussion / Re: Virtual Reality with FPS
« on: 09:52 AM - 06/03/15 »
Looks awesome! Although my wife and kids will ROFL when they catch me waving my hands in the air while playing this.

General Discussion / Re: E3 2015
« on: 09:39 AM - 06/03/15 »
Fallout 4 day one? Better be so!!  >:(

Wow, didn't even have to wait until E3:

Looks like they upped the animations past Half-Life 2 levels.

which bugs? lol, they haven't shown us anything.... at all, for almost 2 years... or has it only been a year?  i know i heard about them doing an overhaul of the game from an RPG to an FPS - but i can't recall if that was a rumor or confirmed.

You were right on the 1st guess. Here's the E3 2013 reveal:

Re: buggy releases, I think they would want to avoid another Watchdogs or AC:Unity.


Hopefully the extra time allows them to eliminate any game-breaking bugs.

Drift0r just started an AMA on reddit after testing out BO3:

"I know it is not a popular thing to say here, but between the two. It is not as fast as AW because your thrusts don't accelerate you much. Jumping is slower and lower. Wallrunning does not cause a gain in speed or momentum either. On a scale of 0 to 100, with BO2 being 0 in move speed and AW being 100, Black Ops 3 is probably about a 65-70."

Hey Sikpup,
That's great to hear. Hopefully it leads to much more positive exposure to your foundation. Keep up the good work. Could always use more of that in the world, IMO.

Game Support / Re: Hardline: My Advanced Setup
« on: 02:07 PM - 04/15/15 »
Thanks RML. I've always had great luck with your ballistics. Will try these out.

Been playing since release, can't wait for the mods to arrive

You may not have to wait very long

Beta / Re: 20150212 + STv2 Feedback
« on: 11:58 PM - 04/06/15 »
Finally got around to re-installing 20150212 fw+mgr: EVERYTHING IS WORKING FINE. It's crazy.  Just for completeness I tried DS4 by itself. Worked fine with no firing problems. Can't figure out what went wrong, but just thankful things are right again.

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