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Beezles, and others.....Saw this offer on a deals site. Is this a reputable software? Apparently it's free until 2/6.

I just finished the dl. But haven't installed as I'm just paranoid abt. software I've never heard of before, lol.

General Discussion / Got a moab the other day.....
« on: 11:31 AM - 02/01/12 »
...at work ;)

I want to get an idea of how many XIM users will be playing inevitable MW3 DLC maps. I think others have a similar interest. I didn't see this subject come up as a topic in a search either...

This article makes a good point that if you don't get premium right away (doing it the 'old way' by buying map packs later if you like them), you're SOL cuz premie members would have been playing the maps possibly months before you. (@#$% you Activision!)

The workaround to this, of course, is to decide to NEVER buy DLC -- so you'll only be put into lobbies with the default maps.

So...Are you joining elite premium (buying Hardened edition is most cost-effective way to do it), or are you NOT going to join?

If you don't know this already, you can buy a 30oz drink from Subway and get an unlock code to play UC3 from now 'til 10/31. Best part is YOUR STATS WILL CARRY OVER TO THE FULL GAME, assuming you buy it (actual language on the 'find out more info' tab says "...get a head start on leveling up your profile before the full game is released Nov.1").


Anyways, the MP unlock codes are only on the 30oz drinks. Don't bother with the other stuff unless you want it, lol.

I don't know if Subway (and the promo) is international.

Got my code today @ lunch. Guess I won't be on the 360 for a couple days, lol.

PlayStation / VIDEO: Xim3 with Resistance 3 Beta
« on: 11:52 AM - 08/22/11 »
Something worthwhile to contribute to the community (I hope). The beta's only up for another week I think, but maybe the final game will have a similar look mechanic.

XIM3 settings are BC2 ST with a primary of 14 (15 black dots for me), secondary of 20. Tried Fear 3, Homefront and Crysis 2 STís and they were jittery around the deadzone area. I was using a g500 mouse and my new n52te keypad. Couldn't memorize all the key bindings, lol.

Playing the game, it's starting to remind me of Halo's look mechanic so I might try that next and update this thread if I have time.

General Discussion / Music wishlist for youtube
« on: 11:13 AM - 07/19/11 »
I know from several threads that some forum members are concerned about using unlicensed music for their youtube vids (as they should be, of course ;))

IF you had the license/permission to attach ANY song to your uploaded youtube video, which song(s) would be on your wishlist?

To start, off the top of my head, here are SOME of mine that I'd like to add to a FPS.

[Ironically added youtube links from uploaders who had license or didn't give a crap yet are getting away with it]:

Warning: You may want to turn down the volume before viewing some of these

Rage against the machine - Vietnow

Limp Bizkit - Break stuff

Soundgarden - Superunknown

The Cult - Little Devil [showing my age here]

Rage against the machine - Know your Enemy

PlayStation / FREE UC3 beta codes here!
« on: 12:27 PM - 07/01/11 »
Mist/Odin, if this is against forum rules, please delete.

Saw this via Facebook (Kmartgamer's wall). They're codes his assistant posted. I'm @ work and cant' log into my PSN via PC to use them so MAYBE ONE OF YOU PS3 USERS CAN GET ONE OF THESE BEFORE THEY'RE USED UP!

...I'm (sob) happy for you if you get one.

PS, if you have a FB acct, at the very least go there and thank Josh (the "Kmartgamer") for setting this up.

Smart Translators / FEAR 3 ST request
« on: 11:04 PM - 06/19/11 »
I'd like to request an ST for Fear 3 PLEASE ;D

I realize we have a worldwide audience that may not be celebrating Father's Day like we do here in the USA. But I think ANY Dad, anywhere can appreciate this - IF YOU DON'T MIND THE LANGUAGE.

LINK (to mp3 download posted on Slickdeals.net -- In the Wiki section is a mediafire or Dropbox download so you can get it without signing up for an account)

UPDATE (12:30 Pacific time, 6/15): Looks like the forum mods over there removed the mediafire and Dropbox links due to copyright. Not so unobtrusive anymore.

UPDATE 2. Someone made a youtube video out of it. Much better idea:

Backstory (highlight if you want to read): As a gaming father of two young kids, I'm lucky if I get in an hour of gaming on weekdays cuz the wife doesn't want me to play "rated M" games in front of the kids.

So I can't game until they're asleep. So, especially on launch days, under my breath, once dinner is through  -- all I'm thinking is

"GO THE F*CK TO SLEEP..............Please!"

General Discussion / Randy Savage dead.
« on: 12:14 PM - 05/20/11 »
To the "youngsters" here -- No, it's not Sandy Ravage....

news link

Haven't watched pro wrestling in a LONG time, but one of the WWF stars from my youth died, Randy Savage. Used to play him (or Hulk) in the video game.

I wasn't a huge fan, regardless, but I'm kinda shocked when a 'tough guy' from my youth dies.

General Discussion / Portal 2: good game?
« on: 03:57 PM - 04/27/11 »
Just read that Portal 2's going to be on sale for $35 on 5/1 @ Kmart (Second post down in link as of 3pm PDT). I liked the first one.

Does anyone who has Portal 2 think it's a good game? I've read it's pretty short...But for $35 I might buy it.

PlayStation / VIDEO: XIM3 on Killzone 3
« on: 02:36 PM - 04/18/11 »
Since PS3 is not officially supported, I didn't put this video in the Community Video thread on the XIM3 section...

I was using the latest BC2 ST's (primary and ADS/secondary). Primary sens set to 12.0
g500 mouse (5700 dpi), PS3 nav for movement.

Also this isn't a great video to showcase the XIM3 to 'the public'. I was rusty after having not played for over a week (causing me to run into walls and @#$%). Also, the random team I joined needed an Engineer most times. An LMG is NOT gonna showcase XIM3 accuracy.

So I may want to post a different video on the Community Video thread in the future, anyways.

This is a 'private' video. Was going to make link public once XIM3 officially releases

UPDATE 7-9-11: Finally updating this with the 'public' video

Couldn't find this topic after using the search tool...

Here's the 'official' announcement

No price mentioned but probably 1200pts like the previous one.

Are you going to buy it?

I'm probably going to wait until I see some youtube vids to see if I like the maps enough.

Hi Guys,
I read this thread at Cheapassgamer.com this morning.

I had to respond to the thread. Since I don't own any XIM yet, I had to write with a 'I'm personally going to wait for the XIM3', rather write about my experiences with a XIM. (Yes, I am 'DaBoltz' over there).

Would some of you care to join in to take a stand for the XIM?

PLEASE BE MATURE about it if you post. It really is a 'neutral forum' where there should not be any fanboyism but, Hey, it's the internet and a gaming forum so of course it shows up...But we're better than that, right???!!!!

First post for me (lurked for months though).

For those like me who are prepping for the XIM3 release (buying m/k and wired controllers)

Here's a good deal on a wired controller ($20 new, $18 used + shipping)


Have an mx518 and the controller. Just need a gamepad AND THE XIM3!

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