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I was told there would be a nice surprise for me if I logged back onto the forums...


Thanks man!  :D

General Discussion / Re: Xim4 for pc
« on: 07:01 PM - 05/26/17 »
You're welcome. Hope it solves the issue

General Discussion / Re: Xim4 for pc
« on: 05:09 PM - 05/26/17 »
AFAIK, colb is the guru for this. Here's a post of his that might help the OP:

I don't have a Nav myself anymore, but this is from The XIM4 User Manual, under "Wireless Nav Setup" (towards the end of the manual):

To use your Sony Move Navigation Controller wirelessly, you don?t need any extra hardware. Your XIM4?s
internal Bluetooth radio will be used. Follow these steps:
1. Make sure your XIM4 is OFF
2. Make sure your Nav is OFF and fully CHARGED
3. Plug your console controller into Port 3 on your XIM4
4. Plug your Nav wired (using a mini-USB cable) into Port 2 on your XIM4
5. Connect your XIM4 to your console that is already on
6. Wait for your XIM4 to initialize
7. Verify your Nav is working by using it's [sic] analog stick and pressing it's [sic] buttons
8. Unplug your Nav
After these steps, your Nav will be paired with your XIM4. These steps only need to be performed once. Next time
you power up your XIM4, simply press the PS button on your Nav and it will connect to your XIM4.

Also, as a newbie here, there are a LOT of hard to find sub-forums/threads (or whatever you want to call them). Here's one for Playstation Move Navigation Controller Support.. User willthetech points out the pairing steps there, as well, in the second post of the thread.

EDIT: BTW, welcome to the community!

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Rantopad Mxx keyboard works
« on: 10:36 AM - 05/21/17 »
Thanks, adding it. How is it with power? Does it use a power cable or are you needing a powered hub?

Works fine in all 'LED's constantly on' mode. Haven't tried the crazy 'wave mode' or 'fading fingerprint' modes. Works without extra power needed. Plug the kb's cable directly into XIM4 and it works without any issues that I've noticed. Didn't try it on my little-used PS3 but the USB 3 ports from my PS4 def. supply enough power to power the LEDs on this kb and a g403 mouse.

BTW, I REALLY like the Gateron Red switches. They feel smoother than the Cherry Mx Reds from my old CM Quickfire.

Hardware Compatibility / Rantopad Mxx keyboard works
« on: 09:13 PM - 05/20/17 »
Specifically, this one

General Discussion / Re: Home networking advice
« on: 09:56 PM - 07/17/16 »
Is this the pull rod?  The technicians used something like that to pull the fibre through wire tube in the wall and  under the floor all the way from back of the kitchen to the living room.
Yes, very similar concept (if you were directing your question to me).

General Discussion / Re: Home networking advice
« on: 05:52 PM - 07/16/16 »
Hey Beezles,
Somewhat related, I found THIS to be very helpful when I ran a HDTV coax cable from my attic, through the wall, into a media center box in the floor below. Shoving bare wire through that wall was a nightmare. (Once it hit any resistance, the wire would just bunch up and not go any further). This pull rod was strong enough to punch past any resistance.

It's basically a giant, sectioned fly casting rod. The customer criticism that the sections come off while running the cable is real, but I worked around it by duct-taping the sections so they wouldn't come apart. (Also duct taped the cable to the end of the rod I ran through the wall so it wouldn't come loose). OFC, it only works in a relatively straight shot from point A to B as it doesn't bend that much.

Good luck!

General Discussion / Re: Battlefield...1
« on: 02:30 PM - 05/06/16 »
Updated OP with official trailer

General Discussion / Re: Battlefield...1
« on: 02:14 PM - 05/06/16 »
WW1 confirmed!

EDIT: trailer has end-tag "play 1st on xbox one w/ EA access"

Also, as the reddit-leaker said, it does appear to be DICE-Sweden.

General Discussion / Re: Battlefield...1
« on: 10:47 AM - 05/06/16 »
Cool. It would be a nice change of pace. Air combat going back to propeller planes would be great too.

Yeah, def. gambling on trying something different. THIS reddit post by a guy with 'an inside source', turned out to be right about the WW1 setting. There's a yt link within his reddit post with a LOT of details. Includes an Air Superiority game mode with prop planes.

But, we'll know if that guy's source is totally correct after the official reveal at https://www.twitch.tv/battlefield in a few hours.

General Discussion / Battlefield...1
« on: 10:20 AM - 05/06/16 »
Leaked promo photos

Rumors = WW1 game, possibly via time-travel.

We'll know officially later today

UPDATE: WW1 confirmed. Time travel likely false rumor. Here's the official trailer

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