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Configurations and Requests / Re: BO2
« on: 02:40 AM - 12/07/12 »
Cant get the ADS down.  Feels too slow.

Can't seem to figure out how to get the ADS to feel right.    It's not even worth using it's so far off.

Configurations and Requests / Re: BO2
« on: 11:01 PM - 12/06/12 »
Just got the game for $30.    Will give feedback on the config after I manage to get my wife off of dance central.

XIM 2 Discussions / herro prease.
« on: 03:04 PM - 11/27/12 »
Been a while but I've pulled out the ol XIM2.

Found a scratched (non-working) copy of Halo4 for $20 the other day.  Put it under my car polisher with some M205 for a few seconds and boom, i have a reason to use my xim.

I've been working off of Madclowns config and almost have it dialed in.  still a little floaty but playable.

soooo, yeah,  maybe I'll see you guys on there.

ps, I'm playing under my wife's xbl account WickedButterf1y

General Discussion / Re: BF3 Hate Mail.
« on: 11:29 PM - 01/14/12 »
Cool story bro

Go back to buckshot after a few rounds.  Its so much more powerful, using anything else is frustrating.

I <3 shotguns.

General Discussion / Re: "Drop your modded controller"
« on: 12:04 AM - 01/01/12 »

i noe rite.

General Discussion / Re: "Drop your modded controller"
« on: 11:19 PM - 12/31/11 »
Meh, I only don't like it when people use Frags on the USAS. I mean either way it rapes @#$%, but at least it isn't completely unfair using buck or darts.
They supposedly nerfed the thing but it still rapes face. T-T

Had one guy @#$% at me for using the MP7... I was like "Dude you realize I can't kill past 10 feet ahahah"

I only use buckshot. Drag rounds are too weak and I'm accurate enough to not need splash damage.

To entertain the cry babies I switched to the 870 w/ buckshot and raped even harder.  Went 57-14 one round and 67- 16 the next.  Lol

Aaaaaaaand that's the internet folks.  Welcome to 2012 (almost)

General Discussion / Re: "Drop your modded controller"
« on: 11:33 PM - 12/30/11 »
PC gamers can be so much more harsh.

when you go 42 - 12 with the usas12 on BF3 you can run into some hate (I wasn't even using frag rounds)

General Discussion / Re: Bf3 pc and console
« on: 06:08 PM - 12/18/11 »
Sounds like you're one of those guys that calls everyone else a hack for having a good round.

I got called a hack on wake for going 47 - 0. I guess talking with your chopper pilot and coordinating. Attack routes and targets makes you a hack now.

General Discussion / Re: Bf3 pc and console
« on: 09:50 AM - 12/17/11 »
I haven't seen a single hack on bf3 yet.  Just some point farmers. 

Why do you want HDMI?  It's only needed if you have speakers built into the monitor.

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