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General Discussion / Re: DAC with EQ settings
« on: 02:28 AM - 05/14/15 »
I'm using a DSS2 with a pair of AKG K702 powered by a Bravo Audio V3. My DAC EQ setting and headphone amp are both flat. I find it better that way.

General Discussion / Re: Destiny House of Wolves
« on: 02:15 AM - 05/05/15 »
My wish will be that VoG stays at current level, so that it's easy grind for things like the vex...

I'm actually completely against that. I think that they should add a 34 VoG so you cold get the same gear but with max light level, or, at least, instead of giving yu gear, it would give you shards (or whatever it's used to increase damage and defense/light) so you aplly it directly to your gear.

This pains me... I actually love CoD and the thruth is, just like Batman Dobbins says, you need to stick it up to Activision to force them to create better content, because now they're so desperate that they're trying to make a Titanfall/Destiny rip-off.

I wonder if they will ever realize that they need to go back to he drawing board and reinvent the IP with a new engine a new storyline...

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: BLOPS3 - New ADS mechanic?
« on: 01:53 AM - 05/05/15 »
I'm calling smoke and mirrors... Every year is the same. They say they're going to change something that's going to "completely change the way you play CoD" and every year in the end it's just smoke and mirrors. 

Cryptic response = PS4 joy in the near future!   

And, dare I say, maybe a Killzone owl fix hidden up his sleeve?

Now you're just being a total tease... :P Here's to hoping. :)

General Discussion / Re: Destiny House of Wolves
« on: 01:35 AM - 04/24/15 »
3. *This one is just a personal FU to Bungie: FU for letting people 'ascend' their old raid gear!!!! Only say this because I dismantled almost all of my VoG gear.  :o ;D At least I kept my helmets...

After taking a second look I'm still not sure if the amour ascension will take you to max level, but I'm thinking no, because if if does I'll be really, really, really pissed and will also beat the purpose of doing the new content.

I think reforging is limited to the new Reef weapons. That's what Kotaku.com said anyway.

IGN said the same, but I'm still a little hesitant to say for sure yet, cause I've seen IGN say all weapons in another article.  Either way, I welcome it even in limited form.

On the Bungie stream they bought a shotgun on the Tower and reforged it on the weapons vendor. It will be limited to HoW weapons I think. Old ones keep the perks and increase the damage only.

General Discussion / Re: Destiny House of Wolves
« on: 09:56 AM - 04/23/15 »
I have never used Destiny LFG... I made my own friends list and raided with them during the VoG. Just after "The Dark Below" released I stopped playing for about 3 months and had a 30 Titan and a 28 hunter. I've started playing again and now I have two "need radiant shards" 31's (hunter and titan) and a 20 on the way to 31 warlock. I've raided every week with all my characters on all raids that applied (didn't do Crota with my Warlock) and we rarely use LFG. We sometimes use it to find one or to players sure, but there's always a friend that doesn't mind helping out, even if it's just to practice, because practice makes perfect.

General Discussion / Re: Destiny House of Wolves
« on: 08:55 AM - 04/23/15 »
I guess you're right. It will add customization (the lazy way) to the game. But it will do it at the expense of skill. Anyone can waltz in on a 26 level VoG, get the gear they need and waltz out... The real difference will be that sweet "No one died in the raid" trophy.   

Apart from the helm, you can get every set piece on normal (I think...) and just go on to speaker (or whoever) and ascend it. Honestly, I don't think that the materials to ascend gear will be that hard to get, but we'll see.

General Discussion / Re: Destiny House of Wolves
« on: 08:22 AM - 04/23/15 »
Has for the weapons I have no beef with what they're doing. As is I already have more weapons than I need, but it will  be fun to have all my characters with Suros, Visions Atheon's and so on fully upgraded.

I get the laziness point and I believe that you're right in that point and I also get the "lack of variety" point. There was a complete lack of commitment when designing the Faction/Crucible/Vanguard armours. They were basically the same build with different colours. But raid gear wasn't and still isn't. I just feel that they're taking something away from the most avid and dedicated gamers, the ones who spend days on end trying to get that piece of armour, weapon, ship, etc., that you can only get through hard work. Both Queen's Wrath and Prison of Elders seem to have a cap on how fast you can progress, so I'm curious to see how Trials of Osiris will be. That only from Friday to Tuesday, seems like another way to stretch out a not so large content... Meh... I don't know... The more I see, the less excited I get. I hope it changes when I actually play it. 

General Discussion / Re: Destiny House of Wolves
« on: 06:46 AM - 04/23/15 »

I get what you mean and for the most part I can relate. I just think that with this new gear ascension, armour not weapons, hardcore gamers were screwed over by Bungie (again).

I believe that one of the reasons why they didn't include a raid's because only about 15% of active players completed them and the Raids have been filled with bugs and exploits since about day one and it took them a long time to negate most of them. And here's where my beef starts. Raids aren't that hard to complete, all you need is a group of focused people with adequate gear especially if your cheesing most of the raid. Also, about a year ago they made bold claims on how the Raids would be the epitome of team play and there are guys soloing Crota. They require work and concentration but it's not out of reach and having a full raid at max level was the embodiment of said work and grind... Now they're just giving it away so casual gamers feel like badasses... They're going full CoD on this one...   

General Discussion / Re: Destiny House of Wolves
« on: 03:40 AM - 04/23/15 »
I'm guessing I'll be alone on this but I really don't care. I think it's stupid to ascend VoG raid gear and that you can easily reach the level cap without raiding. This means you can go has a 33 to a 26 raid, get the gear, ascend it, and do a 30 VoG to get the head and BAM! level cap done easy... What they should have added a new higher level on all raids and then the gear acquired there would have a new level cap. I you owned a previous setpiece, just combine the two and add create a new setpiece with a new light level and the previously unlocked perks.

It's a complete catering to the casual players/teenagers that run around, looking at al the 32's and whining "because the raids are too difficult" and they have no PvP skills so that's why they don't do Iron Banner, which is even more stupid! IB is about taking up arms against someone bigger than you so can get has big has they are. But that involves dying a lot and has casuals they just want to feel like badasses.

I tried giving away my splitfish for free on Kijiji and no one took it....

Of course no wants one! Don't get me wrong... I love "split fish" but it's not very good for gaming...

Looks great on a dish, not so good has an input device. :P

So? Is it going to happen or what?

General Discussion / Re: Battlefront 3 11/17/15?
« on: 08:39 AM - 04/18/15 »
Has a Star Wars/Battlefield fan I thought that I would be super duper excited for this, but meh... I'm hoping it's a great game and that deals the first "final blow" to CoD but I'm leaving the hype train on the station for now. I've been deceived way too many times, especially in the last year and a half.

With upcoming releases like a new UT, Titanfall 2 on multi platforms, The Divison etc., the CoD franchise is having it's noose tighten even more around it's throat and honestly, CoD should be allowed to die, so it can be reborn later and in the meantime let gaming evolve to the next level. 

Ok ok il behave.  I tell you what i would watch tho.  You guys vs Dales team.

Haven't seen either but you both talk a good game so it could be a good XIM promo

I'd watch the @#$% out this match! If you guys beat pro players like we wouldn't believe it, you probably will have no problem with Dale's team.

I guess Im asking if you guys have any proof to back up this statement? "We beat so many pro gamers you wouldn't even believe it"

Some proof would be interesting to see, but I don't think we'll be that lucky. xD

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